Tuesday, October 30, 2007

carbon copy

will you please be original?????? LOL

genuine....taken January, 2007....THE BEST LOL

super duper Nth class imitation....LOL

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Images from my New York friend..

These were images taken by my pal Sean from New York...
Aren't they gorgeeeousssitty????
Ahhh someday I shall have your photography skills....and the pupil shall outdo the teacher....:)


Self proclaimed Shemale Queen of Asia Miss Fattiosa, Siberian Supermodel Irina Pantaeva and New York Designer Anna Sui....


my new BABY!!!

welcome to the world my new baby!!!! (and daymmmn you're expensive!!!! LOL)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

birthday happy???

Happy Birthday?

Why are all birthdays pre-attached with a "happy"? Even if people tried to change the words to generate variety like "Happy Natal Day," why the word "happy?"

What about birthdays that do not start or end well? The cake falling to the floor before the party starts thereby ruining the mood of the occasion would be a childish example! (Believe me this has happened before in a party I had attended.) Or maybe at some point in the occasion too much alcohol is consumed that Dad or Uncle starts a silly argument with a dinner guest? Or if Mom found out you slept with the boyfriend of a good friend and gives you a thunderous scolding ( Hahahaha how relevant!!!) the next day???

Are there ever SAD birthdays then?

No. First of all in the parlance of English grammar, "Happy Birthday" is a greeting connoting a wish towards a joyful or positively momentuous commemoration of your date of birth! People wish you well or happiness (what else!) on that day! It is not to be taken as a whole noun but as a greeting or something declarative.

And more significantly these words mean that in the essence of the day you were born even if the circumstances surrounding your entering the physical world may have been tumultuous, the beginning of life is a beautiful event. The entry of a living entity into this world, be it rational or partly rational, is very special because it bestows the wonderful and negative realities that living has to offer to the being concerned. The possibilities of experiencing life no matter how lengthy or short is an undeniably wondrous phenomenon. Living is an experience that matches nothing in terms of its grandeur and possibilities.

Seeing the world for the first time is a celebration of a spectacular biological triumph. Among the millions of sperm cells from the loins of your procreator, you succeeded in reaching the target cell, developed through a period of time and came out into the world outside. You are a class act because you were chosen to see the light of day among millions who never even saw the finishing line of a partner egg cell. That is reason enough to celebrate your conception and birth.

These are many reasons why the day of birth for every being always has a ring of happiness, positivity and celebration surrounding it. It is a rare moment, your introduction to the race called life and it happens only once in your existence!!!

Therefore I conclude, there are no sad birthdays....

the road to my natal day...

If not for my homesickness the days approaching my day of birth would have been a petal-covered path....fitting lead to a day which signifies the turning of a new leaf, a new chapter perhaps or new men? Haha! I shall not conclude but for sure there will be many novel adjustments to be tackled when I begin another chapter towards another year.

But what are sweet, wonderfully satisfying moments if the roads leading to them are ease-filled and unwavering? There should be trials before any triumph, pain before anything resembling gain. But for me it seems that the buildup to the day signifies too much positivitity! And it scares me. My recent surgery is a success, the trip has been very great so far, many people have been so generous with time, space and whatever else that necessitates such generosity.

For me I think that whatever lesson or experience or present I have absorbed and received on this trip, whether painful or pleasant, I have deserved all of them. I have worked hard to learn, to think and to reassess my goals in life and career. This sojourn has been eye-opening for me in innumerable ways. I have been alone all the time during this journey eventhough it may seem I am not but in the end it was my battle and only me who plowed through the fields. I can really now say that I am strong and whatever negative emotions I felt during this journey can only increase the layers of shell of protection I have.

I look forward to the next adventure!!!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

forest nymph goes Prada...

Oh miuccia did i inspire you big time?????

(note: thank you for the photos!!!)

Over and Over.....

Music at the closing of the Spring '08 Alessandro Dell Acqua show...I like I like!!! (thanks for the photo!!!)

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G.I. Joe

About a short distance from where we live now is a house which always makes me look up to it whenever I pass by the vicinity even until now. It was my aunt's abode, she was my father's sister. She was one of three relatives who lived separately from the compound where her whole family had grown up and in fact built their own homes when they married and had their families. But she could live independently really easily as she had a high-paying job plus her husband worked in the US navy. Although they were not really high-society (but then very few in my city can be labelled as such during that time) they were very well-off in my opinion and in the standards of the normal Filipino family. The house was well-maintained during the time they lived there. A fresh coat of paint and all necessary renovations took place every year plus all the amenities in their household so they could really be distinguished as a bit well-positioned financially. The place is now inhabited by people I don't know as it has been rented out many years ago when my cousins moved out to live in the neighboring city.

This place was a symbol of childhood Disneyland for me. My uncle who was master of the house was seldom seen in that house but his presence and "love" for his three sons was evidenced by the gifts he sent or brought home with him whenever he was on a short vacation from his highly mobile job. There would be Nintendo games, remote powered cars, neon-lit swords which glew in the dark, action super-hero miniatures and so many trinkets and gadgets that any four year old can only dream of. I envied my cousins and surprisingly they were very generous in sharing their blessings.

They would invite us to come over during the weekends and play all day long. I had no idea about parent to parent relations during that time but there always seemed to be a smooth arrangement that their house was open to all of us who wanted to play. And boy did we play a lot there! They used to have these tall guava trees which we would climb up to and we became warriors, prisoners, pirates, adventurers, dwarves and magicians as we scampered up the branches. We became more invulnerable the higher we climbed and the faster we ran in our childhood fantasies. As the day wore on, more and more games would be played and more and more glasses of Coke would be consumed. If we were not playing outdoors we were immersed in the Super Mario or Battle Tank or Tetris and many other computer games inside their home.

Of course there were never picture-perfect moments as the narration seemed to give u that impression. The three brothers were engrossed sometimes in insane and very physical arguments. Punches would be exchanged and some toys would be crushed. This was bound to happen especially with three feisty, volatile and young male egos in the household. Plus I also had the impression that they were very spoiled.

The only sad outcome to having so much during their childhood was that in areas like studying and school, they limped slightly. One of them failed one year in our elementary years and the word spread like wild fire. Education and good standing in school was a priority among the whole clan. It was a shame but the family was willing to move on and rehabilitate it. The youngest trudged through school with barely remarkable grades although the eldest was an exception. He did very well, was extremely creative and was a genius in Science, a true Macgyver among us mortals.

Sometimes the endowment of childhood luxuries at an early age is a bit bad if it is left unchecked and unmonitored. There should always be a balance. I am not saying that deprivation is also good. I mean look at me. I never had those comforts early in life until public computers proliferated the whole city which is why I still have bouts of addiction to Super Mario, Literati and Text Twist even up to now. That is not very healthy I think but I believe if i were to have a choice I would not want to have the luxury of accessibility to childhood games if it was an option that was feasible.

I have nothing negative to say about my cousins. I do love them and I wish them well. I have always tried to get news of their whereabouts but the details are sketchy. They have lived separately I think and it is sad that I have not seen them in many years. I will always be grateful to that wonderful Disneyland they opened to us whenever we needed to get away from life's harsh realities of notebooks, homeworks, and sleepless exam reviews with Mom. They may have been spoiled but they were NEVER discriminating, greedy, selfish and possessive. They were so willing to share the comforts they had early in life and were happy to do so.

To the three J's (as their names all began with J) I miss you and wish you all well in your stations in life. I hope I can still catch up with you in the near future....

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

if easily offended do not READ (1) LOL ...

We just talked about plastic surgery and accidence happen HAHAHAHA

Ok now....readers...repeat after me:

"I would'nt want this for breakfast because......"

Plastic makes Fantastic

May 2006 - onion bulb major fugly nose LOL
November 2006 - Singapore - slutting in German guy's room LOL

September 28, 2007 - 4 days after olfactory destruction LOL

October 10, 2007 - 1 PM - Olfactory PERFECTION?????

We have heard about the skewed noses, the dangling lips, the puffiness at the facial angles and worse, blood vessels rapturing and implants rapturing and breaking....sigh....yes this is in fact the wonderful world of aesthetic plastic surgery...

I have had a two rhinoplasties (nose augmentation), chin augmentation, and fat grafting to cheeks. So I am not a stranger to cosmetic procedures...

Even though people discourage me from doing such procedures anymore the main driving force that causes me to trust myself and not them is that I cannot stomach complacency and stagnation. In every river of progress there are smaller streams to tackle to better and speed up the transfer of the waters. In the same way, improvement is essential for me, the achievement of perfection is at the back of the mind but it is not an insane obsession. The key word is stepping one notch up and not taking a step back when the challenge for development arises...

The last cosmetic procedure I have had was just a couple of weeks ago in Bangkok and I have to say it is the most challenging because I was away from home....alone....and did not have much access to the amenities like good cable TV, decent internet connection, the convenience of food cooked inhouse, a bathtub, a line of men waiting outside my room LOL...bla bla bla...

I had my second rhinoplasty to correct the previous one. And now two weeks and three days postop I am happy with it! And to think this part of my body is still healing and will look very good at two months, won't settle into its final look in six months to one year is very encouraging for me! It is one of my better business decisions!!! And the best surgery so far! And not too traumatic too!

Hopefully I will not have to reach that point where there is a need to look like Dolly Parton, or Barbie Doll or even Cher LOL

NEW PHOTOS!!!!!! πŸ‘„πŸŒˆπŸŒΈπŸ’ƒπŸ½❤️🧜🏽‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🍭

Thank you for the generosity!!! Lingerie is life!!! Enjoy everyone and always spread the amazing love of the big bad WINKLERGIRL !!!...