Thursday, July 12, 2007

lunga vita all'Italia

long live italy!!!!


Rui Cardo said...

Great !!!
Viva l'Italia !

Midget said...

I like the artwork... I'll bet it would look even cuter on that sexy butt of yours! :)
So when do we get to see an American flag?

Anonymous said...

What about the Philippine flag?

Simon said...

The United Nations of Liisa
Keep those flags a coming baby.

Anonymous said...

You know you have to do an aussie one next hun. :p


ehi_dove_sei said...

any chance to have you in rome????

Anonymous said...

Vive la France, Marion Bartoli and the united colors of liisa ... a good concept ... again!

Anonymous said...

Hi to my long-time assistant and girl-friday, and of course the sexiest girl in Cebu and/or the pacific rim. This is Jon aka Da Boss, and since I am not in BKK leading young ladyboys astray I can check your cool blog here in Vienna. Moving on to Italy soon, when you coming over?

web blog looks good, Bia says Hi, she has a good memory. I do also.....errr, if I remember correctly you still owe me something eh?

Ciao! Jai Dee ;)

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