Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Oh Sergi!!!

puhleeaaaaaaaasse marry meeeeeeeeeeeee LOL

oh Spanish conquistadorrrrrrrr................... tell me you love meeeeeeeeeeeeee....

kiss meeeeeee....that's it...........

yummy................. lick............. i want moreeeeee LOL ........

amphibious wonder...

Oh my God!!!!

I could not believe when i saw this on Yahoo News (thanks to Yahoo for the pics by the way!)!!!
But I love it!

I know some people get sick or turned off by the sight of creatures unbeknownst to them but I love the existence of strange creatures in this world and the unpredictability of the variances in the animal kingdom..

But this is truly a feat of nature rebelling against the forces of known science. Genetic abhorrences within the animal kingdom are either acceptable or totally disgusting for the average worldly citizen but I love it! It is a manifestation that the Earth is capable of producing the most varied creatures bordering as well almost on the supernatural because of the extent to which it stretches the boundaries of animal mutation.

But I am so loving these pictures! Hehehe...

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

how relevant!!!!

i am having an orgasm reading this book!

Not the kind of orgasm you are thinking of naughty!!!! But a verbal and literary orgasm that grips the senses when you know you have found and are consuming a good book!

bought it at the best airport in the world in my opinion, Changi in Singapore...

what a read!

so I shall continue to read............... :)

(P.S. and yes that's my hand holding the book HAHAHAHAHA)

Monday, March 26, 2007

i so like her...

Fuck what people say about anorexia, bulimia, starving, purging and crash diets HAHAHAHHA

Fat may be where it's at but thin is de
liciously IN!!!!

Love the gaunt look,
love the jutting shoulder blades, love the translucent everything about her!!!

achievable....isn't it???? hehehehehhe.........................

Saturday, March 24, 2007

why i love fashion...

the aspect i love about the fashion world is its unpredictability. We all know that models may come and go very fast. The world of modelling is so murderous it has had too many cadavers along its path and many girls have a glimpse of success for only a fleeting moment. Some of them appear and disappear so fast the world barely knew they became stars in the world of style. And people who are not insiders to the business? Forget it! What do they know about the name Gisele Bundchen? Hahaha

To switch to a more positive view, how about the lack of predictability in model kingdom? That part of the business which lets a model bounce back after disappearing for some time? You thought that woman was totally over and her career was so done and then suddenly the style kingdom resurrects her back to life. She walks the runway again , is seen in all the glossy magazine covers and editorials, and even makes her way to more mainstream show business publications.

this is almost similar to life. We never know what's coming next. We can always rise from our problems and start anew. The good thing about us compared to the fashion Barbie dolls is we have the handles to our lives, they don't. The designers, style media, magazine editors, decide who should be seen. In our life, that is not the case. We decide if we want to bounce back or not. That's life. Whether we want it or not, it will always give us a chance to redeem ourselves. This fact makes me so happy. It gives me hope when i feel depression and despair eating me. I will bounce back...

i miss these guys......WAAAAAAA!!!

Cebu in the guise of GUYS.... LOL

bone deep

when a bone-deep sadness overtakes your senses, you cannot help but break down and cry. Is crying a negative emotion? Why do people ask you, "Why are you crying"? Not all kinds of tears connote negative emotions you know. Some have relief in them, a few maybe a sense of awakening and even some, tears of joy. But mine for sure is a mixture of homesickness, emotional upheavals, mental highs and lows and some moderate form of depression. I know myself well. I do not know myself well. Both statements are true nevertheless. You do not understand? They speak for themselves.

The geothermal energy of our emotions gush out in many outlets and one of them is crying. I cannot speak for everyone but crying seems to be my volcano of molten, hot and trapped feelings of a whole gamut of emotions...guilt, resentment, hurtfulness...many things. When I need to erupt, crying is the lava that flows from my internal engine. The catastrophic results may be minor, some may be life-long. I have no idea which ones are life long but I seem to have many issues...

It must be good because many days after I look at the moment, I am able to laugh at it and talk to people about it. There are lessons learned and maybe useless tears but they are never without their reasons...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

when i see young gay boys here in bangkok who are barely in their teen years, i find myself amused, smiling and thinking. I appreciate the openness with which they can display a lifestyle which is scorned at in most societies. It is true that most civilizations have come to accept the homosexual lifestyle or have claimed to have had accepted it. But no place on earth have I ever seen where the young gay boys can easily blend into the background with their noticeably different gestures, flamboyant gait and sometimes outrageous outfits.

The spectrum of gay can include the quiet, barely noticeable and very masculine gentlemen who cannot be recognized by the common public to the loud, talkative and very very feminine and blatant gab of the woman-man called the ladyboy. (Being a ladyboy has to qualify some form of homosexuality!) but I have to admit that the very young and flashy and cute gay kids are very enviable. I find myself admiring them. They manage to remain innocent and yet remain what should I say "faithful" to the template that society gives the homosexual man. They almost never listen to what other people have to say about them and seem to not have a care in the world to the whispers behind their backs!

I saw a young Thai kid who after making his purchase from a 7-11 store posed in front of the door and waited for it to open then made a gesture as if he was Wonderwoman and about to fly to the ends of the Earth, arms raised in the air and face assuming the super-heroine look Haha! It was so funny I laughed so much and I was right across the street when I saw him do it so anyone who was walking my side of the road might have thought I had gone insane from the traffic and pollution of Bangkok Haha!

I love them young gay boys. The flamboyant ones are the best! They are a breed who are fast disappearing in this world. The honesty and truthfulness they display are second to none and their gestures are priceless. There is so much bullshit in the homosexual world I have to admit which is why I find myself writing this blog to give tribute to the genuineness of the young gay kid...

Hail to young gaydom! Hahahahaha!

P.S. (thank you to for his picture which I used because I could not find pictures of young gay boys around the net so fast hehe)

Thursday, March 15, 2007

bike in bangkok

i love my zest for adventure...I think it is one of my many characters that leads me to try new things that people would hardly think I would do...I love to unleash the explorative spirit I have and set new challenges no matter how minute they are...but what is minute anyway? How about a big challenge? The gravity of a challenge is commensurate to how we can handle certain situations which put us out of the routine we call our lives.

I decided to change the way of things and ride a Thai guy-driven motorcycle on the way back to my hotel. As you all know I am currently in the titanopolis that is Bangkok...and almost every form of transportation is here...Tuktuks, motorbikes, taxis, skytrain! It's a dizzying mix of noisy engines and the smell of gasoline. I clutched the driver by the neck during the ride! By Bellamos, he was breaking all kinds of street etiquette by going through every little cranny provided by the gap between two vehicles. The talent for acrobatics is amazing. The skill to dare is just devilish. Nowhere have i experienced such a ride in a big city and it certainly made my hair stand on end. I was screaming in an indescribable high, " Please slow downn!!!" And during the silent moments I was smiling to myself and thinking, this is fun. Hahahahahahahhahaa

I arrived at the hotel safe and sound and I thanked Mr. driver. I regretted not giving him extra. But I thought he was still confused about me looking so Thai but not sounding anything like himself LOL.

Oh well one thing i can conclude after the ride was if the driver brought you home safe and sound with no scrapes, he probably deserves a tip no matter how frightening the ride was. Driving through the jungle of traffic in Bangkok is a monumental task and twisting your way through the endless pack of cars is a great talent. In every sense, this can still be considered great driving, just with the added spice
of danger and uncertainty but what the heck, I bet I am worse of a car driver than he is on his motorbike...hahaha

Wish me luck! Hope to have more adventures in the Land of Smiles!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

i wanted to fly too you know

One of my fondest memories when i was a kid was forays into the dark, bright, places called moviehouses. Those were momentuous events, walking through the decrepit alleys of the movie theatre with mom or dad or both. Struggling to find a seat....(Now why don't they ever consider making the act of going to the seat of your choice in a theatre as comfortable as 1-2-3!!!!) Of course the creme de la creme of the occasion was the events in the big screen and the stories they depict.

One of my most loved screen attractions was the 1986 fantasy "The Boy Who could Fly." It was a story of the beautiful connection between two young teenagers, a girl and and a boy who was coping with different traumatic events in their lives. The girl along with her brother was dealing with the passing of their daddy and adjusting to life in a new home and new neighborhood and new school. The boy was fighting demons that plagued him, his parents had died in a plane crash when he was really young and had resulted to him being apparently autistic.
They lived next door to each other and much of the communication was done from their windows which was so adorable. Accidental and intentional glimpses of each other. Hi's and hello's flying through the gap between their houses...This was such a cute scenario which really gave me a first glimpse of attraction between the opposite sexes. And I guess it was real innocent young love too because it seemed so intenseand the characters certainly made it looked like they had no idea what they were feeling. Just a certain warm glow whenever they saw each other and the yearning for the other's company when they were not together.

Eventually the girl later learned that her boy-crush had the uncanny ability to fly. But then I think that this was only spice for an already beautiful plot and it helped too! Injecting fantasy to an already wonderful movie is always good for the young audiences.

Of course the casting of Fred Savage as the girl's younger brother helped a lot in the cause of the movie booking a place in my favorite movies of all time. Fred Savage is one of my most beloved child actors and I have slept many a Tuesday nights watching his series "THe Wonder YEars" but that will be in another blog entry I hope! hehehe....But i loved Fred Savage and he was so cute and adorable in this flick so his presence helped much...

I could connect very well with the film. It made me realize that connections are possible between two people who come from different walks of life. Traumatic events are not a stumbling block to being intimate with other people and should never be. Plus it made me realize that when you let imagination run wild, anything can happen. It is never impossible to dream to sometimes get away from the realities of life and never have to be called eccentric or weird. There should be no boundaries when your mind flies!

Many a night after I saw the movie I envisioned myself being whisked away by my boytoy through tall treesand buildings and breezing through the sky with abandon...Haha shameless for a young child I know LOL
But i shall always remember that I am capable of flying for as long as no one clips the wings of my mind and destroys the antennae of my imagination. For as long as the winds of fantasy are there to help me glide I shall never ever forget how to fly in the realms of my mind....:)

me, the Selesophile

many things surprise people after they initially know of those things is my inclination towards the sport of tennis.

Very few people know about my inclination to sports but the few who do...they're almost amazed at how I can recite some of the statistics, oh well I'm never gonna be some walking World Sports Almanac who knows the very first tournament Yevgeny Kafelnikov won and how many seeded players he beat that time but hey! I bet you don't know that too! HAHAHAHAHA...

MY selective memory makes me focus on my favorite sportswoman evarrr and that is Yugoslav early 90's teenage sensation, Monica Seles. She is my sportingicon, a woman of great spirit and athleticism. She did what she could to change tennis and the world learned to embrace her after a certain point whereshe seemed to be under attack by the media from all sides....

Nothing about the Serbo-Hungarian native looked remarkable. She looked like any lanky teener, slim, long legs and the wild untamed hair most girls have.But in the tennis court she was a different animal. She struck the ball with both hands on her racket on both sides, forehand and backhand. Although this limited her movement and reach she more than made up for it with the power and precision of her groundstrokes. Her shots painted lines all the time. She had great disguise on her strokes and she could attack the second serve like no one in the past could. The Seles attacking game is the template of all kinds of offensive tennis we see today among the Williams sisters, Sharapova, and many other new ones. Attack your opponent's serve and go for your shots.

As if Seles' game was not enough to make her the center of attention, her uncanny moans with each stroke was a facet of her game. SHe screeched withevery shot. It sounded like the agonized scream of someone who uses a lot of strength. The moan was a cross between a stuck animal and a rambling train so the tabloids used to say during her heyday.

A few years after winning her first tournament in Houston against no less than Chris Evert, Seles rose to the number one ranking and cemented her domination by winning 8 of the 11 Grand Slams she joined from April or May of 1991 to January 1993. This was unheard of and to have accomplished by someone so young! She was feared by the best competitors of the game like Graf, Navratilova, Sabatini, Sanchez-Vicario and many others.

Although her stabbing in 1993 by a deranged German was probably one the greatest headlines of her career, she will be remembered for bringing a different aspect to the game and that was her attacking play and never-say-die attitude.

I will always remember Seles for her victories over her great nemesis, Fraulein Forehand Steffi GRaf. Steffi had dethroned Navratilova as the queen of tennisdom in the late 80's and 1990 but in came this noisy kid with an attitude who could hit the ball with such velocity. Seles stormed the scene and crashed in on GRaf's parade. Graf could answer all of Seles' fierce shots but had no replies to her grit and tenacity in the important matches. The French Open final in 1992 between the two has been considered the greatest women's match of the 20th century by a famous tennis publication. The last set took more than two hours of spectacular tactical play and exhausting rallies betweenthe two athletes. Seles was tired and exhausted by the time she shook a teary-eyed Graf at the end of the battle , winning it 10-8 in the end.

I can only say that Seles is indeed a champion of incredible stature whether she loses or wins. Nowhere have I seen an athlete who can pull herself from the jaws of defeat or exhaustion and manage to win a match but at the same time crush an opponent in a matter of an hour. What is remarkable about her is how she used all her strengths and disregarded her weaknesses to become the great champion that she is. This is the mark of a true athlete and this is why I love her and consider her as the greatest tennis player of all time....

(Note: Thanks to for letting me borrow their photos! I appreciate it Ronny and James!)

Saturday, March 10, 2007

hello EVERYONE! welcome welcome come in come in!

welcome to the blog of the cute, bad , silly, wicked and pretty smart winklergirl...

yes that's how I look in the picture and if you want more pictures don't worry I have many many more pictures to come as I am VANITY personified

my name is LIISA...and yes it's Liisa with two ii's cause i beg to be distinct and have always been different and have never been one to conform to rules...

my name is not's the name of a model who was in the runway shows in the late 90's and was even a Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent ad girl for a certain season. But I don't know where she is now though but I have included a picture to commemorate her existence and to venerate her modelling career and her good looks....

I guess it's safe for me to have Liisa for a name now without her being visible in the scene and hopefully I shouldn't get arrested for copyright violations or something hehehehe...:)

the simplest way to describe me is...........I am a different kind of girl hahahahha

I am crazy, but not mentally ill. I am a talker but not noisy, I am eccentric but not a retard....

My mood swings are phenomenal 900 degree-pendulum clocks but then hey it's genetic and it's a personal character so what can I do? You can easily leave me alone when I'm feeling sour or I can always say sorry after a depressive episode....hahaha

I can talk the talk and walk the walk, I can sashay and shantay like Rupaul

if I don't feel comfortable with someone I try not to show it but if it shows you are probably also doing a bad job in terms of being good company LOL...but when i am with someone who I feel is fun to be with and has no issues and has the same interes as me and has a genuine interest in me, I am almost very very keen to reciprocate that feeling and when i do that I am in the groove!!!!

All my experiences, thoughts, feelings, opinions, travels, current location and images will almost certainly be found in this blog. I have a broad range of interests from sports to fashion to female hormones to guys in office uniforms to the best moisturizers so this will be a very interesting blog for me and my friends who want to follow me so please feel free to worship the altar that is my blog or just to pass by it once a month, once a week or whenever you feel like having a good read that is not as straining as a political novel or Robert Ludlum nor as simple as Nancy Drew or the Bobsey Twins HAHAHAHA

take care everyone!!! have fun, enjoy life, drink, be merry, run, jump and hide as long as you do not sin, sex is everything.... life is short, life is boring, I want a mango margarita!!!

NEW PHOTOS!!!!!! πŸ‘„πŸŒˆπŸŒΈπŸ’ƒπŸ½❤️🧜🏽‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🍭

Thank you for the generosity!!! Lingerie is life!!! Enjoy everyone and always spread the amazing love of the big bad WINKLERGIRL !!!...