Monday, March 30, 2009

slice of heaven!!!

my new addiction hahahahaha

anybody know what flavor or what drink this is????

write it out as a comment :) ....hurry!!! hehehe

Thursday, March 26, 2009


this man absolutely makes me orgasmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


i'm still on the third picture and I already came....


Sumptuous Clive not like your douche bag noh????


thank you to these websites for the cum material LOLOL:

douchebag ban

just a wonderful little rant here..

oh hypocrite of a douchebag, I know you simply cannot get over the fact that it's over between both of us...

you keep saying all these shite about seeing this and seeing that and realizing this and realizing that and marking your body with my name and all that...

well I hope you keep out of my life for a long time now...forever in fact
please...stop the pretense that you want us to be friends, you're the one who suggested you could never be friends with me because you thought it was forever....what a hypocrite you are.

Please stop using whatever device you have to grab my attention, you are a filthy attention whore who cannot get it from his own social circle which is why you need someone to listen to your inner voices of help and desperation...

oh dear douchebag, if there is ever one thing I want to do right now it's ERASE you from my life totally. There is nothing I would love than a clean slate of a life....washed, shined, filthy sparkling, spanking shining clean and free of your hypocrisy and bullshit.

Oh douchebag, what a waste of time you were. You never really contributed much to me except give me headaches and issues which I was never supposed to deal with. Most of those issues stemmed from your own lack of security as well as the hypocrisy you are wallowing in...

Please never attempt to talk to me again. I know your way of creating stupid aliases and IDs to just try to talk to me. Please the world knows you're pathetic and would do anything to try and get back at me or talk to me or play these silly mind games with me..

You are a big bag of issues and you need help. Your Mom and Dad can't help you, how did you expect me to? LOL I am only a Psychology graduate not a quack who can try to help the nutcase that you are, a mental recycle bin of borderline personality and childhood issues....

Most of all please stop disturbing my family. I myself never understood your garbage of a brain, how do you expect my family to?

Fuck off and die. Nobody wants you and nobody would ever have you.

You said no man would ever want to be with me ever again?

Scumbag...please...I have so many attributes and characteristics I can offer my future partner.
My intentions were clean for going back into the kind of life I am living now. I am so happy I am back here rather than be the prisoner that I was.

And i know someone will be so happy and lucky to take me and have clean intentions with me...

Not like you pathetic, mental, useless, poor, filthy, sick, cancerous douchebag!!!!

LA VIVA winklergirl!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

parallel lives...

Has it ever occurred to you how utterly frustrating it is when you have wanted to meet someone after months of anticipation and then you just miss each other by a day? a moment? He has to leave or she has to jet-set to another place and then boom! You never know when you will see each other again! And that nagging feeling consumes you because you want to and will never know what could have happened had both of you made it to that one moment, one place in time?

This is the reason wh
y I love this age-old flick "Sliding Doors." The plot manifests into a two-fold situation where it showed both sides of a story. Gwyneth Paltrow is Helen, an attractive, young woman who just got sacked from work and was trying to catch a train to go home and relieve herself of this stressful event. Perhaps her live-in partner, Gerry might have offered the necessary moral support she needed at such a low time in her career. In the first part of the one crucial scene, she is able to make it to the train and therefore makes it back home a little bit earlier than she was expected. To which she was greeted with the loathsome scene of Gerry orgasming in the arms of another woman in their own bed in the apartment that they both live in.

The second scenario manifests itself with the train doors just shutting down and her having to take an alternative route home. She is mugged unsucessfully by a scumbag and has to go to the clinic to have a rather severe cut on her forehead taped up. She arrives home later than expected hence NOT knowing that her boyfriend just had a whirlwind day in bed with that other woman in the first scenario.

The flick begins to illustrate Helen's life in this two split but rather bizaarely similar circumstances. Similar because they are portrayed as happening at the same moment in time. The emotionally distraught Helen cuts her hair and gives it another hue. Finding and dating another guy, James and beginning the process of dealing with the postpartum depression brought about by her ex's betrayal became the pattern of the story for the first Helen. She also learns to let go of the rather clingy past.

The naive and unknowing Helen is offered rare glimpses of her boyfriend's lack of fidelity but was always in denial of the unmistakable truth.
Right until the end where she eventually is led to the truth by no other than the other woman.

The first thing I can comment about this picture is that I have never really been an admirer of Gwyneth's beauty haha! But this is probably the best she looked in her whole career. She was young and I think it was around this period that she was doing movie after movie including Great Expectations (which I am going to watch in a moment!!!). Her "bankability" was at its prime during these days in my own opinion.

The second thing I can express is this film makes us see the impossible. Why impossible? Because in our lives there can never be a two-fold scenario! The parallel universe is a popular theory but one which has yet to be proven scientifically in my opinion.

We have to make a decision when we arrive at a crossroad. We have to follow one path and go through with it through to the end! There can never be a split scene which one can see a sort of parallelism going on. The closest we can get to seeing the other side of the coin is through our ASSUMPTIONS. Perhaps a derivation from an unexpected form of intuition and maybe a bit of intellect could help us arrive at a conclusion but then again this one is never with 100 % certainty.

The flick is not really a blockbuster in many aspects of the word but it offers an interesting plot which is enjoyable to watch. It is not a feel-good film but it was light-hearted enough for me to enjoy on my bed-ridden day here in HK! hehehe....

PS thanks to these sites for the photos!!!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

two YEARS!!!

Five days ago my blog turned 2 years old..

WOW it has been that long since I started writing about nonsense and things that make sense sometimes hahaha

And WOW it has been only that short a time and there have been so many entries...I can only dream about this cherished treasure of mine reaching 5 years which would be quite the milestone.

It has been a very eventful two years for me. Never would I have imagined I would go through so many things in this span of time. Seeing the fruits of my labor and hard work as well as witnessing what bad things life has to offer me has been kept on file more or less on this blog. This is like a scrapbook and a tablet of the things happening in my life. This is probably also a barometer of how I feel at the moment more or less. (which hasn't really been the case the past few months as i have chose to keep mum and quiet about a few things in my personal life.

The amount of people that have helped me grow cannot be counted anymore. The things they have shared with me are immeasurable and valuable. They have contributed to my knowledge, experience, character, attitude towards life and skills among many facets of my life.

There are also the people who have criticized and became bitter enemies. Oh well what can I say? We cannot please everybody. Let them be for they will eventually tire of wearing me out. Their presence only makes life worth living and the product of my efforts more sweet!

And I will never be worn out haha! Believe me. I have 10 more years to live haha. Yes a short life for myself but these years will be beautiful, colorful and even more lively than the previous ones.

First of all I have to say thank you for all your support ,my very good friends who are in my team. You know yourselves! And please if you wish to be identified please I am just an email away! Do not hesitate to scold, pinch and shove me to write your name down here! I shall update this ENTRY just for you guys!!!

And well to all my detractors, I am so sorry. Your criticisms and negative overtures arrive at one ear and go through the other. Please oh please continue to do so for I know you are desperate, alone, miserable and content in your own shells and corners from which you malign me. Your issues will never go away because you can only see me as a dirty slut from your bog-stained, dusty, scum-filled faces !!!


faggotry!!!! hahaha

hahaha this is the future of Philippine ladyboydom hahahaha

PS: thank you to for this video!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009


Short plug: I just can't keep my hands off GOSSIP hahahahaha

Overheard from a bar in Cebu: I have a HONDA JAZZ CAR and my BOOBS cost 150 thousand PESOS to manufacture!!!!

These words, a dig and stab at my friends who were in the same bar, came from a TSgirl who has had the cosmetic works all through last year hahahahahahahah

How much did it all cost my dear? hahahahahah Isn't it funny you have had so many surgical procedures done and yet you still look as fug as this???? LOLLLLLLLLLLZZZZZZZZZ

The real point is you need to take it a notch down and work on your humility girl. It's not as if the cosmetics job you have had done have turned you into a swan like an ANGELINA JOLIE or even an ANGELICA PANGANIBAN hahahahahaa

The worse thing is she thinks every gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual person who sees her becomes insecure with how she looks now and how she has progressed! HAH! Everyone is asking right within your ear's reach, "Which angle of you is worth being insecure at?" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Girl, you need to step down a bit from the gossamer pedestal you have created for yourself. Reality is NOT everyone who has gone under the knife has necessarily looked better. You happen to be ONE of the CLASSIC EXAMPLES of going from an already BOTCHED JOB of a FACE to BEING A BUTCHERED JOB from the KNIFE! hahahahahahahaa


UPDATE: SHE just did not bump into my friends by accident! She really did approach my pals' table and started the altercation!!!! Ranted and raved on about herself being superior to my friends because she could afford those things mentioned above!!! OMG!!!! what nerves of steel from MISS POCKMARK!!!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

HK muzicality

this is stellar....a friend shared this music with me and i can't stop .....can't stop listening to this song EVARRRR :P

NEW PHOTOS!!!!!! πŸ‘„πŸŒˆπŸŒΈπŸ’ƒπŸ½❤️🧜🏽‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🍭

Thank you for the generosity!!! Lingerie is life!!! Enjoy everyone and always spread the amazing love of the big bad WINKLERGIRL !!!...