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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Oh that football field in elementary school holds so many great memories for me! The Don Bosco grounds were enormous in my standards and titanic for someone who came from a quadrangle which looked like a piece of sandwich (no offense to Saint Joseph's my old school but you do have a small playground). I miss our games of luksong-tinik (displayed in the photos) and luksong-baka and hide and seek and many more SOO much!

I miss the gang of playmates who could create any kind of game out of games. You know like they could make tag more interesting by pretending we were policemen and robbers. The sort of imagination that helps kids have a wonderfully innocent time with each other. We were also fond of looking for places within the premises which the school populace never knew existed in the ocean of our ever-unfathomable school grounds. We would play there of course.

I wish I had the excuse to go back and do all the things I mentioned above as an adult all over again. But alas the reasons and circumstances to do so are absent. I cannot act childish anymore although I can be a child at heart. More importantly, the playmates are not around anymore. They have mini-versions of themselves now. They have tummies and they have wives and big cars now. I see them on the profile sites and I hardly recognize them from the puffy faces brought about by cholesterol, alcohol and all the other face-mutating agents. It's not as if i am UNguilty too anyway as I have had many face-altering surgeries LOLOL...

Now all I have is the internet, internet, the internet. This entity has invaded my life and now i feel claustraphobic in its confines!!! All my time is gobbled up by the internet and I hate it! Badminton sometimes, hits my schedule but it is the internet that takes centerstage in my arena of self-enjoyment. I hate the internet!!! It can never compare to the creativity, naturalness and innocence of school childhood games which may have served to keep us all fit when we were young too!!!

I guess I am just feeling nostalgic here and I am just reminiscing days of my tumultous childhood but for now I want to throw this laptop and be rid of the internet for the moment and just play tag and tagu-taguan (hide and seek) and Japanese game and patintero all over again!!!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Iron curtain heroes...

I never did notice the growing trend of Eastern European women dominating sport these days but it suddenly just became so apparent to me when I look at the semifinal lineup of the women's singles tournament in the French Open....It's a Russian woman versus another Russian woman and a Serbian woman against another Serbian woman. The domination of the Iron Curtain ladies is back!!!

For someone who grew up idolizing the sporting glories of the Soviet Union turned Unified Team turned Russia, this is an ideal lineup for me. I think i became conscious about the excitement sport brought into my life during the onset of the Barcelona 1992 Olympics. And this was the last Olympics where Russia and a couple of other Soviet States last dominated the Olympic medal count. As a result I grew up idolizing czarinas and screaming, thick-browed, intense Russian coaches and ice denizens from the Iron Curtain Capital. I became increasingly curious about the so-called "scientific training" their countries offered to their world-class athletes as well as the sporting camps that house these superpeople. What went on behind those walls that they have produced world-record holders and superhuman performers? How were they sculpted and moulded to become larger-than-life figures?

We may never know the secrets behind the Communist sporting regime but controversies continually surround the development of these superstar athletes. First of all the popular belief that there was systematic and immense encouragement of the use of performance-enhancing drugs is very common and has been proven many times I believe. Second the severity of the emotional stress caused by the plucking of very young individuals with a high sporting potential from their families is widely circulated among sports psychologists and analysts. Third, the uncertainty of a financial career outside their sporting glories was almost always inevitable based on many athlete's personal accounts and stories. Think about the emotional distress these people felt when they were showered with attention and revered almost as gods when they could break records and do anything better than us and then being brought back to a humiliating position after their physical flames have died...

For the outsider like me who can do little to help, the best I can do is perhaps admire from a distance these beings who can and were able to run, jump and throw faster, higher and further than me, a mere human being. To wish I were in that position many years ago is perhaps one of the greatest tributes I can give them. To pore over sporting almanacs, articles and read about their invincibility and to afford my admiration would probably be good enough eventhough these people would not have an inkling that from this Third-World, struggling athletic nation, a great admirer lives to revere their sporting glories yesterday until the present....

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Deliciousness at the French.....

This is Fernando Verdasco, Spanish tennis delicioso, who is in the fourth round of the ongoing 2008 French Open Tennis in Paris, France...

Let us all pray he goes on to win more rounds so I have eye candy running all over my TV before he eventually loses out to a Nadal or a Federer LOL

Don't cream yourself girlssssssssss.....

(Oh well as of update time Rafael Nadal just blasted FV out of the French so we have to say goodbye to my Spanish senyorito...I hope to see him in more TV coverage of tennis tournaments though hehehehe :) )