Thursday, July 31, 2008

lub this....:) a LIVE performance.....from 120 years and several hairstyles and dress senses ago..... miss HOUSTON!!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

i shall eat cake

Let me tell you a beautiful story...

This is all about a young boy who more than twenty years ago was insane about cake. He was not insane about the velvety softness of the core inside a cake. Probably like any other youngish child he was insane about the icing, the sweet substance above the layers of flour and eggs. The topmost crust that was colorful and enticing to everyone who saw a well-baked cake. He loved to lick the icing off his small fingers and the sides of his lips. The sweetness totally drowned him in a wonderful sea of untold delights.

Because of this gastronomic obsession he visited his aunt's house almost everytime she made cake for a big birthday celebration among relatives or for orders from outside customers. His aunt was a fairy at creating sublime delicacies and aphrodisingly delicious cakes of all forms and tastes. The young boy would wait in anticipation as the aunt brewed wondrous pastries of untold richness of taste. However not once would he consume a slice of the cake. What he was after was the icing that would be left over. This was the creamy paste that did not make it to the finishing touches of the cake. The cake would not need anymore icing so there was a lot of leftover cream on her bowls . He would gorge himself on the the bowls of cream with different colors and experience one of his earliest encounters with gastronomical highs.

But for a certain period the young boy was pulled from his childly habit of waiting for leftover icing from his aunt's baking sessions. He became busy with school, friends, the outside world. He went onto adventures away from home and completely became detached from his aunt's house who he used to visit often to see if something was brewing in the kitchen. He became a child of the world.

Then one day after so many years he decided to visit his aunt's house to see if she was making something. She was baking something delicious! The familiar smell quelled the primitive juices of his palate. He was back home. He waited for his aunt to finish with her concoction but to his surprise there was very little icing left in her magical bowl. He also noticed the cake was not as big as before too. Of course...a smaller cake with less icing! The boy became sad over this. This was a sadness that consumed his character.

Suddenly a thought hit him from nowhere. Times were hard. People were sacked from their jobs. Money was hard to come by. The country was in a bad state. Not so many people were willing to part with money that easily anymore. The boy grieved not for the way people spent their money or how much cakes cost nowadays though. He was sad for his aunt. She was not the same vibrant, magical, and glib personality he had known before. She was a bit slower now, less loud and probably was not earning as much as before. She baked fewer cakes this time.

The boy overcame his own selfishness and prayed for his aunt. He prayed she would not create more delicious pastries in the future but instead prayed she would become happier even if she baked less concoctions. He missed the times when he was at her table and like a predator snatched her leftover icing. That was a thing of the past he realized. Now he had overcome this selfishness and realised there was much more to life than icing on top of the cake....

Monday, July 21, 2008

urban children's legend?

I read about this stuff on which is really one of the most groundbreaking blogs I have ever read in all of my blogging history. The story affected me so much eventhough I have written a blog about it. I felt compelled to write something again just to speak what was in my mind and heart.

There is no doubt that the harvesting of the organs of individuals in the last legs of their lives is a medical practice that has thrived in a world where millions of people with unhealthy body parts require them.

And there is no doubt that in many instances the most dehumanizing and demoralizing practices to acquire them happen. And this is not an urban legend.

Now the most chilling news to ever reach my ears on this topic....the planned and organised kidnapping of Filipino children to feed the insatiable economic market of organ acquisition and donation....

Is there any way a country can go this low? I am not aware of the inhuman acts happening in other countries but this has to be one of them. Can Filipinos actually do this to their fellowmen? The disturbing answer is yes they can....

The article below is frightening. The actual taking of innocent lives to harvest their living organs for their market value is more than a cardinal sin. Children being snatched by a group of people which includes a doctor, a 'security team,' driver and etc. so their healthy body parts can be removed to be stashed as merchandise for an insatiable market? Afterwhich their lifeless bodies are stuffed with Philippine pesos as compensation and left in the most unlikely of places? Their parents finding them afterwards in this horrific state.

This is an act that goes beyond Satanic. Has the Philippines become so poor that its people will heartlessly resort to such an act to float itself in a sea where survival of the fittest is defined by economic status? Would the world actually tolerate these acts of inhumanity and monstrosity to feed this profitable trade?

My eyes could not keep from crying when I read the article below. Can you imagine if this happened to my niece? My friend's son? My classmate's daughter? A neighbor's baby? What about if it happened to someone in your family? Your friends? The people closest to you?



As far back as 1995 Father Shay Cullen SSC Preda came out with a Document Titled: Killing Children For Their Organs that was published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer on the incidence of these new crimes happening in third world countries, to quote.

Yes this is the horrific trade that is taking the lives of thousands of children around the world. Not much has been heard about it but the evidence is mounting. There is a huge demand and a monied market in both developing and Northern countries for body parts especially eyes, hearts and kidneys of children.

A kidney or eyes can fetch $10,000, a heart $50,000 or more.

As a result the black market in children's organs for transplants is growing. With prices like that criminals will commit any crime. Impoverished parents are sometimes persuaded to sell their children's eyes or a kidney for as little as $500.

Trafficking in children's organs is the new crime against humanity together with selling children for sex.

A report based on the same study indicates an alarming crime, to quote:

In Pangasinan a 12 year old boy who was picked up by a brown van and brought to Manila where with several other children they were drugged and brought to a building that smelled like a clinic where they kept under guard. This boy recovered from the drugged sleep and escaped.

In recounting his story it became clear that the children were to undergo some operation although none were sick. Relatives of a youth who died from a fall from a Manila overpass claimed that in the hospital he was allowed to die - for his organs. Although this was never proven.

Lately, there has been a resurgence of the incidence according to Jean Stuart of Ground Report but PNP denies it is happening, to quote:

In Ibaan, Batangas four children were abducted. One of them were found with the pair of eyes missing and with Php 30,000 pesos on his/her mouth. Three were found with missing internal organs. There was also report in Tanauan, Batangas with a missing heart and Php 8,000 pesos on the hole of the victim’s chest. Lately, there have been reports that the kidnappings is not only happening in Batangas. There were also similar incidents in Cavite and Laguna. Last Wednesday, March 5, my friend told me that there was a third year high school student (from a school in San Pedro, Laguna) was abducted on her way home. I still haven’t heard about what happened to the victim.

I heard that a syndicate is behind this kidnapping and they are selling the organs to the black market. Text messages and email messages has been circulating saying that a white van with plate no. VMM 507 is said to be the kidnappers van. In our place the cartographic sketch of the kidnapper and the plate no. of the vehicle used by the kidnapper were posted everywhere.

Yaneehpooh on her multiply page posted the sketch of the suspect saying she saw a news clip on TVPatrol last march 7 regarding a botched kidnapping attempt where the would be victim luckily escape. The incident happened in Cavite where the young woman who was able to resist and escape saw a number of kidnapped children in the van.

In Baguio City a mountain resort in Northern Luzon another Ground Report by NomadicAsian on the subject where news of a failed abduction in one of the schools prompted school officials to suspend classes and sent all their students home.

Said incident occurred in broad daylight last March 6, 2008 (Thursday), though they failed the first time the kidnappers struck again the following day in another school just near the city proper. In said incident one of the kidnap syndicate member was collared by the responding policemen who is now under intense questioning.

Jhoy Imperial in her blog posted what she gathered at the friendster bulletin of her friend regarding 3 cases of kidnappings in San Pedro, Laguna.

In San Pedro a girl student 5th grader was found dead missing a kidney.

Another 3rd grade student also a girl is now in her funeral wake found lifeless, her eyes and heart harvested and P50K found inside her body.

Another case was at the Chrusantemum village where 2 girls were kidnapped; luckily a tricycle driver saw the incident and gave chase, the kidnappers threw the girls out the window and escaped.

At the Reysal supermarket 2 women was almost abducted but because of a group of istambay eyewitnesses rescued them from their abductors.This is almost surreal and unbelievable and it is easy to dismiss these incidents as mere urban legend but as they say better safe than sorry and if you see the following vans with plate number VXE 351 - Green Van and VMM 507 - White Van, report them immediately to the authorities. Just the same children of poverty are the most vulnerable in this heinous crimes if ever this is real and with abuse that our children are subjected to like throwing them in an adult jail I believe that this might just be for real.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Venus is Venezuelan???

In light of the Miss Universe coronation pageant being held tomorrow around 9:00 AM to 9:30 AM Philippine time in Vietnam, I write in tribute to my biggest idols when it comes to feminine beauty. They are the Venezuelans. I have never known any other country who produces the most beautiful faces on the stage of pageants other than this South American nation. Their reputation is uncanny but not surprising at all where their women have been known to take the biggest slice in the purchase of cosmetics throughout the world. Or dress up through their daily endeavors like a Hollywood celebrity clothes herself up for the Oscars or the Emmys! Being beautiful is a an engagement, a duty, and a responsibility in Venezuela as quoted by a website about Venezuelan beauty culture.

Ever since I saw (not in person though) Miss Minorka Mercado compete in the Miss Universe competition in 1994 held here in the Philippines I have been fascinated by the way Venezuela's contestants resemble sculptures of a museum which churns out artworks of astounding physical perfection. Not only are their faces cosmetic wonders but their bodies are to die for. Their grace in the art of walking and sashaying and their bearings are magical dances in the semblance of a magnificent Russian ballet performance. For this reason whenever I have the chance and attention I follow each Venezuelan pageant contestant in every Miss Universe pageant if I can follow it.

Of course we have probably all heard of the numerous world-famous beauty and personality development schools in their country. These future Latina beauty queens are moulded from head to toe, in all aspects of physical perfection from plastic surgery to speech training to posture improvement. Not only do their institutions cater to local women but they also allow foreign beauty contestants who have respect for the sheer professionalism and skill with which they shape pageant winners.

I think I have such great respect and awe for these women because of the hard work, pain and irreplaceable effort and dedication they have given to perfect their craft. Many of them will endure back-breaking hours of the art of walking on heels while watching themselves on mirrors for hours on end. The fitness programs to mold that flabby thigh into slenderness and to eliminate that love handle are long and arduous. Of course the constant need to watch their weight and monitor what they put inside their mouth is essential to eliminate any chance of cellulite in their bodies. The speech classes as well as the lessons of etiquette and grace which enhance their personality development are punishing. The long weeks and the extreme pain endured for the numerous surgeries to manufacture their aesthetic genius are invaluable.

This is my reason for admiring them. For them being a woman is complacency, the willingness to submit to stagnation and remain plain and unubiqitous in a sea of millions. Being just a plain Jane is death for them. They want to stand out through hard work and self-discipline. They want to be Iron Women. Women who are gorgeous, well-mannered and superbly graceful because they choose and work to achieve the many qualities that most women want but would never be caught striving for....

(Many thanks to: for the many beautiful pictures

Saturday, July 12, 2008

love this hate this...LOL

I have no idea why I could never forget this performance by Mariah zillions of years ago...
I mean there's nothing exceptional to it...her voice was not at its spanking best...
She didn't lend justice to the high notes of the song...
She kept waving her hands in a gesture which would immortalize her identity on stage...

But I still love the video...

Maybe it's the way she made the effort to sing a difficult song LIVE?

Ahh I'm hopeless LOL

Sunday, July 6, 2008

tsk tsk tsk more Williams...

Be careful what you wish for indeed!!! hahaha...this was what came to mind when I saw final of the Wimbledon women's singles competition!!! Guess who were there? Williams versus Williams! How boring can you get! LOL

First of all I am a huge fan of the Williams sisters in any kind of tournament they enter. They're exciting, wonderful personalities for any event they enter at. The media swarms around them. When they are around the tourney enjoys a considerable amount of publicity. This translates into moolah and mega-sponsors of course thus affecting an event's longevity and media coverage!

Plus the sisters play flawless tennis when they are at their best. They are at the top of the food chain when it comes to blistering returns, sensational shots and ear-shattering grunts. Their serves are immaculate and their speed is phenomenal. They are sharks in the ocean called tennis....

For some reason as the top seeds in Wimby began dropping like flies I felt happy for the Williams sisters breezing through their draw. I wanted them to do well and even win the event. But as Maria Sharapova, and then Ivanovic began getting kicked out I was kinda worried for my viewing pleasure haha. At the back of my mind the lack of a Sharapova or a Yugoslav girl in the latter part of the competition will take away the sensationalistic appeal of the competition. I guess what was unravelling before me was what I can call overkill. I mean who doesn't want a screeching Sharapova and a wailing Serena in the finals right? Who doesn't want a secret "bitch-eviscerating" match to thrill the people and most of all, us, fans here at home who want to watch a mega-thrilling rivalry unfold!

The final was not short of high quality tennis though. I mean you are talking about the best pair of girls in the tennis world. Do not even start with the hype the sisters get because they're oozing media appeal all over! It's just that the predator in me wants a more satisfying final with lots of controversy and bitches and killer looks in your arena! careful what you wish for indeed :( LOLOL

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can't stop dancing to this!!!

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