Sunday, July 29, 2007


i believe i needed this kind of wakeup call...and what an impact it had on me! LOL

for three days now i have been stuck in bed, sick and feverish, hot and cold, sweaty and chilling, experiencing the gamut of emotions ranging from mild moanings to hair-pulling insanity...
i think this is the worst case of tonsillitis i have ever had as it seems like not even a tiny piece of crumb could pass through my throat (God knows how much crap I've stuffed up it HAHAHAHHAHAHA) without causing some form of swallowing difficulty or pain...

And then the fever came and it was a hellhole of a weekend for me...I SMSed all friends telling them I may not last long and Death was lingering on my bed. I was ready to turn in my will and dispose my numerous bags and shoes, electronic gadgets, makeup and perfumes and the numbing population of silk, cotton and cashmere and sometimes leather goods called clothes in my makeshift closets in the hopes that someone might come and be interested to keep me company LOL. Not surprisingly all but one wished me well and thought they might visit me tomorrow or the next day yaddaa yiddee yaddaaaa....LOL

But in the end it made me realize I guess my body needed this kind of breakdown. Like any automobile, piece of machinery or electronic gadget, my body needed a tuneup and it obviously showed very obvious signs. So I gave myself a very relaxed routine throughout my ordeal and started watching insane DVDs which I would never have dreamt doing before. I guess laziness has long been overdue me considering what a WHOREkaholic I have become hahahaha but yes to just lie on your back and let the screen do the work for you seems to have become very refreshing! It gave me whole new perspective about life beyond a computer screen.

Of course all forms of gratitude is due for many people who wished me well online and offline...through SMS and in person...and of course my numero uno nurse, chef and errand extraordinaire, Momma. I guess no one does better than Mamacita when we're knocking on death's door LOL hahaha

hugs and kisses the Phoenix returns!!!!


Bee said...

Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Gorgeous Pics, fun to read stories... I think i love your blog! Keep posting, wicked winkler girl... Take care ;-)

Anonymous said...

LOve your blogs, but cant read a lot of the stuff.

If you can use black on white background?

I know it's difficult to be practical for such a wonderful creative girl.

But how am I supposed to read this stuff?

Miss you on Asian TS, try to ignore what some people have been saying and just get on with your life.

The introduction to your blog does not reflect the real LW, I have watched you for a long time. I guess the whole thing just got to you more than it should, I understand this.

The passing of time will bring back the real Lisa who we all know and love.

Kind regards


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