Thursday, July 19, 2007

the most beautiful place on Earth..

beautiful places are decided for many factors...there are always universally accepted beautiful places for their sheer popularity as well as many factors combining to give them that title....

but this place is the most wonderful attraction for me. One of the main reasons is I saw this in Indiana Jones, the Lost Crusades when i was very young and I will never forget the awe this structure gave me from the large screen! A complete temple carved out of rock? Or is it? Through the years I could never quite piece out how I was never able to know the exact name of the place but now it has an identity to it now...I guess it adds to the charm and magnificence this wonder has had on me hehehe

Ahhh someday I shall my image snapped up in front of Khazneh in Petra...and then I can tell myself I am not that far off from dreams really huh?

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Beenround said...

Yeah, fascinating photographs. Yes had good memories of Indiana Jones films. Cheers, Razrman

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