Tuesday, July 31, 2007

depech mode...(myspace entry)

because of the dozens of worms and viruses one gets from the infamous music download engine limewire i decided to uninstall mine and promised myself to reinstall it only at times when i decided i needed new music to fill in one of my blank CDs or mp3 player....

Then Depeche Mode came into my life LOL
I reinstalled my limewire and downloaded all Depeche Mode songs and played them until my ears got hurt from listening to it all...Now ever the critique and analyst that I am..I am trying to analyze why I have suddenly spiralled into this obsession with their music! I am suddenly listening to nothing but Depeche mode! Oh God help! LOL

It has to be David Gahan's phenomenally haunting voice which borders between a perfect baritone and an eerie whisper which causes a deep reaction from his listeners...I mean which female listener does not feel some sexual pressure listening to his voice I feel it myself and I don't know how he has this effect on me...It is so weird and strange and I don't know how to describe it...maybe it's because his voice really digs deep into me or maybe it's not too easy to associate his plunging voice with that perversely cute face! hahahaha i am so weird...

Or maybe it's the group's unique way of attacking music...they have a beat they use which sounds very carnal and myterious which hooks the male listeners as well too! Ah astounding! I could never claim to be a music expert or a venerable critic but I think it is the lethal combination of those two..Gahan's voice and their unique musical wizardry that makes their music very very likable....

Right now I am so listening over and over one of their mid 90's song i think "It's no Good" and I love it! I love it I love it I love it...I adore it and I'm listening to it like crazy!!

Oh dear God bless Depeche Mode for making them a part of the musical industry and history as well...I sure hope they don't become history as they're not selling as much as during the New Wave Days of the 80's era but anyway being a CLASSIC is not too bad right?

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Engr. Cesar Noel said...

80's Music is still the best, specially the songs BY DepMode.

What are your favorite songs?

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