Friday, December 26, 2014

a rhythm of my own...

I don't remember feeling as joyous and as free in my life as I am now. I have fashioned myself into the person I have always wanted to sculpt myself into. I am juggling the things I have dreamed of doing in my life. I am healthy, vibrant, athletic, tenacious and feminine all at the same time and this makes me happy. I think the inner happiness translates into the confidence I exude and people see the beauty in a carefree person! 

I visited my alma mater, my secondary school a week ago and there were feelings of nostalgia and sweetness and a karmic satisfaction all welled up into one delirious cocktail that engulfed me and totally had me feeling ecstatic as I have never been in my whole life. I walked along the grounds I played on as an innocent child. I came to face the past fears and uncertainty in the room where I was tormented as a young gay person. I walked quite slowly and took in the scenarios. The corridors ran thick with memories, the students resembled doppelgangers of my colleagues. Very little has changed. They are still humble and meek and innocent. The teachers feel awkward. Of course it is natural, I have come back as a woman, a person different from the entity that left their tutelage.
I have come a long way from that restless young person who was still clueless. Not knowing what I really wanted to be. Did I want to sing well and make it an artistic endeavor? Did I want to be an animation artist for Disney? Did i want to be an illustrator for a world-famous comic publication? Did I want to be a badminton athlete, or a tennis superstar who had endorsements left and right? These were the questions plaguing me when I was young. There were people who aided me in my natural aptitudes and tendencies and there were some who were a constant source of negativity and discouragement. 
Dance like no one is watching. Thinking of all the people who have done ill to me in my student past, Some of them I have seen struggling in their current circumstance and I can only smile with a Glenn Close smugness because it makes me realize that life isn't always unfair. There is a karmic compass that will point in your direction when you work hard to attain the things you really want for as long as you want them that bad and you never settle for anything less.

Happiness and self-fulfillment can only be achieved by a person who never allows his wings to be clipped and pinned down. When you realize that you cannot please everybody and instead focus your attention on the people who bring in so much positivity into your life then you progress, you blossom as an individual, you are able to move and maximize your potential as a result. 

I am free!!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

what's on your pod?????????????????????????????

On repe-pe-pe-pe-pe-pe-pe-pe-pe-pe-pe-PEATTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!




Monday, November 3, 2014

life like a tale....

I'm Vivian....I'm nobody...I can change it all .....

Loving this so much.....

In the flick of a switch, can your life acquire color, a patina of fantasy, a dash of magic....

Some semblance of "interesting-ness"??? Dissimilar to the manufactured cinematic reels of reality?

A walk on the wild side, a bit of recklessness, something fantastical and lackadaisical ....

WATCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

lab rats

I've had the strangest dream... a recurring theme for the last few weeks... a sweet one that leaves a strange bitter taste on my mental palate ...

Two boys are making love to me... in the capsule of my bed... a mΓ©nage a trois that owes its occurrence to drunken haze and enchanting substances....They are almost half my age but I've had friends who exactly fit this mold and well...

but I feel this isn't a dream... it really did happen...or did it?

They are trying to copulate with me and yet one isn't ... One is putting up a barrier between himself and us, two. He maybe studying how to be me! How to be a tiger to his lover, show him exquisite pleasures ... Wait did I just say HE? Am I cushioned between two gay lovers or am I standing in their way? 

I've always thought sensual pleasure could be had by just about anybody who had the imagination and drive for it, why should it be denied two young creatures who choose to push their thresholds? And most of all why should I deny myself the capability to experiment, conclude and then decide ...

 Nevertheless it seems to me, the two boys, in my dream, are having a whale of a time, enjoying me, a tutor who shows them the moves and more importantly enjoying the moment too...

I am fellating on one, while giving the other one a reason to observe, analyze, stare ... a crash course on the use of one's oral faculties ... the first one's moans are exquisite, like sweet sax music that licks the ear and gives it the utmost pleasure... the guttural sounds coming from him who I am going down on spurs me on like petrol to a machine, urging me to give him more ...

We are friends, but we become strange little beasts behind closed doors, in our inebriated states we become one and we use our mouths to please each other etcetera ...

Is this a dream?????

Will this hazy mist eventually simmer down to wake me up and give me some sort of clarity...

I don't know...I don't know ...


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Un homme français ... (-:

J'adore !!!!!!

What a babe, and a creature ..

I don't wanna google or WIKI him. He might have wife, family,
girlfriend etceterrrraaa etceterrrraaa ..

comment with his Name so my slaves/fans/worshippers
may know himmmmhehehehehhee

love and kisses to all !!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Ok Ok Ok .. 

I will give into the many demands of the new age, the new generation of instant connectivity, instant everything, instant check-ins, instagram, instant photos.....

I will post photos of me that are recent, unretouched, au-naturelle (for whatever that means) and au-unedited... (Although I've never really known why people keep asking me for unedited pictures when I just amp or turn down the volume on the contrast and lighting of my photos and use filters to poke fun at them)

All the sculpting and editing have been done by my plastic surgeons and my boxing and diet regimen FYI... THANK YOU.....Au Revoir PHOTOSHOP, 360 Etc. (See I'm even succumbing to this new age of abbreviated FYIs, Camera 360 and the loads of shit the Apple generation has doomed us into)

ANDDDDDD FOR the last time, the very last favor I will do is I will turn on whatsapp messaging for EVERY phone number I post here on my blog name BUT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE as a favor back to me, Keep IDLE BANTER to a minimum unless you are buying me the latest season's Bebe dress or Prada bag or Zara's statement neckpieces HAHAHA ... OTHERWISE please please please Keep the IDLE CHIT-CHAT to a minimum...

 THANKS !!!!

MUCHO MOLTO MUY love to y'ALL !!!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

chanteuse most perfect .....

if you DO NOT have this pot of gold yet in your music list, then you are TRES IDIOTIC!!!!

She is the black LANA del REY and the male MAXWELL (who is still the most perfect voice for me anyway).

Everything in this album is orgasm to my ears....

Her voice evades description of any SORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But she definitely sings perfectly !!!!!!!!!!

She is a secret I want to keep but whom I want to SHARE!!!! hehehehe


love you all..........BISOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Sun Sand Sea Shine

a fantastic collection of my summer escapade this 2014 ....

and there's previews peppered all over the net for y'all to enjoy!!!

and to my VIP yahoo group members....the full sized ones for you to enjoy!!!



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Saturday, April 12, 2014

seven ...

Congratulations to my blog... my sweet little lover is now 7 years old... Can you imagine a 7 year old blog that is not filled with shoes, bags, and everything nice considering the writer is THE material girl? Ha ha! I think it has been quite an achievement that as the years have dragged on the blog has continued to be tenacious in spite of the many challenges I have faced in my personal life. At one point I would have closed down the blog because of LOVE... EEEK!!! Horror of horrors!!! What?!?!??!?!? I don't know what frame of mind I was in that time but looking back I thought that was an insane idea. Thank God it's never happened nor has the thought ever occurred again!!! LOL 

At my age too I see so many young things coming out of the woodwork! Both in my chosen field of endeavor and the young things I encounter and experience in my daily meanderings. Has time passed me by? When I look in the mirror I see no wrinkles, perfect vision, nothing sags, my hairline shows no sign of recession (if any my hair has unbelievably gone thicker!!!) , no sign that the years have worn me out. I'm still an active young thing that runs on diesel oil. I love to move, I love to run, jump, work out, play. I feel only the slightest flinch of pain when I wear out a certain body part such as the ankles when I'm skipping rope, or the legs when I push too hard playing badminton. But I do know these are natural bodily reactions that I've always gotten even when I was younger. 

And most of all, the greatest thing that I've come to ponder on is, I feel that I still have so many adventures to go onto, so many places to explore, so many people to get personal with, analyze, and then see each and every subterfuge behind the intimacy they are offering. I feel there are still so many things that have not happened in my life...AND I have already lived TWO lifetimes! The first one before the transition - the traditional, straightforward, mediocre one....the second - hormone-induced, beautiful, zest-filled, and MOST interesting part..

Have I been blessed with a natural internal elixir that has automatically refreshes me every time I unconsciously need it??? 

I am not wealthy in terms of the ''white-picket fence, car and big house'' ideal that so many people and my colleagues strive for. I love the things that people give me, which is why I almost never give anything away. Every little thing that somebody gives me takes me to a place, a moment, a smile, a frown line and a laugh which is why I am a sentimentalist with gifts. I am materialistic but I think I manage quite well when I do not get everything I want. I bide my time, like a leviathan using radar to monitor the deep, the infinite patience, and the thrill of immersing myself in the moment when I acquire the things I want. 

Sometimes the emotional oscillations throw me off but I know they are natural as with any woman and in fact every living being who IS NOT a pneumatic robot. We have feelings, irrationality, baggage and desires, it is but natural to feel these ups and downs. We are not hermits or yogis or monks who gave up a lot of worldly realities to acquire some form of peaceful, regular stagnation. We will always be swayed by the tides, turns and tribulations offered to us by the spectacle of Life and people...

The journey is not over.....Yet I am almost done with life ...


Friday, March 28, 2014

new photos!!!!!!!!!!

We live in a world of color... not black and white.

Let go of the old... in with the new !!

New things, new look....   I've decided to become a redhead LOL !!!!!!!!!!!

Joining yet?

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Copycats hear ye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Drunk on too much white wine is not good...

Driving makes it more lethal ...

A bitch with a killer dress - classic!!

And an audience to cheer her: EPIC!!!


Friday, February 21, 2014

WORK WORK WORK (more pics)

I been working out like a madwoman... Sorry for the absence folks

I'm obsessed with calorie counts.... high cardio movements....resistance training etcetera ... 

AND I eat anything but believe in the cardinal rule : GET OUT what you PUT IN!!! 





NEW PHOTOS!!!!!! πŸ‘„πŸŒˆπŸŒΈπŸ’ƒπŸ½❤️🧜🏽‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🍭

Thank you for the generosity!!! Lingerie is life!!! Enjoy everyone and always spread the amazing love of the big bad WINKLERGIRL !!!...