Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Sweet talk

It truly is amazing when as a transwoman trailblazer, me and my friends are able to share narratives that offer glimpses for the ordinary individual and professionals into the transgender path in life.

The stories abound and take on different combinations of sadness, triumphs, desires, displeasurable experiences and traumas that eventually shape the transgendered woman's personality..

Thanks to the organization SAVETHECHILDREN for letting us share part of our lives to the people who hold an immense interest in the transgender existence..

Much love to all

Monday, October 9, 2017

The Agent Provocateur by La Perla

I've streamlined my life and so should you..

Subscribing to negativity will only clutter
your realities and existence....

Let go of the things you have no control of...

Chase the realities that are worth pursuing...


Stay high... on LIFE

kisses to my fans...

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Thank you for the generosity!!! Lingerie is life!!! Enjoy everyone and always spread the amazing love of the big bad WINKLERGIRL !!!...