Tuesday, October 27, 2009


This is just hilarious hahahahaha

Don't mess with a tranny on her birthday!!!

Like the kid in the video, Mr. Holocaust-Alcoholic-Jobless-crackaddict-MESS shoulda been taught them manners by his Irish Momma when he wuz a kid...But aint thangs too late???

But his momma aint got no control over him now... he's just a machine-gun spewing shite from his mouth...a brainless mental hodge-podge callin' people in the middle during his drunken stupor, stalkin' my blog and dressin' in cheap knickers, playin sex-tourist around sin cities hahahahaha

He be getting more than Mace sprayed on his face now that hes OLDER (and hungrier? hahahahahaha

Boy im beginning to speak like them black folks...COOLERS! hahahahaha

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Many of the people who know me are aware I am a bookworm and it's really a passion of mine that has remained intact from very early childhood all throughout my teen years and then onto adulthood...

This interesting poll on FACEBOOK has me penning down my five favorite books and I tell you it's no easy task as I love so many books from Nancy Drew detective books to the more complex biographies of many known people...

Here are my top five for now ever since I started reading PETER PAN and BAMBI (hahaha) up to the complex musings of my Japanese idol Haruki Murakami (surprisingly Murakami only has one book in my top five! pity!) and YES this is according to how I have ranked them...

1. The Pelican Brief

This is the single most influential book of my lifetime! I love how Grisham managed to parlay a work of fiction into what I swear could have been a life-like scenario...And I have always dreamt of becoming another Darby Shaw!!! Smart, arrestingly and effortlessly beautiful..

2. Dance Dance Dance

My first Murakami book and a very hypotic and and enthralling one at that...I hardly placed the book down once I started reading and after 11 more books of the same author this is still my favorite I think...Maybe beginner's luck for him? hehe

3. Singapore Girl: A Memoir

I picked it up in the Singapore airport out of boredom and boy was I very happy to have done so. It gave me the first realistic glimpse into the carnival that was Bugis Street and I have written about it somewhere here in the annals of my decrepit pussy of a blog haha...I love this book! It talks about transsexual obsession which is not gaudy and fornicative...Basically it's just another man's love for a girl book but with a twist :wink: wink: ..

4. Picasso My Grandfather

This book was a gift to me from a long-time fan. We're talking about from way way way back when I was a nobody(still am now though so why'd I say that? haha).
This is a very powerful book written by Marina Picasso who is the granddaughter of the great Master. It paints a gray undertone of a life behind the whimsical colors of the canvasses and artworks of Pablo Picasso. I love the cruel statement near the end of this novel " When i die, it will be a shipwreck. When a large ship goes down many people in the vicinity are swept into the whirlpool."

5. Invisible Trade: High-class sex for sale in Singapore

Probably the only book closest to a documentary in the top five. This captivated me for days. Many of the facts inside here are true and I know that from experience of course. I wonder if they should also do one for the scene in Hong Kong. I am sure there would be more color and variety to it!

Monday, October 19, 2009

multiple choices...

Last year I had the most miserable birthday in my whole life...
For many reasons all of which stemmed from the fact that I made the biggest mistake
of establishing a liaison with a super retard...but then those days are gone and look who's desperate now? .....

Today I have decided this will be the happiest day of my life.
Why? How could this happen to one of the most serious thinkers in this business?

Because happiness is a choice. It is an option we can take.
Life is more often than not like a Greek menu. We can hardly read and distinguish eggplant from eggs if we read it in its entirety but if we ask the right questions, we know which recipe works best for our palate and which doesn't! We will always have a hard time choosing which one tastes good and which one doesn't unless we ask the waiters! It works in the same way as in we never know what kind of cards we will be dealt with in life but if we seek guidance from the right people and WE choose to be happy then we will be happy...

Happiness also stems from our own doing. Nobody can influence or cause happiness in our lives! This is FACT! I tell amount of money from somebody, houses from a sponsor or bags from a fan can make us joyous. We create our own happiness! It emanates from our beings and it is up to us to create the atmosphere, dredge the path and conjure our own goals to achieve happiness. This is a lesson I have learned severely throughout the whole year. There are no OTHERS when it comes to finding what makes us happy. OTHER PEOPLE are hell. We are alone in the end and as a result we create the circumstances that make us happy. Of course yes people can contribute to the overall feeling of happiness but to RELY on other people to make us happy? NO! Entrusting our own happiness on other people is like trying to fly through the heavens with gossamer wings. IT IS guaranteed to never work...

Most of all happiness is how we define it to be. It can take any form or guise but it should be internal for it to be lasting. Nothing external will last. EVER. The beauty of life is the borderlines and the boundaries by which we demarcate happiness is in our own hands. We have the compass, the tools to draft the things that make us happy. The only thing we need to acquire is AWARENESS that there are experiences and qualities that we need to acquire and assimilate to experience happiness. We need to be sensitive to the fact too that this is not necessarily an EASY task but you may find it surprising that it is not insurmountable. The things that will open the locks to the box our happiness is locked in may already be around us, except we have just turned a blind eye towards them and ignored them totally...

I choose to be happy today because I have a choice. Friends, people I love and random strangers may make this day memorable for me but I have chosen to be happy and that's it pretty much...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

vanguards or victims...

There is no doubt that there is superiority in numbers. The Red Dragon of the East is indeed wide awake and roaring with the flames of progress and movement. China is a superpower which has thrived on its huge population and vast resources to lead the world economy into the future and grip financial powers-that-be in its hands. Foreign countries and people are scurrying to look for the vast opportunities that the nation has to offer. There is so much money in China that it is unbelievable as a friend of mine said.

Jasmine, a young girl from a province in central China has decided to set forth on a journey to Shaxi, Canton, Southern China to look for work there. She ends up as a thread-cutter in a factory that manufactures jeans which are sold in faraway Western countries. Because home is hundreds of miles away from work she is housed in the factory dormitory along with other Chinese workers like her. The conditions are utterly inhuman. There are 12 girls in one room, food and water is not free and the absence of many basic commodities is common.

The workplace itself is not that different. They start very early in the morning until 7 pm at night. Job orders that require them to work overtime may have them toiling away until 3 in the morning. They are not allowed to rest during work time. They have to sew or cut or zip X amount of jeans per day to meet a certain quota. Many times they are not paid on time. Salary administration is dependent on whether a client who decides to purchase their products in bulk pays on time or not. On more than one occasion their salary day has to be moved to a later date.
The workers are allowed only one holiday every two years. Not only do they not earn anything for the day when they call in absent for a reasonable excuse such as health problems and untoward incidences, their salary is also deducted. It is brutal beyond description.

Her story as well as that of her co-workers, is contained in a series of videos called CHINA BLUE which I have lifted off of somebody's blog (thank you BRYANBOY.COM), I was caught in a maelstrom of emotions which left me exhausted and depressed in the end. There is injustice, disparity, sorrow, hopelessness and a conundrum of negative experiences in the heart of the whole story. Questions plagued me for days after I digested the storyline.. It is more than eye-opening. Like a monkey which has clambered on my back, its has become sort of a burden in more ways than one - the reality that I am living comfortably when I see the situation they are in is disturbing beyond comprehension.

This is what China has become in the microcosmic and macrocosmic view of events taking place in its contemporary existence. It has become such a giant pool of cheap labor and a major player in world economy that it has neglected the individual needs of its people. The individual must be sacrificed for the greater good of the country and the world in ultimatum. Utilitarianism has taken over and what is beneficial for the forward movement of the country must be acquired and put to good use. The people push themselves for this common cause and set aside emotional, social, familial and other individualistic aspects of their lives for the propagation of this movement.

Jasmine seems happy in the end. She gets her salary after three months of working in the factory. She is joyous she can send money back home. It seems to be an unwarranted responsibility carried by many Chinese girls, who work themselves to exhaustion. Despite her youth, she is a tough girl without her knowing it. I would call her a heroine in a heartbeat. Her story is one among millions of Chinese girls who have decided to seek greener pastures in dark meadows. It is a story that is replicated in other Chinese women's lives. I guess in many ways they are trapped but who am I to say that? We all have our own little traps. Theirs is just one where the Establishment has the upper hand because it holds the locks to their traps.

But then again as I surmised in the beginning of this entry, there is power in numbers. Who knows what could happen? When there is a lot of dissatisfaction and unrest there are always minds who voice out their non-conformity. Women or men whose brilliance put them in a special class of people called leaders. They may initiate a Revolution. They may lead their disgraced fellowmen to rise in arms and plunder the Establishment. The balance of power could shift with great swiftness. And then perhaps we might see again history rewritten with a Chinese translation...

(NOTE: you can watch the 15 part-series of Jasmine and her friends' stories by watching the flick on youtube and then looking for the other parts in the side bar to the right. Hope you enjoy and learn a valuable lesson afterwards)

Friday, October 2, 2009

addictive like Ganja!!!

Can't stop playing this on my ipoddddddddddddddd :D

Something cryptic, chilling and sublimely sexual about the vocalist's throaty voice, an innate ethereal-ness to the background voices and the message of the song is powerful!!!

The beat is hypnotic and the guitar music beautifully weaves in and out of the song!!!!

Hello my friend let me tell you a story
It starts with a guy who never had to worry
His life was planned from his first day on this rock
The place he calls home grows a very different crop

He was undercover from a distant milkyway
To learn about us but love came in his way
He said he'd understand but he could not see
That love is the glue in the bigest mystery

Now the deed is done he is on his way
Soon he´ll spread the news in the milkyway
About a little planet where they cannot see
That the love they much cherish is just biochemistry

Oooohhhlympiada RIO!!!

They won the bid for the 2016 Olympic Games besting out Japan in the final round....

They are the first South American city to host the Olympics in the Games' 100 year- history.

It would be a wonderful change for the Olympics to go from the colds in London in 2012 to the heat, bodies and beaches of Rio!!!

Here are some of the most fantastic images I have seen online of RIO!!!


Thank you SO MUCH to Ricardo Carreon's photostream on Flickr and to his blog too!!

Please visit his site:

FLORAL day!!!

What a wonderful surprise for me today!!!!

Thank you Ben, my blog fan!!!

It arrived early but what the heck I thank you so much!!

This is so sweet of you!!!

Lots of love, hugs and kisses from the Winklergirl


I love the urban-ness, positivity, the rock and roll as well as the beach elements, adore the modernity and the youth of all these collections...

Plus Milan is all about sex sex sex hahaha....(except for Balenciaga in Paris but of course the collection embraced something sexual seeing how embracing to the body the clothes were)

Forget the comments made by these faux-fashion wannabe called actresses and celebs hahaha...

Love the quote in Gucci "bondage is now mainstream, there is no TABOO anymore." hahaha

So you wondering what I been busy with the last few days huh?

Gucci by Frida Giannini


Versace by Donatella Versace

Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquiere

NEW PHOTOS!!!!!! πŸ‘„πŸŒˆπŸŒΈπŸ’ƒπŸ½❤️🧜🏽‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🍭

Thank you for the generosity!!! Lingerie is life!!! Enjoy everyone and always spread the amazing love of the big bad WINKLERGIRL !!!...