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no winter here!!!

My life is a beach...Have loved sun, sand and splashes for the looooooongest time now...Time to share one of my greatest happinesses in life with you....

ENJOY all my latest beach and my toned body of course...and with some
of my girl pals!!

Hope you enjoy and hope the photos are enough to keep you all warm and hawttttt!!!!

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Friday, November 9, 2012

writing on fragile stationery...

There was once an English journal we were supposed to write on when I was in secondary school. We were to relate our everyday experiences at school at home with emphasis on good grammar and creative writing. It was part of our English class requirement at the end of every quarter. Most students would neglect the everyday jottings and would cram near the end of each quarter. Like a wretched daily homework, many among my peers struggled with it notwithstanding the mountains of homework they probably had to contend with on a daily basis. For me though, English class was hardly a task, never a bore...I had a natural aptitude for it. This innate love for the subject trickled down to a general liking towards almost every single English teacher I've ever had....

Anyway back to the diary, I wrote all sort of things in it. The fun of playing with friends, chasing around, concealing the names of crushes written on paper and the results of FLAMES: a game of matching the letters of your name with the letters of your crush's name to determine your compatibility. It was an awkward stage for many young people both socially and physically what with the onset of puberty, adolescence and such but for me I never really felt any lack of comfort except when the intent to make me feel uncomfortable was there.
 I felt angry and anxious whenever somebody was punching or harassing or verbally abusing me and I got this a lot when I was young. Well that's part of another story. But otherwise if not for the physical skirmishes with bullies, I felt relatively at ease being a young gay person. I played games when I was brimming with energy, ate like there was no tomorrow, wanked like a regular freshman when I felt the urge. If i felt i had the energy I would try cum three times. I had lots of vigor when I was young so it seemed to me that because the world was so big, there were lots of possibilities for me. 

These things I wrote all in my journal except probably for the part about bragging about how my development was not that awkward. I probably feared that i might come across my teacher as an arrogant young person with an inflated sense of self-importance. And I also did not write about the wanking part. She might feel I was transforming my homework into my little black book. She might think I was a promiscuous fledgling who jumped at any chance at exercising letchery in all forms - an uncouth individual who was out of place with lewd thoughts in an uber conservative academy for fresh minds And somehow all of us young students feel the omnipotence of school authorities. Wrong words could fall on wary ears and getting kicked out of school was not an option and we sort of lived in fear of consequence of any unruly action or misdeed.       

But anyway one content I did not hesitate to write on my journal were my crushes. The boys I had my eyes on -the lucky or unlucky objects of my unreciprocated affection - the content of my daydreams and lovely nightmares, the cause of my restlessness on some days, deviations of my academic concentration on others. My grades took a slight dip whenever I was major major onto someone. My parents were clueless...

Friends at school had no idea about my half-assed insane obsessions but they probably all knew who I was onto. Along with all these and all the deep emotional impulses from the stolen glances and seemingly reciprocated efforts from my crushes..everything was recorded in my journal. My friends often teased me at how I always chose the UNCONVENTIONALLY attractive boys but they never probably knew I liked cute guys too except that I was not that open to admitting I likeD the obvious. I'm sure people who know my personality know this about me. I'm always keen to be subtle and this was a trait I manifested even at a tender age. 

I would believe my teacher half-enjoyed the writing on my journal. She probably also felt the soft tickle of youthful restlessness and sweet innocent crushings from reading me. My English was probably less than polished than now but the thoughts were clear and the intent of letting the world know palpable..  

Like every good streak, there has to be a proponent of opposition, even destruction of anything beautiful happening in one's life. My mother first xame across my journal and probably read it from root to tip. She was probably enraged that her little young "daughter" was head over heels and more over many among her peers and of the same sex too. This was the calm before the storm though, the real volcanic rage came when she shared it with my daddy. My daddy was a Babel tower of anger, fury and all the innards of belligerence known to mankind. He punished me verbally and physically without cessation for days.

I think he may have threatened to burn or ACTUALLY did burn my event of which I have had no memory of. He chastised and lectured me on the dangers and the punitive possibilities of being a young gay person in a quite exclusive academy and punished me further physically after each and every verbal abuse. It was really a bit traumatic for me, mind you. A deep gash of wound in a body full of injuries... like foot-binding to my senses, he was restricting many facets of me from taking flight. Like placing a rubber stopper on my own development he prevented me from expressing attraction towards other people. I've since turned UP the subtlety dial on my own emotions. Whenever I feel attraction for someone I would tend to clam up about it and try to act otherwise...

I still feel the trauma of the rage over the journal incident until now which is probably why these days the resentment and lack of forgetfulness will always be catalysts for my constant rejection of their attempts at asking for favors, indulgences even sometimes necessities. I FEEL that  i can PROBABLY forgive them but forgetting and moving on is still not a possibility.

Now that I feel that I am a major contributor to how things are run here at home, i feel that I can flaunt the men, the boys who so desire me in front of their faces now. The position is reverse now and I am exercising total freedom. Acceptance was probably hard for them, and I hate bludgeoning people to submission but if it was how they felt, then so be it. Beggars can't be choosers. 

Like a vengeful phoenix which is learning to fly for the first time, I feel like I am exercising my own version of fury like a ray its tail of sting. I know my life remains a deep chasm filled with trauma and issues, i cannot deny that. But i think there is justification for the injustices I am causing to other people now. I am wicked but I feel that somebody's situation has to be sort of a symbol, a breathing example for other people 

That for every action there is a reaction. Life's yardstick will always manifest that for every injustice committed there is justice somehow, somewhere, somewhat...

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Anaïs and Hugo and their dalliances...

Sometimes when the obvious is unassumingly thrusted into our lap, it provides us with a refreshing and altogether direct vantage point of what plot a movie wants to postulate....thereby reducing confusion and helping us avoid the mental rigamarole many movies are known for...

Such was my assumption when the opening scenes of the flick, "Henry and June" panned out on my screen. The husky interaction between the publisher and Anaïs in the opening scene and the graphic exposure of the tantric photos out of Anaïs' little box helped to support this construct. I don't want to sound too technical and get carried away with analysis of an already heavy plot OR maybe I am also getting carried away because I am being pertinent to the lines in the film by Henry Miller stating, "D.H. Lawrence makes too much out of sex, he makes damn gospel out of it!" Therefore I am gabbing too much even to the point of slight glorification of an in-your-face erotic film.

But it is indeed essentially sincere to what the story wants to impart and does not really deviate from it. I mean sex is an easy route to take for a movie-maker to make BUCKS but to make a movie of this genre with some sort of relevance to history, courageously illustrate sexual deviations that were still taboo at that point in time, add a certain flair and artsy-ness to the graphic nature of copulation, glamorize the underground settings of the Pre-World War 2 whorehouses and boudoirs and to create sophisticated characters and liaisons - epic!!!! I have not even begun to heap praise on how the director wove the existence of supernatural occult quite naturally into the fabric at one scene in the film ...

Anaïs Nin is a lovely writer who is married to Hugo, a banker, the type who can provide stability and security to a marriage. They are living in a lovely home in the suburbs of Paris. She lives the ideal life - massive garden, time for her writing, dance lessons at an exclusive ballet club in Paris, a beautiful male Spanish cousin who has the hots for her (LOL) and a husband who provides for luxuries and who is the most sexual a banker can actually get as far as I am concerned. Haha! She should be satisfied with everything except that she lives in a certain kind of monotony - like a Stepford wife with all the boxes in her grocery list ticked for her - which is why there exists a certain longing. Out of perfection there will always be gaps to fill in. She longs for the unpredictability, desirability of a more amorous life - the release of her inner feline femininity.

Enter Henry Miller, a friend of Osborne, one of Hugo's closest friends. Everyone is introduced at a luncheon in Hugo's house one day and from that point on Anaïs is hooked onto Miller's devil-may-care attitude and brashness. She began to take an active interest in him innocently enough giving him her bicycle to use as transport and then the interest tentacled further onto his writing with a typewriter as another present a couple of days later. Anaïs knew she was in a position of advantage - she had money where Henry was penniless, but the advantage ended there. She knew Henry could provide the escape she longed for - she accidentally followed him to a brothel in Paris and she did not seem to mind one bit that the money she thought she lent Miller for basic expenses, he used to see a working girl.

Enter June, Henry's wife. Like another conduit in her escape line, she becomes as intoxicating a substance to Anaïs as Henry was. Fierce, quite loose with her words and as much a free thinker as  Henry is, this independence coupled with her overflowing sensual appeal was aphrodisiac to Anaïs. She knew she wanted to be like June. Her life was a series of unscrupulous men, failed acting auditions and agonizing clashes with Henry's idealisms yet her pain appealed to Anaïs. The very notion that June was the epitome of feminine physical perfection by Henry, became a source of envy for Anaïs. She wanted to be June. She found her window of opportunity when she helped finance June's trip to America for an audition for an important film. With June out of the way, she managed to parlay herself into becoming Miller's object of lustful desire. Anaïs and Henry become lovers. She gets introduced to his friends - artists and peasants alike. The references to history is beautiful too. The inclusion of the photographer Brassai,  one of Henry's friends, is a pleasant surprise and gives the film a distinct historical imprint. The voices of Hitler and his men out of the French radio also give historical references to the film. 

Although there's all this interaction between the three which helps to charge the film with an electricity that is physical and even mental, my object of desire in the film is Anaïs' husband, Hugo - the variable in the equation she may have unfairly dismissed as impertinent to her escape from reality. Although they have their torrid scenes in the movie as husband and wife, Anaïs' character always seems to highlight her sensual overtures with Henry and June. I don't know the movie's plot originally really wants us to see the Henry-Anaïs-June triangle as the foreground and the rest of the characters as background including Hugo but somehow my sensual buttons are pressed by Hugo's character. 

But I think the film-maker was intelligent enough not to typecast Hugo as another boring financial person who was a puppet to his wife's dalliances. Au contraire he was swathed with a lot of sexual charisma in these eyes (Hehehehe!) His huge member was erringly referred to by Anaïs as undesirable, too big for her that "they needed to use Vaseline as a result", but that this reference just fueled up my imagination and added to Hugo's subtle desirability. Plus he always seemed to appear in the most unusual of places, he painted his body blue during the Mardi Gras parade in the streets of Paris and donned a mask to rescue Anaïs from a night where Henry's impotence left a "gaping" aperture in her hahaha. He made her felt desired again that night. The Haitian beats, the sexy Latin music provides for a good distinctive mood as she experiences lusting after her husband. I loved it when she pertained to rekindling her amorous connection with her own husband as a manner of  cheating on Henry, ironically the man who she shared an adulterous affair with. This I do not see in typical erotic movies. 

Anaïs' reconnecting with Hugo is timely. With June's return from an unsuccessful business venture in the United States, Anaïs eventually just realized that she was made to fill a gap in Henry's life. The wise use of the Joan of Arc film reference to express his desire for Anaïs, was realized just in time by Anaïs herself. She witnesses the marked chaos of June and Henry's married life.  Henry becomes unsettled, quarrelsome and disturbed with the stress of the two women around him - obviously making his life more complex than it already is. His and June's own spontaneity and flamboyance become a source of fighting. Eventually Anaïs realizes she has to let go of this piece of the puzzle in her life as much as she wants to keep it to maintain a certain balance in her life. She knows there are sacrifices to be made for security and stability. She knew that when Hugo appeared once again near the end of the film, driving his car, and figuring out she might need a lift or something, she wanted to be with him because he worshipped her. She could live with his lack of aberration, because in the end anyway she knew she could always try to unleash the caged sexual carnivore in him. On the drive home however she wept for a life she wanted but needed to turn her back on. She probably knew at some point life with Hugo would not be so bad after all. He was still an animal in bed but one who was stable, secure and held her high at a pedestal the same way as Henry Miller did....

Uma Thurman is June - wild, flamboyant, beauteous and independent, a character who seems lost but is very aware of her sensual feline power over the men she interacts with...

Fred Ward is Henry Miller - brash, carefree, a sexual dynamo of a struggling writer/ artist who epitomizes women as objects but does not really care a LOT about their thinking minds. 

Maria de Medeiros is Anaïs Nin - innocent yet devious, in more ways than one a lost and emotionally strugglinh spirit who wants to rid herself of the society label that has been bestowed on her but ended up with the realization that all is not lost if you are secure and safe with the man you love ... 

Richard Grant is Hugo Guiler - taciturn but deceptively sensual.  The banker husband of Anaïs Nin. My favorite in the movie. There's just something about his perfunctory ways and politeness cocktailed with the inner raging sexuality which is seductive to me in many ways. Or maybe it's the way he says "pussywillow" all throughout the movie, his term of endearment for his object of worship, his wife - ahhh TRES SEXY!!! .... (I swear this is probably the most handsome I have seen Grant in a movie...Ahhh I could just make love to him night and day here!!!) 

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the shoot to end all SHOOTS to end all SHOOTS to end all..

Didn't I tell you that 2012 would be an awesome year for photos for the big bad winklergirl???? :-) 

I'm a sucker for clicks, flashes and costume changes and we have just completed the third shoot of the year!!!

'Tis one was the best so far! I had a wonderful person to work with, a long-time friend
who is beautiful, fierce and who has tremendous talent behind the lens! She took command
of me like the lazy bitch that I am and whipped me into form, screaming out instructions, 
the best poses, my best angles....We had a wonderful time laughing and sipping martinis in
between shots...Totally glorious!!!

OUR WORKS of art are available at my VIP yahoo group now...Exclusive for members! 
Thank you so much for the gifts of lingerie and shoes and many other things. You are in my heart and every photoshoot is never possible without you, my supporters!! I LOVE YOU!

Come into:

And the photos can be found at this folder...Fall/Winter Boudoir! AMAZING!

I LOVE YOU ALL! Thank you and PLEASE check out this page.....I will be switching the cover photo in this entry to tease you to get into my delightful cobweb of a group...


Friday, July 27, 2012

state of young affairs...

In this entry I will attempt to skew things up a little and rewrite circumstances rooted deep in ink and paper to foster my creativity. It is the very essence of exploring oneself in many ways anyway- to resurrect, to refresh, to revive, remodel that which has been sealed with a particular finality by history. But imagination can be so vast, manipulative and powerful that yes we can indeed rework things to our own accord. 

I have deviated from the actual gist of my train of thought in the attempt to sound philosophical and sophisticated but what I really wanted to indicate is that without the interjecting notion of love into the circumstance i want to illustrate, why is there a certain appeal to the younger individual- a younger man, a younger woman in an illicit affair? There will be no specifics because I have axes to grind or people involved have axes to grind haha but yes why oh why do we at one point gravitate towards a young persona when we feel the need to alleviate an itch? 

Now with reference to the first paragraph, I attempt to recreate a fictional circumstance involving one of my most beloved characters in literature - Miss Havisham of Dickensian fame, "Great Expectations" if you please. I know she may have been a lot lot older than the object of her cynicism and condescension, the main character of the novel, Pip, but was it possible that there could have been an erotic attraction towards the younger man? The Dickens novel tells us that she was vengeful and cynical towards the male persona because she was left in the wedding altar years ago by her fiance, so she wanted to create a plot of her own where she was in control of the finale. By manipulating Pip's feelings, pitting him constantly with her adopted daughter, the irresistibly beautiful Estella, she obviously felt an inner gratification out of seeing Pip's dejection because of her younger protege's  rejection of his advances. Estella was obviously a conduit for her feelings- a marionette in a game where she always ended up winner. Or was this her perverse way of displaying love for the younger man, Pip? Playing the emotional "sword of Damocles" game with him through Estella? Pushing him into emotional oblivion so that her approval, no matter how elusive, would prove to increase in essence over time? 

Do we love the younger creature because he or she offers us a refreshing perspective of life? Away from the cynical pedestals we have perched ourselves in, in an attempt to appear cool, experienced and well in control of ourselves? What other forms of satisfaction could we possibly obtain from affairs with the younger person aside from the obvious physical sensation? Do they have variables to contribute to our own personal equation that we thought and deemed constant because of experience and balance? 
Of course the answer is yes. We encounter many a mid life crisis, the grind of life bludgeons us into the submission of routine and rhyme. The carefree spirit as well as his novel approach to things that have worn us reminds us that we have been there once and we reminisce and we revel in the nostalgia and we enthuse ourselves as a result, hopefully revitalize and make us feel new again.  The attraction to things more youthful lies in this essence. We relive a chapter in our lives by immersing in the interesting-ness of it all...

One thing is for sure. The young will always have more vigor, energy, and more vitality to them. They will have fewer rings to their stalks but the question is to what extent can one play teacher? We must love playing teacher, contributor that we choose to attach to them noh? And MORE IMPORTANTLY, the more vital question they return the favor too? NOOOOOO returning a favor is too cruel a phrase! To euphemize: do they love the company as much too? We would like to think so. I do not know which side I am on but I think I would also enjoy it if I thoroughly partook of a younger or older  individual's company knowing I enjoy to enjoy! He wants to learn, I want to learn, we have new things to teach each other. On one side, the inexperience, the naivete and the fresh pulp of innocence he or she possesses as well as his or her individual qualities borne out of trauma, happinesses of her/his journey in life, opposite the worldliness and wisdom, cynicism (it can be positive you know) of the older entity and his own qualities as well. Let's say it is a fusion rather than fission. 

There is also the added spice of taboo. It doesn't sit well with the traditionalists and believe me there is an infinite number of them, that a young woman or man liaisons with someone older. But everything desirable in life seems to be forbidden or to some extent impermissible. But not IMPOSSIBLE, we would like to believe. We who are free-spirited and anti-bourgeois! We who love the experience of clandestine affairs with the younger person because we love the different experience and abhor the mediocre. We don't want to be limited to the boxes supplied us by a questionnaire. We want to believe that we can create our own experiences, be more anecdotal even and one of those is the affair with the young, the dark curtains to define the parameters of normalcy versus the interesting and erotic, the free flow of conversation and wine - with no barometer to measure how lewd or how civil the exchange of words may get, the caresses and smiles that turn into various states of physical intimacy. Those I believe are the boxes we want to see- begging to be ticked but not present at all in the mediocrity of our more than normal lives! 

(PS if anyone has an old wornout copy of the book above, it would be nice if you share that piece of literatura with me! Thank you! hehehehehe ) 

Sunday, July 8, 2012


I've been a frequenter on Facebook the past year or so and the fact that 
it's so accessible from both my phones makes me skip silly and idle 
chats and even sometimes emails...

I thought it might be a bit unique to whip up a compilation of my 
silliest, most interesting, cerebral,  outrageous, sublime facebook statuses. 
I know ... it's so VAIN! haha! Please feel free to be outraged or insulted 
should any of it dredge out your issues in life and if you must as a consequence 
write a comment (OR LIKE which in facebook parlance means wanting to be 
mum but remain relevant within someone's facebook social circle). And 
to add a certain semblance to a real Facebook status I have indeed included 
the like and comment tab hehehehe!

Most of these are of course original unless otherwise stated so. 

Some of them will touch all sorta things that interest me as well as everyday 
things that happen in my pathetic existence...:) I will start from the latest 
down to the oldest...

(Please don't ask me what a facebook status is LOL)


What an arcane game tennis is indeed. You don't lose in the first round of the French 
Open to a Frenchwoman who's looking to retire soon and then proceed to demolish World 
number 2 and world number 4 in the next Grand Slam that is Wimbledon a month later to 
book a trip to the women's final...but then again if you're Serena Williams it wouldn't be 
too strange a game hehehhe..
‎"That which you mistake for madnesss is but an overacuteness of the senses." - Edgar Allen 
Poe (The Tell-Tale Heart)

Abs are made in the kitchen not in the gym....30% exercise, 70% diet...too true!!!!! (copied 
from some site)

 ·  ·

To the untrained eye, the first Dior collection by Raf Simons will seem too complex and too
 sophisticated but I'm sure to the discerning eye, a fashion paradigm shift took place last night...
for who are we to scrutinize when we are mere consumers of what these fashion geniuses 
produce? We have the money, but they steer the ship's wheel... Who knows in a couple of years 
everyone will wear his voluminous corset tops over cigarette pants? Midnight blue or citron 
green will become the new black and skirts wont need a lot of volume to look tasteful....

Every village needs an happen to be our's! 

I wonder why the new Mr Spiderman will always be Eduardo Saverin to me and not the 
name of a silly cartoon tabby #weird
Live fast, die young, bad girls do it well...... (M.I.A. "Bad Girls")

You poor guys. Always confusing your pistols with your privates!!!!!! - Catwoman (Batman Returns)

Rafa Nadal should work the angles of the court efficiently and go for down-the-line 
shots more if he wants to maintain his rule as King of Roland Garros otherwise Djokovic's
 steady and consistent shot-making, penetrating offense and phenomenal defensive game 
will give him his Novak Slam in the final of the 2012 French Open... Forget the women's 
championship tonight lol..this is the rivalry of the new decade!!!! 
"They sent you to deal with me, haven't they? Like a lawyer in a movie. He goes to the 
unsuitable waitress, or showgirl, or chauffeur's daughter, and says the family is prepared to
 offer you a hundred thousand dollars to stay away from their son...." — Sabrina (movie)
Being materialistic can't be all that bad. Specially if you've worked too hard for the 
things you so deserve....
Im ready to kill myself Hahhahaa your "beard" was too obvious!!!!! Good morning 
Hangover!!!! #crypticgaylanguage #gayclub

Three degrees of separation ; not six .... this city is a tiny village...

Two classes = 3 hours of yoga = lots of luck needed.....cheers!!!
‎"DrawSomething" is not for everyone!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!
 · "Grace thanks for the pie, I just don't know if I can eat that cause the corsets are so tight" - Raquel Zimmermann (The September Issue)

Looooooooooong queue at H and M for the launching of the Marni collection...wanted to 
chime in but my God I've never been masochist enough to sleep all night in the middle of
 Orchard Road!!!
High heels - if it ain't hurtin', it ain't helpin'.... - Monte Carlo (movie) 
Gossip Girl S5 E15 ... ♥ ♥ ♥♥ ♥ ♥♥ ♥ ♥♥ ♥ ♥ The seeds of requited love have been 
sown...BLAIR kisses Dan Humphrey back!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥♥ ♥ ♥♥ ♥ ♥♥ ♥ ♥♥ ♥ ♥♥ ♥ ♥


Okay now the depression has hit me over the death of my black chanteuse...imma 
play all friggin Whitney Houston songs while drinkin martini me thinks....:-(


♬♫ 2012 Grammys ♪♫ = ♕ Adele♕ ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞ ♙ Katy Perry ♙ Lady Gaga ♙ Rihanna ♙ Nikki Minaj
Dear Mr. Dickens,

Thank you for Oliver Twist, Ebenezer Scrooge, Tiny Tim, The Artful Dodger, “Pip”, Bob Crachit,
 Estella, David Copperfield, Fagin, Little Dorritt, Bill Sykes, Mr. Micawber, Nicholas Nickleby, 
and Miss Havisham.

Happy 200th Birthday! Through all of your characters you have become immortal. The best 
thing we can do today to celebrate is to read one of your books....

Epic lyrics!!! hahahaha

Walking down the post office to pick up your pensionAnd then your 
off to BingoIts become an obsessionSo wary of the kids when their wearin their hoods up And 
even if they smile at you, you think it’s a stick upYou only buy the paper to cut out the 
couponsYour saving 50p but what do you want with tamponsYour always at the doctor picking up your prescriptionAnd they throw in some K-Y just to ease up the friction

(Lily Allen) 


Monumental effort by Novak Djokovic in the 5h 55min Aussie Open men's final. I was screaming 
for Nadal from start to finish but Rafa was just beaten by a better tactician in a nailbiter
 of a final and the best I have seen in many many years!!!!!! Waaaaaa :-(
The women's final tonight may resemble a noise abatement program between two women 
who are products of ex-Soviet genetic athletic excellence but it will still be a showcase of 
power against power in women's tennis. Victoria Azarenka deserves her first Grand Slam 
title but I will root for tennis' covergirl sensation Maria Sharapova!!! Go Maria!!!!!!!

You never really remember the beginning of a dream do you? .... - Inception (movie)


“The error of youth is to believe that intelligence is a substitute for experience, while 
the error of age is to believe that experience is a substitute for intelligence.” We need
 the optimism and enthusiasm of youth and the experience and wisdom of age. One 
tempers the other. I learn from the young and this entails a lot of discipline. But it 
pays off very well! - (anonymous)


I hate sales, in shops. I think it's quite degrading. People who have bought something for the full price should not be confronted with the people who buy the same thing for less later. - Karl Lagerfeld

The holidays will never be an excuse to be lazy, fat and less streamlined!!!!! Eat more then exercise more!!!!

Muscles are scorching with pain but have to get rid of that Choco Wacko I ate last night... Onto my gluts, obliques, abs exercisesssss....

Do you know what they do to soft, bald, overweight Republicans in prison??????? - Death Becomes Her (movie)


Forever21 Cebu was not so bad!!!! I mean if you're talking about crowds in a store wait till you get to H & M, Orchard Road, Singapore and you'll experience real CROWDS...
 "The best infrastructure is inside like personal habits of cleanliness and consideration: Filth comes from people not buildings: Few men in the world flush and men need to improve their aim with straighter pistols in public toilets:" Only Narita is always spotless but no one else is Japanese" - Teddy Locsin Jr. (Philippine newscaster) 

Dear KC Concepcion

Chiseled looks do not define a straight man ...

Been there done that...

Carmina Villaroel-Legaspi :-)
The economy is so bad I saw the Kardashians shopping in the Kardashian section of Sears - Jay Leno hahahahahhahaha

 ·  ·

Soooo happy my yoga classes will return to normal scheduling next week and the introduction of pilates on Wednesday is the best icing on the cake - fantastic for core energy yeheyyyy!!!!

For a movie to be brilliant in some definable term, it has to be able to move people and minds. The movie "Kinatay" by B. Mendoza certainly not only moved mine but had the inevitable effect of churning my stomach. I perfectly commiserate with Coco Martin's character vomitting during the last part of the movie. Steel yourself to explore a very dark side to humanity if you want to watch this film!

This is a whirlwind of a day ... from retrieved stolen phones to last minute shopping...are there surprises left for me todayyyy????
Men are such cocksuckers aren't they? It's true. They're scared. Their dicks get limp when confronted by a woman of obvious power and what do they do about it? Call them witches, burn them, torture them, until every woman is afraid. Afraid of herself... afraid of men... and all for what? Fear of losing their hard-on. - Jack Nicholson (Witches of Eastwick) 

MAC makeup is uber passé!!!!! Tom Ford and Giorgio Armani rule the makeup counters these days!!!!!! 
Reality check're still a guy with long hair!!!!! Hahahahahhhhaha
‎#Fact in Singapore the fine for your fake Louis Vuitton will be more expensive than that bag hahahahahahaha!!!!
Facebook will never be an equalizer... In real life you will always be less-sophisticated, less-educated, awkward in conversation and if possible hideous-looking and lacking the necessary social skills of a well-bred person! So i better delete you so that your assumptions will disappear!!! Hahaha
CAREFUL with the use of the @ button please!!!!!!!! we dont need to mention the FULL name of the person we are alluding to right??????
Family is and should be the foundation of everything that we build in life, and if we try to get that across to people, even young people then many other problems will be resolved within itself... - Miss South Africa (Miss Universe 2003) 
Fruit viand once a day and liquids for 1 1/2week have finally taken their toll and caused dizziness and palpitations..... BACK to peanuts for some solid intake! hahahaha

Note to self: Steer away from Somerset 313 shops lest you risk running onto admirers who stalk you till you reach H and M and then say hi to you when you least expect it! Hahahahaha
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In the land of the blind you are the one-eyed monster! So open that single eye because the obvious is too palpable to be ignored!!!!!!!
That super awkward moment when your biggest crush in high school is now a bald, muffin-topped, age-ing daddy of four kids...:sigh: I wish time capsules were available for everyone!!!! :(
Show me a good-looking girl and i will show you a guy who is tired of f**king her!!!!

SOmething charitable, food for the soul ... will join MANPRIDE's feeding program in a while..
To let one's beauty go is to desecrate Nature's greatest creation...our bodies...strive to enhance yourself and you will see you will live a less disjointed life. Be beautiful, take your hormones girls lol!!!!
The biggest mistake of many Filipinos is to pretend to be able to afford something!!! Maybe if they cut to the chase and say they dont have enough then they can learn the first lesson of improving themselves by being honest!!!!!!
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COFFEE and CONCEALERs are your best friends on a hungover Sunday noon and you have a date in an hour!!!!
Maybe we should stop counting the steps we have YET to take towards our own predefined successes but instead count the steps we have taken to get to where we are now...then we might feel some semblance of happiness :-)


Hope everyone enjoyed what I was able to post.

Tell me which one was your favorite!!!!! Hehehe

Maybe there'll be a part II as there's just too many of them statuses for me to be able to write in one go! hihihihi 

Big kiss

NEW PHOTOS!!!!!! 👄🌈🌸💃🏽❤️🧜🏽‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🍭

Thank you for the generosity!!! Lingerie is life!!! Enjoy everyone and always spread the amazing love of the big bad WINKLERGIRL !!!...