Monday, August 30, 2010

in perpendicular motion...

I think one of the greatest things about having a blog like this is to be able to MOVE people. To put them out of the monotone of a world that they are in and give them an opportunity to discover, rethink, analyze, study certain facets of their lives is just one of the many things that inspire me to continue on maintaining this altar of mine. Well it is also a stress slate for me, one where I can vent all my frustrations and creative as well as destructive haha ideas on!

The past couple of days have immersed me in and out of depressive episodes out of the many things that have happened in the past couple of weeks. The death of my friend from Bangkok and how many things in the world wide web still remind me of him and how questions of why both of us never really made the effort to reunite during his last few days continue to plague me. This has to be normal I think. Many people often encourage me and commiserate perhaps in a move to just lift me out of this maelstrom of thoughts.

Then recently through this networking site again somebody was able to stitch up and make sense out of the disappearance of my friend. This person used my blog as a springboard to try and find out what happened to him. Then an exchange of private mails resulted in a clearer perspective for this person - enlightenment! I am so proud of myself despite how miniscule this incident is because somebody was the very least, informed.

Another thing I want to propagate is, because this altar of mine has become quite the vehicle and has its audience share already in the world wide web, the advancement of webpages with a good cause. From the pilfering of organs from unsuspecting civilians, which I wrote about, to child abuse, awareness of the many sad realities in this world has fueled me. But the real ignition key was when I visited members of the gay community in a certain correctional facility in Cebu, that incident really pushed me into action, to not just follow theory but to act on it. Now there is another undertaking which I am passionate about.

Television has done its part in being more than informative, graphics and pixels can indeed move us and it certainly has moved me. When I first stumbled across a program where they featured the land mines and the casualties they caused in the borders of Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina it was startling for me and very alarming to know that there are more land mines there than any other area in the world. The tragedy the presence of these literal ticking time bombs has caused has been devastating. When you see the children who have encountered them and lived to tell the tale despite the lifetime injury they were going to have to live with, you will really break down in anguish and pain. According to Wikipedia, from 1992 through 2008 5,005 people were killed or injured by land mines or unexploded munitions. War time casualties stood at 3,339 killed and injured. Peacetime casualties, from 1996 through 2008 number 1,666 of which 486 persons were fatalities. This is unacceptable even for wartime standards in so many ways.

Because networking sites have been very beneficial to the human race AFTER the explosion of the internet onto the scene, I have come across a friend's very recent endeavor. He actually manages an internet radio station and they troop all across Europe in their Land Rover in the hopes of both broadcasting good music, relevant news, quips from their trip, nonsense that makes sense as well as propagate change in their own little way. Now he and his mates have taken the challenge to scour, along with capable company, the borders of Croatia and Bosnia to search and hopefully aid in removing these dangerous land mines. He believes in a cause and I am with him on this. To quote him "There is a fine line between bravery and stupidity and I'm not quite sure which side of the line we are on! We want encourage change and feel that using our social network to spread the word fewer people will be killed or maimed. Affluent property owners and government officials can do something about these problems and save lives. If I die in the pursuit of these types of cause then so be it. Maybe that is what is needed for people to take notice." I am with him in HIS cause! Now if only it was easy to get a European visa, I think I would have tagged along with him and his group to manually aid their efforts. It is truly an honorable thing to do.

Please do visit his internet radio website and take the time to listen, be moved and act. Their facebook page is
ges/WWSN-Radio-Online-Community-Radio/109400922425192?ref=ts . The charitable website their station is helping is .

I have only admiration and support for them and their website as well as future projects. I hope he/they become bigger because the integrity of what he/they are doing is unquestionable and unshakeable. More power to them of course and I hope they continue to change lives and move people. :)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Women got balls too..

I've had this on my Ipod player for a long time and I feel compelled to share this with you.

My love of tennis has been evident throughout my blog and although I am not playing this sport anymore (for fear of getting tennis arms hahaha) I am still deeply in love with the sport and follow it from the sensationalism of the players to the technical aspects of the sport. From the title holders to the mechanics of the game, I seem to have a firm grasp of how everything works.

This is a lovely segment of the match between two of the best women players the game has ever seen.This match has never really ceased to amaze me. This was way back 1993 and the technology of the equipment used was still not advanced compared to today. But these two players can pound the hell out of the ball. Monica with her rocket-paced heavy two-fisted groundstrokes and phenomenal angles and Steffi with her thunderous forehand and precise backhand slices provided for us a wonderful match which will remain as one of the best Australian women's singles final in the Open era.

Focus on the rally of the match which literally comes at 4:28 with the two players trading forehands and backhands for more than 24 shots and at eye-blinding pace. Because Monica is a left-hander her double-handed forehand shot goes crosscourt to Graf's backhand. Monica's tactic in this match is pretty simple - keep the ball away from Steffi's forehand and feed her backhand which is a mere slice and not as offensive as her forehand. This particular exchange highlights that tactic real well. Steffi's advantage though is her slice is so deep and low to the ground that more often than not Seles cannot hit the ball too aggressively because of the low height of the ball. Still she attacks the Graf backhand with cross-court shots in this rally and perseveres on with what little power she can muster despite such low slices. Graf meanwhile anticipates the crosscourt shots by leaning more on the ad court - her backhand side of the court in layman's terms. This proves to be her undoing though. In the end Monica wins the
exchange with an intelligent shot - a forehand down the line where Graf was nowhere to be found.

The crowd bursts into tremendous applause after the rally and rightly so. It was one of the best rallies the tournament had ever seen! The next game saw Monica breaking Steffi's serve and consequently her spirit as Monica proceeds to take the second set and then the third.

What a wonderful game tennis is!!! Did anyone of you understand what I was ranting on? Capish???? hahahahah

PS here is the video!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


I think I am due for a crash, a burnout anytime within the next couple of days. In three days I have only slept 15 hours and most of these lumbers have been uneasy, oft-interrupted experiences. Although I can take comfort in the fact that the minute I close my eyes I don’t think I undergo rapid eye movement because I just fall into a comatose of exhaustion. I have not been resting well and I feel bad for my skin LOL. I am pretty sure anytime, sometime I will have a pimple or two because of this cycle. As you know already though if you have been following this blog for a long time, my physiological life is composed of cycles. There will be days of luxurious, fantastic 8-10 hour sleeps and then the inevitable 5-6 hour cycle follows. I am on the latter cycle apparently these days.

I have not been eating a lot because I have chosen not to. I am hell-bent at giving myself an Evelyn Salt body hahaha I have been very selective of what I put into my mouth!!! (PUN INTENDED hahahahahahah!). I’ve eaten a lot of fibers – broccoli, cauliflowers, leaves, carrots etcetera. I know this is healthy but now on this Singapore sojourn I have only been eating peanuts! Hahaha! Many people close to me know that I munch on these like a squirrel does on acorns. I try and eat as little as possible during trips because I am not able to work out. I do venture sometimes on the occasional piece of meat or pig out on some chips but that’s it. I really am determined on getting as wan as I can but this time only without the help of diet pills - that deadly medication which I was on not less than 2 years ago. Nobody really advised me on quitting those. I just felt it was high time to dispose of them and take on a healthier route towards becoming fit and hopefully thin.

I have been doing a lot of yoga back home. Basically my biggest expenditure has been my fitness when I was back home. I play badminton three times a week and I do yoga three times a week and that means I only ever have one rest day - all in the name of getting that Evelyn Salt gauntness and figure hahahaha. But it has been very good for me and my body and my overall circulation. The yoga teachers are lovely and wonderful and they encourage me to push myself further. All my friends compliment me on my more toned figure and applaud me on how fit I have gotten. The thing though is, when I leave the yoga studio, every little thing I do and learn there flies out the window. I do not practice it at home or anywhere else except in that sweaty factory of beautiful bodies. That explains why I eat less when I am away from the Philippines. It’s just compensation basically.

Yes I am due for a crash anytime these days. (And I hope you're there to save me when I do! hahahaa!) I do not know why but I am very fond of putting myself into overdrive and really testing my physical capabilities. I am restless and I am very active and so this restlessness manifests in many ways. I guess I can conclude that this is my body telling me that because I am not working out, you will have to work out in another way. Anyway I do work out a lot but I have company with me to do this hahahahahaha…this doesn’t make it all bad right?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

G.B juice

There must be an appeal to simplicity and innocence that has long been lost somewhere deep within me. I am appreciative of sophistication and innovativeness of thought but I am fairly well-balanced enough to realize that naivete can sometimes be an outlet for an otherwise laser-paced lifestyle.

Welcome to my love of the Gummi Bears! Hahaha Childish I know but relatively humorous and playful which is why I love them! These cartoon characters actually were cast in an animated series which was broadcasted around my formative year-period. So watching them probably could have contributed to my overall childhood development which of course we all know is very crucial to later years of personality formation.

Enough of these technical rather cognitive psychology-sounding terms and on with the fun! There are real moments where I actually regress to my inner kid-hood and pig out on episode after episode after episode of the Adventures of the Gummi Bears. They’re a family of bears living in a pretty rustic but comfortable home underneath the ground safe and away from the human populace. They could have just looked like plain-looking bears with human attributes given they could talk and wear human-ish clothes except that they had Gummiberry juice, a magical liquid concoction which they carry in their pockets and belt-bags which when drank could make them jump and bounce as high as they wanted and with absolute flexibility. When drank by human beings it rendered them incredible strength. The potion was a brew manufactured with instructions from the annals of a book of magic potions and handed down from generation to generation of Gummi Bears.

It was their number one weapon, stronger than any ammunition they ever had because it gave them guile, speed, and superbear powers which they normally wouldn’t have without it. Their number one enemy was the Duke Sigmund Igthorn and his army of ogre soldiers who I think were also ravenous for bear flesh and carrion which is why the king found them easy to manipulate. Igthorn’s number one motivation though was to get a hold of the formulae for Gummiberry juice because he was well aware of the inhuman strength it gave to human beings and ogres when they drank it.

They had human friends too in the form of Princess Calla and Cavin, the boy who first discovered their lair and the Gummi Bears. Nobody ever knew about the existence of Gummi Bears though except for the aforementioned characters. They always seemed to melt into the background as soon as other human characters came into the picture. I guess it was to their advantage too because humans would have found them abominable for their anthropomorphism.

When I look into my addiction to this cartoon series I realize and I will dispute my earlier perspective, I think they’re not really stress valves for me, they’re actually part of my personality - loquacious and bubbly, talkative and slightly humorous. Sometimes I can say I have a devil-may-care attitude at certain points in my life but it is highly unlikely to manifest itself for a long time. This probably explains the gaps in the indulgence of viewing reruns of this animated series.

Ahhh of course nothing beats watching them when I was a kid. Memories come flooding back! Those afternoons of rushing home from school to be able to catch an episode before Mum shuts down the TV for homework to take over our monotonous weekday schedule. Sitting on the floor of our crude house with cousins watching the Gummi Bears was one of the many pleasures I have kept in my treasurebox of memories. It was good to digest such nonsense before our brain had to readjust to process school assignments and memorization!!! Haha now I am an adult and I have the power to watch them everytime I choose to. But somehow it feels different from before, and I wonder why….

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I guess when it hits you it really does. This was the fate that befell our heroine, Audrey Tatou in the attractive French film, “Hors de Prix.” The title means “Priceless” in English. This is one of the flicks I have seen this year which I really adore because of the nonchalance of the pace of the film as well as the relevance to my so-called life! Hehehee….

There was a period of time earlier this year when I became crazy about French films. There was a charm to the language that appealed to me and the only way I could see and listen to French people talk for an extended period of time was to watch their films. There is the fact of course that there are many attractive French actors who help my cause and well many of their films also have interesting plots. There is just a certain styleto the way French films are made which make them unique but not necessarily appealing to mainstream viewers.

Irene (Audrey Tatou) is a gold-digging hooker who has a sugar daddy, Jacques, who buys her everything – Chanel dresses and shoes, expensive jewelry and five star accommodation. She was an expert at what she did and well what with her attractive face and finesse, she is quite the catch herself. Honestly in my opinion if not for the short dresses she wore and her excessive flashing of cleavage, she would never be mistaken for a prostitute because she was fantastically “ravissante!” and simply did not look the type.

All that high-class lifestyle ends when she meets Jean, a rather clueless but moderately attractive barman/waiter/driver in a hotel who was mistaken by Irene to be someone rich. They end up in bed twice, the last of which proved to be Irene’s undoing and fall from grace – Jacques finding out about her indiscretions. She gets thrown out of his life – credit card, diamond ring etcetera and all…

And her suffering culminate when shefinds out that Jean is a mere blue-collar worker, not the high roller she thought him to be. She flees to Nice to seek her fortunes once again, mini-skirt, cleavage and that gorgeous face as ammunition. Problem is she can’t seem to shake off Jean who has taken a fancy to her and followed her there. He initially thinks he has a chance with her and continues to woo her, fast becoming a nuisance. She punishes him by first pretending to be interested in her for a couple of days while stripping him off of everything – using his credit card to buy Gucci, Chanel etcetera. He ends up penniless and was about to be turned over onto the hands of policemen for failing to pay his hotel debt when a sudden twist of fate stepped in the form of an extremely rich, high society but older woman, Mrs. Pontini, who takes a fancy to him. His cluelessness and simplicity seem to press buttons in her. He becomes her boy-toy and companion throughout her stay in Nice. She takes him under her wing and starts to shower him with everything – expensive shirts and watches, a fancy scooter etcetera.

Jean, though, continues to hang onto his fascination with Irene. Irene has found another sugar daddy in the same hotel so they ran into each other constantly and Irene realizes she has found an equal in him. She teaches him the twists and turns of being a good escort, devious ways to hook your client. The golden rule of escorting is to extract as much as you can before your benefactor dumps you and moves on. They become fast friends as a result and throughout the film find moments of togetherness, exchanging ideas and comparing purchases made for them by their clients. Irene though does not realize she is slowly starting to fall for his innocent and unsophisticated ways.

The loveliest part of the film, deservingly, takes place when Irene meets Jacques again, her benefactor at the beginning of the film. It is at a party where many so called high-society people attend. Jacques is with another woman and Irene dons her revenge gear on. She convinces Jean, who has become more obsessed with her than ever after spending the night at a lovely beach in the outskirts of town, to seduce Jacques’ companion and teach him a lesson for throwing her out over a year ago. They trick her into believing he is a rich man – a familiar scheme. The girl falls for the trap and dumps Jacques, escorting Jean to his room. Jacques sees his woman go off with another man andsomehow sees this an opportunity to reunite with Irene. He decides he has forgiven her and tries to take a stab at being with her again. In their first-ever conversation after a year he asks Irene to keep him company throughout the week. But Irene realizes she has fallen head-over-heels in love with the young, simpleton, Jean, and she tells Jacques her future plans, “l’amoure!” (love!) and runs into the hotel corridor to stop Jean from ending up in bedwith Jacque’s original companion. The end sees them both riding into the uncertainty of the future but immersed in love and together at last.

Of course I believe the greatest lesson in the film is material things never suffice to satisfy our most important personal needs. The most essential things in life are the ones that are unseen, realities that transcend the more materialistic aspects of life. Perhaps another unspoken lesson is tenacity and grit can get you to a lot of places and afford you a lot of things. When you hang onto something and exercise patience, eventually it will become yours. Look at what Jean eventually earned, love and happiness….

Sunday, August 22, 2010

An archive of sensual moments...

Enough of the morbid trend of writing I have been immersing myself in the last coupla weeks! It’s distressing and I am quite aware we need a bit of these moments of pondering and darkness in our lives but what can we do? We have our very own lives to live and we need to move on with ardor and assertion.

Let’s talk erotic! Mmmmmm… I have never been open about this part of my life and the few times I have been flirtatious and loose with the profanity it has been done with a lackadaisical humor which really does do the topic much in terms of seriousness. But erotic it is for the moment. I am sure I have more male viewership in this tiny space of mine than any other portion of the populace in this planet so I am going to try very hard to be as liberal as I can and avoid the political correctness that plagues most articles of this nature.

I’d like to think I am pleasing my man when I orgasm for him but more often than not I find myself thinking of the other men I have been with to achieve that sort of culmination! How’s that for an opening statement! Hahahaha. There are always sexual exploits that brand themselves in my mind far deeper than others and these are the moments I touch on when I want to climax. Think reruns of episodes of erotica from my past moments in my Wonderland of an imagination and you pretty much have an idea of what I sometimes do to get a libidinal high.

I know it’s a guilty pleasure that probably does not please the person I am currently with. Now I feel like shit! It may sort of disappoint him because I am thinking of other men when he is the one physically with me. I sort of sympathize with him on that but I hope he does not burden himself too much about this. This is because more often than not he may be part of the next episode of reruns when I climax next hahaha!!! And anyway what’s wrong with guilt? There will always be guilt in a sexual encounter don’t you think? hahahahaha

The thing is because I am very sexual and sensual how I define who and what constitutes these episodes that emblazon themselves in the sensuous corners of my brain is a very gray area-ish matter (no pun intended). There’s an episode where an exhibitionistic Englishman was making love to me from the balcony of his pad in Shanghai. Another could be a Frenchman’s fascination with licking my feet and worshipping the Nubian goddess that I am. An equally amusing moment would be me giving head to an American in a fire exit here in mall in sunny Singapore…Ohhh now that was casual and bordering on the dangerous side! I can conjure a whole lineup of beautiful scenarios! Danger, novelty, obsession, abandon appear to be key elements to many passionate moments I have archived! My God I am naughty!!!

Anyway with all this talk about indulging in beautiful sensual moments of the past and tinkering with my imagination, I AM DEFINITELY not taking the credit away from the magic of the NOW and the HERE. When I am with someone I often take in the surroundings, the atmosphere, the lights playing with the folds of the curtain, my beholder’s eyes, his movements…I hope that the boys I meet in the future do not underestimate the power of physical presence for nothing pleases me more than the effort of being present, being real and being there for me. That in itself is worth more than any episode in my library of cerebral erotica…:-)

Monday, August 16, 2010

adieu too soon...

He was always so vibrant, so energetic, so loquacious and oh so full of life. And yet he is gone now. The world has claimed yet again another friend close to my heart. Hades has exacted his judgement and taken one of my dearest friends. This time this hit closer to home because we really had many fantastic moments together and we have shared pure, unadulterated laughter during the couple of times we have been together.

He was like a lover I would return to whenever I came to Bangkok in Thailand. He had based himself there for more than four years without ever stepping foot back in Cebu once in that same period. I was always amazed at his grit and tenacity to hang on to solitude in a foreign land without seeing close friends and family back home in the Philippines. This was always one feat I admired of him among many attributes he possessed. I labelled him a lover because he seemed to always bring a smile to my face, to infuse fun into an otherwise melancholic day, to find joy in the most minute and the unnecessarily monotonous moments. I valued his opinion and outlook like an author reads his critics. He was always fantastic company when we were together.

He was a whirlwind, a virago of speech and activity. I remember one time in Khao San, the number one backpacker destination in Bangkok and den to many cute and attractive foreign, young faces, he danced in a popular bar like there was nobody else in this world to the amazement, disgust, awe, wonder, and curiosity of the young backpacker crowd who were not dancing but just watching him. It was a hilarious but FUNNY moment. I was smiling and laughing along with him, enjoying the moment of spotlight and attention and yet keeping in the background while he took the flak as well as the kudos and attention and reveled in it! Then I remembered the two of us walking and turning the skywalks of Bangkok into our catwalk, talking as if there were only the two of us in the world with our boisterousness and tactlessness while walking like models in the hot and sweaty city.

One of our favorite hobbies everywhere but most especially while riding the Skytrain was to talk in front of Thais and foreigners alike in the native Cebuano tongue, critique-ing , discussing, praising, flirting and in the parlance of yours truly, "talking behind their backs in front of them!" :) Ohh I treasure those moments! And then I remember one of the rare instances we got serious was when we watched my first movie ever in Bangkok last year, "AntiChrist" which I wrote a blog about last year. He donned his film critic glasses and praised the acting and intensity of the actors in the movie. It was one of the rare insights I had into the serious side of his personality. But then again he always became a bit more sedate when he had sleepless nights or 26-hour days and I would ask to see him or he happened to be in the city and we shared cups of coffee or tea together. These times were rare though. I could very well define him as a fantastic mixture of vegetables simmering in hot soup with all the right sauces in our favorite restaurant in all of Bangkok, MK!!! God I miss him....:-(

The last time I saw him was in January this year, yes in Bangkok. He was on this insane streak of vegetarianism and had become slimmer than the last time I saw him. He seemed fit and healthy to me but of course I am the worst judge of fitness given I adore extreme thinness and starve excessively. But I would never have suspected he had an ailment during that time. I am afraid he indulged in too many activities that sometimes were very excessive, wasteful and too bacchanalian even for me, which I did not approve of which of course I will not disclose here. However I respect that every person deserves an outlet, a valve to let the steam out and I love him to bits to disapprove of it right in front of the person. I wonder though if this reliance and complacence on him being able to handle his lifestyle was fundamental to his eventual detriment.

I did not know he had stepped on Philippine shores until it was too late. Our mutual friend in Bangkok asked me too look at his profile on a silly networking site on the internet and voila! I found facts and fallacies all fabricated for the eyes by people who claimed to have seen or heard news of his demise. It was wrenching for me to learn this from an idiotic site which we all worship but which amounts to nothing when positioned against the realities of everyday life. How did I not know this was coming? How did I fail to follow up on how he was? How could I rely on him being visible and being in the background at all times ready to chat me up whenever I called his name? Lend his presence in Bangkok whenever I happened to go up there for some cosmetic plumbing or hormone restocking? I am at fault in so many angles and yet if he chose to swathe his deterioration in a cloak of mystery and speculation what could I do?

One thing I can say is that, "This is one of the biggest losses of my life." I may be insignificant to him in the sense that he never told me his whereabouts during the last weeks of his life but I can take comfort in the fact that he may have avoided telling me his most painful moments because the memory he wanted ME to keep of him was the cheerful, active and humorous friend I knew him to be during our moments together. Rest in utter happiness my friend, because you were so selfless in giving it to me. Thank you so much Omar....:)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

the myth in facts :D

After having watched a National Geographic
Premier presentation on this rainy, miserable Sunday night here at home, I was compelled to touch my blog after more than two weeks of not having written anything at all. Gosh has it been that long? I wonder why I'm compelled to blog when I am in either miserable or ravenous mode these days hahahaha

The town of Candido Godoi in faraway rural Brazil has seen itself catapulted to international attention for the staggering number of twins in their town population of only 7,000 people. The farming community is a quite little town with many members having German descent. As to the question why this particular place on Earth has seen the biggest percentage of twins in comparison to its meagre population, many rather crude explanations are offered by its people while in the eyes of sensationalism there is a deeper and more historic origin to this phenomenon.

Josef Mengele, was the chief doctor at the Birkenau extermination camp in Poland. He, along with other medicial practitioners in the camp were responsible for sifting and identifying which prisoners were fit for work and which ones seemed incapable - doomed for the gas chambers. It was alleged that the nickname "Angel of Death" was accorded to him by camp inmates because when he stood on the platform inspecting new arrivals and directing some to the right, some to the left, his white coat and white arms outstretched evoked the image of a white angel. Josef's medical obsession though was the study of twins and he carefully aligned this interest with how he could scientifically create for the Nazi regime an Aryan race which was superior to the rest of the world while catering to his own obsession - producing them in multitude - twinning. He had access to the ultimate test subjects - human captives. His experiments were described as butchery at its most inhuman state. All done in the pursuit of the mystery of twins and how they were created.

When the Nazi era came to an end with the marching of the Soviets onto Nazi territory, Mengele fled to South America and sought refuge there. There in the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, Mengele's trail began to fade away and at this point myth slowly dissolved the edges of reality as to his whereabouts and activities. But research by the National Geographic team led to finding out he really did settle around certain points around Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. It was alleged he worked as a veterinarian and went around treating bovine around a significant number of farms all around Brazil. He also apparently and with testimonial evidence from the people he came into contact with, worked with pregnant women and prescribed and supplied them medications. These series of events sparked the belief that he did continue to carry out his experiments and on a more realistic scale too as he was working with civilians already and not in a controlled laboratory setting. Then mention of him coming over to Candido Godoi and actually providing medical treatments for animals and individuals there had historians, scientists and investigators alluding to the fact that he may have played an instrumental role in the spiraling of the twin population in the said town. This is the vantage point of the National Geographic Program.

But despite all the speculations and startling evidences pointing to him actually practicing some form of medicine, there were also testimonies and even his infamous black bag filled with the detritus of a man-on-the-run, concluding that HE never did any medical work when he was in South America. The families and people who he lived with all throughout his refuge in South America all affirm this fact. In the end the National Geographic program concluded that Mengele DID not play any function in the unusual number of twins in Candido Godoi. The pundits all point to SCIENCE as the main adjudicator to this mystery and the program ended with genetic experiments conducted and samples taken to be filed away for a much-awaited conclusion and perhaps an answer to the eternal mystery of twin births in human existence.

I would say that it was a miserable ending to an otherwise fascinating program. The mystery lover in me was bitterly disappointed that such a program could end in such a cookie-cutter way. I was wondering what the implications would have been if he was indeed responsible for the twin mystery in the small village. It would have caused a sensational explosion in worldwide media as well as in medical science. But the moral implications would have been enormous too. It would have been quite a show!!! Now the show is over and the balloon has blown right in my face.

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Thank you for the generosity!!! Lingerie is life!!! Enjoy everyone and always spread the amazing love of the big bad WINKLERGIRL !!!...