Monday, April 9, 2018

Something golden...

Rajarshi Bhattacharya

- Rajarshi Bhattacharya, Brahmin by birth, Atheist by logic

Answered March 26,2018 - Upvoted by Abhimanyu Saxena, Co founder at InterviewBit

There is this prostitute that lives down the road from our village. Everyone knows her as nashto meye (wasted woman). Whenever you cross her home, you can find some lewd teenagers shouting obscene comments, and laughing hysterically. Some of the “higher castes” don't even take that route, they avoid the “proximity” to such sin. She seldom gets out at daytime, because she's chased, whistled at, even manhandled sometimes; and the local police also supports the goons. She tried to file a case once, and they fined her for being indecent. She's the laughing stock and the butt of any joke in the evening meetings of both men and women.

But also, she has two kids, a beautiful boy and a lovely girl. She sends them to school. She never lets them into her 'workroom'. She keeps them healthy and fit. She never misses a parents-teachers' meeting. I saw her in the market once, and I could see one of the roadside sabziwalas touch her feet and call her Ma (mother)! Apparently she'd helped the man when his daughter was dying of illness. Her home is always clean, and though no one visits her, everyone is always welcome for a glass of cold water and a fruit; it's sometimes a mango, or a lichi, atleast a banana!

I call her Didi. My parents don't know this, but I have visited her since I was very young. She's closer to me than most of my relatives. I have seen her facing discrimination, assault, insult and even physical abuse, but I never saw one drop of tear shedding from her eye. After I got my job, I tried to offer her some money, but she just pressed my cheeks and said, “E lorai tor noy babu, e amake ekai lorte habe (This isn't your fight, my son. I have to fight this alone)”. She always smiles, she's always happy, and she lives life with a steely determination that I haven't seen anywhere else.

Respect every profession, because every profession is a battle against the World-a merciless, cruel judgemental World that we have to face every damn day of our life-a battle to survive.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

reality is more mesmerizing than fiction

One of the most beautiful narratives I have ever encountered on the world wide web, Angel is a symbol of all of us, our struggles, our pains, our little happinesses, our eccentricities, our needs, our attempts at temporary joys, the deep hollow within our souls, our beauty, our illusion, self-destruction and the forces that surround and shape us ....

The biggest mistake many transsexuals make in whatever profession they end up in is they enslave themselves to the needs, wants and caprices of their family. Parasitism is inherent in many transwomen's families. There is a sense of  entitlement by family to have, to possess, to acquire more of whatever their transsexual daughter earns or has... because there is a general attitude  that they have tolerated and in some way accepted her lifestyle and THEREFORE they should be rewarded for the tolerance, and for not kicking her out or for taking her back if she ever was kicked out before. This is one of the hollow in the transsexual woman's soul. She is only accepted for WHAT she can contribute, not because she used to be their SON, their blood. She will need to buy acceptance and reintroduction and even respect because she is deemed a black sheep when she decided to become transsexual!!!! 

As transsexual I have never glorified myself with the illusion that I am woman... because close-minded Society and the Establishment will never look at me as one. There certainly are a few exceptions of men who put us on a pedestAL, who adore and worship us, who obssess over us......but even those exceptions tend to think we are feminised creatures, not authentic.... ersatz not genuine.... and I've proven this over and over to myself that even the most stunned, adoring and worshipping fan can turn into a deranged and crazed persona with scathing and acidic descriptions when provoked, such as when an Indian person told me I used my smelly backside to bring pleasure to men and that I suck cock and that I was not a woman so why should my gifts be commensurate to theirs....etcetera etcetera...

This and many more reasons will always strengthen my position on whether men who love or chase trans really are worth our time or should we consider ourselves solitary souls for the rest of our lives. Watch this short film and you will see why we disdain the characters outside and even inside our circles and how sometimes in the end we all have to fend for ourselves.... alone and solitary...

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