Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Race!!!

The past few weeks I have been absorbed by this reality show, The Amazing Race Asian version Season 3 on AXN! I could never seem to watch the initial primetime showing every Thursdays but by hell they replay it more than four times during the week so it's easy enough to keep track hehe...And the best thing is the action and excitement never diminishes even if you watch it on the last replay...oh well unless somebody who watched the earlier shows tells me who gets eliminated LOLOL

The Amazing Race is a hit reality TV show which features a series of races through different landmarks in several countries in Asia। The beauty of this show is that it not only features various spots in a particular country but it also highlights and incorporates the culturality of a particular nation into the tasks needed to be accomplished within the race। The teams have to reach a pit stop to win a particular race series. One by one, the teams that finish last in getting to a pit stop get eliminated until the final three left go into the final race. The series are held all over different nations.
The race factors in obstacles that have been part and parcel of the show। With such interesting terms such as Road Blocks, Fast Forwards, Yields, Intersections and Detours, these obstacles are sure to throw in numerous twists and turns to the race। The show is a hit coupled with a lot of drama, competition, intense excitement and tougher challenges for the 10 teams from all across Asia. The producers of this show have made sure that the challenges in the NEW season were designed to test the team's relationships as well as their make their strengths shine through. The contestants are chosen from all over Asia and usually the combinations are interesting. There are celebrity beauty queens, father and son teams, cousins, siblings and almost every gregarious pair which makes for the excitement of the encounters.
Look out for celebrities from your countries too! Models, actors, almost anyone with a name could be in the race and surprisingly enough even the occasional unknown personality could crop up in the interest of television edibleness :)। Actually the best part of the show is that everyone is equal, given the tasks they have to fulfill as well as the frustrations they have to undergo. There is no showbusiness, no beauty pageant and no drama act in the race for glory!!! This is the real beauty of this show...
The gorgeous Allan Wu hosts the show but his hosting leaves a lot to be desired although he is delectable enough for television and well every television show deserves an attractive face to banner it hehehe....

And of course the show will not be without these people...Here they are...Our contestants!!!
1) Pailin Rungratanasunthorn and Natalie Glebova - tested and tried beauty queens as Pailin is a Miss Thailand Universe runner-up and Glebova won the Miss Universe of 2005 for her country Canada.
2) Bernie and Henry Chan - Siblings from Malaysia. Bernie is a model and hosted Project Runway Malaysia while her brother is a chef and restaurant ΰ€“ΰ€΅्ΰ€¨ेΰ€°

3) Vince Matthew Chung and Samuel Wu - Hailing from Hong kong, Vince is a comedian show host and was once a teacher while Samuel is a top player of the word game Prolific.
4) Ida Nerina and Tania Khan - our second Malaysian team. Ida is an actress, director and producer while Tania is a property developer.

5) A.D. Chan and Faeza Sirajudin - describing themselves as colorful best girl friends from Singapore, A.D. is a freelance writer while Faeza (Fuzzie) is a teacher from Singapore. This pair is one of my favorite for the race simply because of their bubbly personalities!

6) Geoff Rodriguez and Tisha Silang - boyfriend and girlfriend from the Philippines, Geoff is a model while Tisha is a business development manager। They have been together for three years and says they are the classic example of "opposites attract." This is the second of my favorite pair because of Geoff har har

7) Visa (Mai) Sarasas and Oliver Faivre - male and female best buds from Thailand, Mai is an actress and a model while Oliver is a student and model from the Land of Smiles. This is my third favorite team because of OLIVERRRR ΰ€²ोΰ€²ोΰ€²

8) Niroo Asrani and Kapil Asrani - Father and son team from India, Niroo is an actor and Kapil is an HR executive. They describe they connection as that of very good friends rather than father and son.

9) William and Isaac Hong - Football is the name of the game these two brothers are immersed in. But rather than playing the sport both of them are agents for football players in Korea. William also hosts football shows on Korean television.

10) Neena and Amit Rai - our second team from India, Neena is a model and an artist while her cousin Rai has his hands full in real estate consultation.

Since I started writing about this race just now I will start with Episode no। 4 in my next blog entry. Teams no. 1, 9 and 10 have already been eliminated :) Beauty queens are not respected in this race haha and the sheer gruesome schedule as well as temperature-soaring conditions have taken their toll on these three teams. But the rest of the surviving contestants will rock on and I will be there to follow their quests for the ultimate prize, the honor of winning Amazing Race Asia Season 3 as well as many remunerations which the show's sponsors and producers have provided !!! Good luck guys (particularly Team Philippines LOLOL)

(thank you to the official site of Amazing Race Asia AXN for the photos!!!)

Saturday, September 27, 2008


i know im probably too late about voicing how impressed how I am with this Filipina considering she is now world-famous but this obscure karaoke random performance coupled with the pounding of the carpenter's nails on their walls completely just stopped my heart!!! hahaha!!!
Well I've always been one to look for a unique way to look at an artist including which parts of her impress me hehehe
This is probably her FIRST performance that has truly stopped me and kept me clicking rewind hehehe

Friday, September 26, 2008


my twin sister, the bitch will love this...!!!!

(FYI: model Agyness Deyn in a Jean Paul Gaultier perfume ad)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Diss me Diss me Diss me!!!

Hahahaha! So many people write comments on my blog with the intention of putting me off, threatening me, killing me, spitting at me and hurling insults!!! OF COURSE their comments never make it to the main page HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

Well....y'all can kiss my ass and I'd be on my merry way!!! No one touches the Winklergirl!!!!

To all my fans of course....we RULE!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Could I be happy?

Everything I have ever trusted in is starting to take on a facade of gossamer and falsehood. I have never felt this trapped in my life. I want to know who I can trust my most well-kept secrets with but it seems anyone within my life is far from being trustworthy.

Cracks are everywhere in our lives, we tend to look at a tiny crack and think to ourselves this is nothing. It will most likely repair itself after some time. But when we take a look a little bit later we've found that the crack has become a massive gaping hole which is beyond fixing. This is the situation with most people.

My scenario is worlds different. I never saw a misplaced part of the puzzle. I never found anything that was alarming. It just suddenly rocketed on me that the only thing I could ever give my trust to had suddenly become a huge cave of lies and deceit. How come I never saw this coming? What have I done wrong? Did I worship this thing too much which is why the bewilderment at its betrayal is beyond description? What will I do now that it has destroyed anything I have ever believed in?

I am a confused creature more so now that at any other point in my life. I used to be gregarious, dynamic and my zest for adventure was immeasurable. I felt that my productivity and thirst for anything novel could not be bound by any external stimulus. Now I am just a bag of discord and anxiety. There is now a lack of certainty that was not in the least bit evident a few months ago. The nymph that was once nimbling from one escapade to another is now a shivering sprite that wants to just forget about the despair she is now in....

Talk to me...

Monday, September 8, 2008

Unmask thyself

Would you believe at one point or several in my life I aspired to acquire the pallor of a British actress? The complexion of those Chinese college girls strutting around university grounds and halls was so enviable to me!!! This obssession was prevalent in my days as a young collegiate student. Somehow colleagues manage to give me the assumption that the lighter your skin color was the more attractive you were. I hated my darkish skin as if it were a malady which had ruined the pink of my health haha

Hour upon hour, bleach powder on top of whitening soap on top of fruit extract astringent, the tedious process of turning my skin Lucy Liu-esque filled my whole schedule when I was not in school. I virtually turned my room and our bathroom into a whirlwind of flu-inducing powder and repulsive toxic smells.My Mom was scolding me to the heavens after each and every "mortuary" session in the hopes that I would come out with a Winona Ryder pallor haha...

Of course my efforts failed miserably!!!! Because my mom had dark skin and the genetic strain well...strained onto me, her only Negroid daughter LOL, it was impossible to defy genetics! Plus it would have taken a miracle to lighten my skin because I was naturally dark. You cannot change complexion well maybe you can make it lighter but you are always going to belong to the same hue in the human palette of skin shades! I never quite succeeded despite my valliance and loyalty to these routines. The results of such a regimen were disastrous! My body hair turned so white it looked like that of a street dog's haha My skin became so dry it seemed parchmental in texture...

A few years later I stopped all these. Then when I started travelling I began to somehow just enjoy and accept the reality of my natural darkish skin tone. This was probably because the Gospel of Moisturising preached itself unto me. I started to just invest in good lotions and I just liked the glow of dark(!!!) but very supple and taut skin. Also I discovered a few cosmetic brands which helped colored women look more natural when they wore makeup. Thank God for MAC makeup!!! hahahah I have a rather sizeable collection of brushes and powders and creams which celebrate my complexion! hehehe

I also have to give credit to the fact that in many ways the world had become small for me and appreciation of dark-skinned women became more visible in today's media. This was like finally finding the Valhalla of Norse beauty for me hehe. Plus many people began to compliment me me on how nice my skin was. It was a heady feeling for someone who not ten years ago felt so ugly because of her dark skin.

I know I am against all kinds of complacency especially when it comes to my looks but I realise that in many ways somehow the true meaning of satisfaction is appreciating and making do with what you already possess. Changing yourself constantly will only be a tiring process which will leave you suffocated just as I felt nauseous with the whitening powders i used to dab on my skin. Lesson learned...enjoy yourself, your beauty and thenyou will realize life becomes smoother and easier by doing so :)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

embrace imperfection

when you look at this face you see so many imperfections....

my nose looks a bit skewed, my skin doesn't look that nice because of the lack of sleep, stress brought unto my own self LOL and well maybe toxins brought about my Cebu's atmosphere plus perhaps my hormonal imbalances! My hair looks horrible and unwashed. I can go on and on and on....

of course I can only conclude that like many facets of my life, my face is not that perfect...

About two months ago or less than that comments branding my blog as the advertising scheme of a petulant whore perpetuated my emails. Naturally it never made it to the main blog site hahaha!!! But it certainly hit me when I thought my life was going smooth-sailing...and it righteously hit the right parts too. I never knew someone still really would bother to stir my free flowing stream of a life out of the rush of the old life I had but then again there are many people who MAY NOT really like me at all LOL.

But as time settled all ripples I realized the most natural thing in this world for a girl like me was that we cannot please everyone. We may be perfect to one pair of eyes but we are a sore to another pair! Our thoughts and opinions may be pleasing to one set of people but it might be querulous and bothersome to another convention of people. The beauty about this world is we are here because we have agreed to agree AND disagree ....incorrect or not? hehehe

When it comes down to it, all I can really do is to caress my imperfections as well as my own positive attributes. Because no one else can do it for me (unless it's my husband hehe), because no one else can love me like I love myself and because no one else is capable of such atrocities or positivities except me hehehe!!!

NEW PHOTOS!!!!!! πŸ‘„πŸŒˆπŸŒΈπŸ’ƒπŸ½❤️🧜🏽‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🍭

Thank you for the generosity!!! Lingerie is life!!! Enjoy everyone and always spread the amazing love of the big bad WINKLERGIRL !!!...