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Wake up in The Sky

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Saturday, March 2, 2019


....may be found in this chat transcript.....


Liisa Winklergirl says:
shall we tackle the gay issue concerning transsexual lovers today? 

Antony says:
sure why not if ur bored
where do u stand on that issue?

Liisa Winklergirl says:
transsexual lovers are a species all their own
they are NOT gay
BUT THEY definitely are NOT STRAIGHT
if you want to caress, cavort with, lollipop, ride on or even just look at SHEMALE C**K
in the act of intercourse.....dont u agree with me ANTONY?

Antony says:
yea I agree its impossible to hang on to hetrosexuality when ur thinking of having a dick in you or even if the partner of choice has one

Liisa Winklergirl says:
many men who love TSgirls are afraid of being called or thought of as homosexuals...
and i dont know what the stigma is all about there but I love gay MEN too!! Gay men are handsome, cultured and very well-mannered...

and i would f**k a gay man too as long as he doesn't try to look as close to being a woman like me

Antony says:
however i agree that it cannot be gay, as by definition homosexual men are attracted to other men, and manly attributes

Liisa Winklergirl says:
which is why THEy are not gay too right?

Antony says:
the only label which fits even a little is bi

Liisa Winklergirl says:
so men who love tsgirls are....remotely close to Bisexual?

Antony says:
yeah its the only publicy accepted label that can come close
as it really covers all bases

Liisa Winklergirl says:
let us not talk about dispelling the labels will always be dragged into this conversation no matter what we say or not say...LET us PLAy the LABELS GAME

Antony says:
well even if we try to avoid it society and people in general love labels
everyone wants to be pigeonholed into a category
there is a fascination with it
i think for some ts lovers, it's because they want to belong somewhere, they don't wanna be outcast into a non existant box
thats why so many of them ask the whole "am I gay?" question as they want to be categorised
they want to know that they belong to some group
at least thats in my opinion

Liisa Winklergirl says:
so what you are saying is...many of guys who love TS do not want to be left out in the open or in a gray area or not type-casted (as it is the norm of the normal world)? which is why in an unconscious manner they are begging to be labelled too right? 

Antony says:
yeah i think it's part of basic human nature
it's not a conscious thing, i think people just want to belong

Liisa Winklergirl says:
ahh belongingness needs....which is part of Maslow's hierarchy anyway...i don't see how it shouldn't apply to sexual preferences and deviations or the lack of these...

Antony says:
this of course is just my opinion, i could be utterly wrong, but it just makes sense to me 

Liisa Winklergirl says:
it makes a lot of sense to me....this is a very good perspective and a pretty respectable one anyway...

Antony says:
whenever anything is discovered one of the first things we do is try to categorise it, why would it be any different for sexual behaviours

Liisa Winklergirl says:
very intelligent statement
the question....possibly bisexual cannot describe a man who has chosen to just scr*w TS girls exclusively right?
bisexual is someone who f**ks men and girls...

Antony says:
i don't think it's as simple as that
by definition bisexuals are attracted to either sex
therefore they would easily find a ts girl attractive, as there are characteristics of both sexes
even if the man himself has no attraction to any other male features, he has to concede that ts women have one pretty damning male feature that they obviously like
personally I find the idea of sleeping with a man abhorrent, it does nothing for me at all, as I'm attracted to a female body
but at the same time i cannot deny that i do find c**k to be something which does appeal

Liisa Winklergirl says:
i think what I can derive from your statement is...we, Tsgirls, might as well be the OBJECT of every bisexual's dream....a man and a woman in one, don't you think so? I mean this is just a conclusion to your rather insightful statements above 

Antony says:
it would appear that way, but again this is just going from the society accepted definitions
there are some guys whom cannot fall under that label as although they are attracted to ts women, they do not find themselves attracted to genetic females
in some parts of the world they have it right, by accepting TS women as a third sex

Liisa Winklergirl says:
i wonder how we are going to label...bisexual men who adore men and women but have a great disdain for TS girls....normal bisexual men? 

Antony says:
nothing is as simple as black and white, we're all really varying shades of grey
some guys will adamantly claim that they're 100% straight, but they just like a lil bit of cock 
which is an oxymoron

Liisa Winklergirl says:
haha it is an oxymoron haha i have to second that hahahaha ...even the men who don't want to touch c**k but like seeing TS c**k when theyre screwing them *Hint Hint DOUCHEBAG* 

Antony says:
in an ideal world, it would be considered straight to be attracted to ts women, but that all falls apart as soon as they bottom for a girl

Liisa Winklergirl says:
they still like a lil bit of c**k...the sight of it hahahaha

Antony says:
from my experience ts women themselves only want straight men, which is fine as they are basically women, and it makes sense they'd want to be with straight men

Liisa Winklergirl says:
yes the ideal world however crumbles too when you begin to define it with the appendage or the lack of it between your legs hahaha
when you define sexuality that is

Antony says:
but by their very nature of who they are makes that almost impossible as any man that accepts them for who they are, becomes a fag in their world and therefore not suitable
it's a fine line

Liisa Winklergirl says:
somewhere in my career as a Psychology student we were introduced to scales of homosexuality etc
whatever...i have long since forgotten what that was....but i think the scale had one criteria which is incidence of homosexual acts among others..
forgotten it
so how GAY you are is defined by the incidences hahahaha
how screwed up is that?
and by saying screwed up is the Psychological Society
but then again it has always been a gray area science...

Antony says:
i think we're all bisexual by default, but at the end of the day it shouldn't matter as long as your happy


what do you think folks?



transsexual, ts, tsgirl - a person who strongly identifies with the opposite sex (in this case a man who identifies himself as WOMAN) and may seek to live as a member of this sex especially by undergoing surgery and hormone therapy to obtain the necessary physical appearance.

bisexual - 
a person possessing the tendency to direct sexual desire toward both sexes

homosexual - a person possessing the 
tendency to direct sexual desire toward another of the same sex

c**k - male genitalia

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