Sunday, February 28, 2010

V to inspire....

As the years trickle by I've come to know many people (too many in fact!) and counted some of them in as friends who are in many ways indispensable in my daily existence. The scenarios with which many of them have entered my life have been as varied as the permutations with which any writer can draw his plots from, it's just simply too vast to cover all of them. With the friends I have collected, few people have come to inspire me greatly. But one person who I felt should have been marked as a major source of inspiration has been in my life for a really long time albeit he has gone in and out of it at various points.

I shall call him V here for reasons of anonymity. We were classmates when I was in high school and he is fantastic to be with. He is talkative, funny, hopelessly gay and cooperative and noisy. We had lost in common like the love for showbiz personalities, cartoons, and the love to be active. Although I could never really compare our closeness to that of brother and sister, nevertheless we have been buddies for the longest time. He suffered some form of polio on his right leg when he was very young so while he was growing up he learned to walk with his left leg as his base leg and in a way dragged his right leg as a result. This did not deter him in any way though. We played hours and hours of tag and many other games during free times at school. His physical disability melted when we were in the playground. He was just as able and as fast as anyone during our games.

In high school, any major source of scrutiny especially when it came to appearance often became the object of much teasing and poking fun at. Of course if you acted and looked different you subjected yourself to some form of entertainment for the bullies. I don't know though with V, he managed to dodge these spears of petty teasings with an unidentifiable wit which never really seemed to bother him. He would retort insults with more effective forms of non-offensive verbiage. It came so naturally to him it was quite amusing to watch. What more likely happened if somebody poked fun at him was the transgressor ended up looking idiotic when V hurled back with his clever retorts. It's either V has developed a very effective mechanism or he is just a natural-born fighter. He will not let anybody or anything bring him down - not negativity, not bickerings and certainly not the physical advantage of other people. He is admirable for me in so many ways.

I never really pondered on this reality until more recent times when I spent some time with him and high school friends during the Valentine's day period this year. We rented a small house in the beach and caught up on the latest. It had been years since we last met and when we met the usual flurry of screamings and teasings all done in good humor peppered our conversations. It was funny and beautifully nostalgic to be back in high school at least in prose. We talked about old classmates and the funniest scenarios we were ever in when we were younger, silly and insane. It was a heady experience and I loved every minute of it! I wish we could do this on a more regular basis!

The reason why I innately enjoyed being with him again is I think I wanted to relive the days of innocence and lackadaisical living. I was so happy during that time and had no regard for the ills of the world. Also I was looking at him as a well-spring of inspiration for me throughout the years which was only realized very recently. He is a character I will cherish as a friend for life, the moments we spent together will forever be pearls drawn together in a necklace I will place in a jewelry box called my happiest moments....

Monday, February 22, 2010

Thoughts during my Convalescence...

Isn't it lovely when you read the challenging words coming from a blogger who you know is really experienced in the department of writing and creating ideas to form a blog entry? And not just some randomly picked word from the more unknown annals of the Webster's? It takes years and years of developing conversational and writing skills to be up at par with the best (not that I am at optimum level myself) so one shouldn't cover it up with big English words just to impress people hehehehe

Ahhh the musings of a girl during her convalescent period. I am now ready to spread my wings again and emerge from the cocoon I placed myself again. To rise from hibernation like a rodent during the spring! What rodent, what cocoon?????? Hahaha Of course yet another surgical procedure tucked under my belt is what I'm hinting at. I was in Bangkok a couple of weeks ago yet again, that wicked city which churns out Barbie dolls like shoes in an Italian leather factory, to get closer to becoming the Brazilian Barbie that I want to be. Don't you dare chastise me for my procedures hahaha! She who shuns the knife shuns the reality that human beings can come as close to perfection if we just have the will and well cash.

And of course I won't share with you the transformation I have undergone yet again haha. Only a handful of people close to my heart know what I have had done and I want it to remain that way. But it won't be long before anybody notices because I am going to have the best photoshoot EVERRRR in years soon with so many of the most beautiful lingerie, shoes and accessories my VIP fans have sent me, so fret not, oh commoner for ye shall be informed too! Of course naturally my VIP fans have the first glimpse right after pictorial day. God knows when you, the hoi polloi, shall be able to see it, bless you!

Here are my latest thoughts on the issues that touch, affect, disturb and induce lack of sleep on yours truly....

The Tiger Woods forgiveness speech:

The biggest joke I have ever heard in quite a while. We already know all the words from his speech never came from the heart so I guess the biggest question now is WHO DID HIS ABOMINATION OF A SPEECH hahahaha. Another question is how long will it take before he switches his mobile phone on and starts calling his well-paid ho's left and right hahaha. Seriously 6 months of therapy would have done him better than doing this speech too soon.

Russia's crash from gold medal winning-ways on the Olympic figure-skating podium:

This is seriously one issue that is disturbing and shocking for me because I have always been a big fan of Russia's sports system back in their heydays (re: read blog on the Soviet sports system several pages back). There was a time when Russian pairs placed 1st, 2nd or 1st, 3rd on the medals podium but now it seems that many teams have trounced them from their pedestals. Now it is quite painful to say that we are witnessing a changing of the guard in the figure skating competition. It is a big irony too that in this year's Winter Games in Vancouver the Chinese, who dominated the pairs competition, copied their sports system from the same Soviet sports machine that manufactured world-class skaters.

Plus Plushenko losing the men's individual gold medal that was already his after the short program was too much to take. American Lysacek who won the gold, played it safe with a program that was for the grannies who liked fancy costumes while Evgeni Plushenko pushed the boundaries and took risks with the quadruple jump or toe-loop or whatever they call it. I almost killed myself when the American won it over Plushenko. Maybe I should blame the faulty judging system?

The demise of Alexander McQueen

This one least affects me really as I am not privy to his designs or know him at any personal level but in one way or another his visual concoctions have influenced many things that came out of the style orbit. Be it bags, shoes, clothes anything worth wearing, McQueen probably had some say in some of the biggest trends in our lifetime. Plus more importantly some of my friends are designers who will miss anticipating his highly edgy and phenomenal creations each season. He will be missed indeed but I don't condone his method of extricating himself from the circle of life though sorry....

And last but not least I can't believe my addiction to this song from an odd combination of artists or more appropriately artist plus one. I don't consider Leighton Meester to be an A-list singer who can churn out good vocals from her pipes. If there is any comparison or reference in Meester's singing to that of a past singer wannabe's, it's Stephanie of Monaco in "Irresistible" decades ago hahahha. Of course one reason I probably love this current hit is because Robin Thicke is a fantastic artist and a handsome man so it helps Leighton's cause for her to get the credit of MOST-PLAYED-ON-MY-IPOD as of the moment....

Leighton/Robin Thicke:

Stephanie de Monaco:

Good bye and have a great week people!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Dutch anyone?

Hmmmm..... Kelly Van Der Veer is a fantastic beauty. She is Dutch and I have always loved how she looks. She is a big celebrity in her native Netherlands.

A huge favor to my Dutch-speaking fans/viewers and will you please help me understand the whole interaction by translating it to English? Although I have to admit the Dutch language is soft and easy on the ear and quite delightful to listen to :)

Oh and is the cutie seated on the red couch, in the brown jacket and ecru shirt, the guy that Kelly Van Der Veer (the girl in the middle) f**ked inside the Big Brother house during the 2001-2002 Dutch Big Brother season???? I wanna have some of that. Hahaha Gosh I love the tall Dutch men... hahahahaha

Oh and I know a lot of girls have been constructing blogs left and right...Just a cue to my copiers...don't let the heavy English words bring your blog down hahaha darlinggg hahahahaha

Ahhhhh yes it's him Andries De Jong ... the guy Kelly fooled around with in the Big Brother house...

My oh my what a specimen. But unfortunately taken hahaha! No wonder I keep my liaisons with the Dutch men for as long as I can hahahahahaa

(Big thanks for Kelly's wonderful photos and to for the Andries' beautiful photos!!! I think it's his official website so give it a visit folks!!)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snippets from the 2010 Oz Open...

The 2010 Aussie Open has ended and I had a lovely time watching and wielding my highly biased opinions on most of the matches on court including that of my beloved players...This year's tournament is proof that tennis is more than just gladiators with rackets for clubs and balls for nunchucks on court, it is total entertainment with stars on and off-court. And an audience to boot!!!

Serena Williams won so I am a happy girl ...Roger Federer won his 16th Grand Slam title in the men's singles and I was left wondering where Del Potro or Nadal was in the final LOL.

I love all the matches from the first round jousting of Richard Gasquet and Mikhail Youzhny to Serena's escape from the jaws-of-death in the hands of Azarenka in the quarters to Cilic's exhausting run to the semi-finals to Justine Henin's fantastic comeback from semi-sedation. I had this rather weird carnal satisfaction at watching her compatriot Kim Clijsters' destruction to Nadia Petrova in the fourth round so I must have gotten more personal as a television viewer than I intended to be LOL

I was dazzled by so many fabulous plays, charismatic characters, bazooka-powered serves, Seles-esque grunts, winners left-and-right: backhand and forehand, sizzling returns and gritty five set affairs that lasted hours during the whole Open that I found it difficult to think that I was in hiatus and not in the actual Melbourne venue itself. Thank Zion for Cable TV! :D

Once again after the event itself...all that remains are PHOTOS - snapshots of the action, the glamorous stars, the phenomenal shots, the indelibility of endurance in the human spirit....and I am very happy and very grateful to my liaison who is a God behind these sports photographs I am about to share...You are the MAN!!! I salute your extraordinary talent and connections (LOL)!!!

(Note: The exclusivity of these images are totally guaranteed. Only my website and the publications my liaison is connected with have these ultra-exclusive images....)

Oh well what can I say I'm special and you are not!!! hahahaha JOKE!!!!

Enjoy everyone!!!!!!! Don't forget to click on the photos for a better view of each photo :)

Henin's backhand - the best stroke in women's tennis???

British hope for a first Grand Slam in so many years....

Uh-oh Did she scream in exultation or relief????

The most effortless striker in men's tennis..I have to say against my will LOL

Novak could you have failed to reach the semis????

Two Chinese in the semi-finals? Now this isn't the World Table Tennis or Badminton Championships is it?????

Davydenko was beating Roger for a set and a half in the quarters then his game faded into oblivion after....

Azarenka had Serena on the ropes for a set and three quarters....

...then Serena found a well-spring to flourish on and beat her in three....

I swore Andy roared louder than King-Kong during this match!!!!!

Venus lost in a tight quarterfinal match against Li Na....:-(

Are you taking my devotion to Serena at face value???? ;)

The other half of the Chinese team to reach the semis...amazing...

Maria Kirilenko tore Sharapova to tatters in the very first round of the tournament...Good thing though as Sharapova only needed to bring her one stylish outfit to the washers LOLLLLLL

I have no idea how Andy lost his quarterfinal match...

...but this was the guy who beat him and he is a player to watch in the future...Marin Cilic!!!!!! Ohh whats with these ex-Yugoslav cuties peppering the world with their world-class sporting skills!!!!

I swear I orgasm at the sight of Djoko in white shorts more often than once hahahaha

Cilic's Molotov cocktail of a serve!!!!!!

Jo Wilfried Tsonga played brilliantly until the semis...or he may have just ran into the brilliance called Roger Federer noh????

One of my biggest disappointments...after crushing Clijsters and marching into the quarters with a giant-killer reputation, Nadia Petrova failed to produce a second Belgian defeat against the brilliant Justine Henin

Laura Robson, British hopeful???? Hmmm not sure but she looks pretty though :)

Andy played bravely during the final but failed....He was crying during his speech at the trophy presentation, I was touched by his message :)

Congratulations Serena and Roger!!!!!!


NEW PHOTOS!!!!!! πŸ‘„πŸŒˆπŸŒΈπŸ’ƒπŸ½❤️🧜🏽‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🍭

Thank you for the generosity!!! Lingerie is life!!! Enjoy everyone and always spread the amazing love of the big bad WINKLERGIRL !!!...