Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Alan Parsons tutorial...

The worst pothole any writer experiences, in this road of wannabe and pretentious journalism called blogging, is writer's block. It is a bitch to be stuck I'm telling you. That is exactly what I have been going through the past couple of months. Production is bad, my brain and concentration are not being cohesive to each other and the words just do not slide that much from my tongue and straight onto my keyboard as rapidly as before. It is true though. This predicament of mine I have slowly realized is indeed a reality I have to face. Age has taken over and my brain is not as fresh a pulp as before. Sigh, if only there were anti-ageing creams for the mental and cognitive faculties LOLLLL

But hopefully as I struggle through this I will finish one before this rather nice coldish afternoon in Shanghai makes way to the unpredictable clime in the evening.

I want to talk about blowjobs again! Hahaha. I wrote before that the greatest gift a man could give his woman/ wannabe woman is long, lustful and slobbery oral sex that will make her forget nomenclature of any sort including her own! Now that has to be one of life's greatest moments...

But I am going to write about the process of giving head in a more personal light. I do not want to sound too technical or too "back-page-of-an-anal-virgin's" diary LOL. I think I want to make it more special for someone who I think has evolved at giving oral pleasure to me. He was a virgin of all sorts when it came to experiencing special girls like me. This is a very abused word in my world though. I'm a first-timer, I'm a virgin, I have yet to be baptized, bull-crap all of it! LOL I think you have wanked to too much porn with special girls like me in them and you can probably blow a 60 year-old c+ck to life the way you have practiced on that silly cucumber or whatever vegetable you use! Haha.

Back to me and my man, I do wanna give my boy credit because it was really awkward for him at first. He needed some practice and he lovingly submitted to my loving instructions. He is a great lover - submissive when he needs to be, pounding when I want it hard from him. Although looks-wise he can be mistaken for average, I think I have truly transcended judging people on looks alone. I think when I feel appreciated, loved and wanted as well as desired, I truly believe it is one of the greatest formula for attraction. But that's after you know each other well already. He becomes more and more attractive every time we see each other.

The last couple of months though he has succumbed to giving me head wonderfully. Has he given the carrots, aubergines and eggplants in his kitchen a good workout? LOL. I would like to believe that but it is absurd to make love to something inanimate, I mean hello don't bring me back to Ryan Gosling in "Lars and the Real Girl" (see because it was quite disturbing for me let alone veggies as your bed partners! hahaha..

I would love to believe though that the affection level has gone up which is why he is so keen to make me experience intoxicating sensations by giving me beautiful head. I think this goes with every new sexual venture any set of lovers experience. Unless it's a perversion to begin with, the act of making an effort to become better at anything pleasurable or your partner must be similar to adding adhesive to the ropes that bind you together. The more superlative his performance becomes, the more glue he must be adding to the connection.

This is fatal and this is major. We have our own sets of baggages and we do not want to burden each other with this unfathomable weight. So we will have to remain lovers in the dark, never seeing the light of day but always knowing that the knot that ties us together is real and present. We will enjoy our bodies, our hours, our mutual blow-jobs and everything included in the experience but it shall remain in the shelter of night for that is where lovers best experience everything - under a cloak of anonymity and away from the prying, calculating eyes of the monsters of reality.

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