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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Saturday, January 26, 2008


who are you? what are you?

should I just be blunt? and tell people...My name is Jane...I screw people for money?

Easy for me to say here i guess. My blog is my desensitizer and my antianxiety board. It also happens to be my domain which is why I can say anything I want to say here. Going back to my topic, aren't circumstance AND people tricky fuckers? Most of the time I have to assess the situation before I tell people the truth right? Or should i just really be blatant about what I really am? Then again my name is not really Jane....hahaha

Now you have to ask yourself, my faithful blog reader, why this suddenly random thought or rant? In many ways this is not really a spontaneous write. I have been hinting and meaning to tell the world what I really am for the longest time now. Yes I do entertain men for money. Behind closed doors most of the time, sometimes out in public, wining and dining... Entertaining is contextual, you know, most of the time it adheres to what the client wants. "Client is God and his words are gospel," as I have been known to quote many a people hihihihi.....Ohhh look at your little eyes....

But then yes sometimes the situation needs to be analyzed. A mask is a very effective mechanism for creating a deceptively beautiful picture. Sometimes people do not really want to know everything about us. The handsome guy who is my next-block neighbor may not be able to keep a straight face if I tell him what I really do, or so do the other handsome guys who are my next-myspace profile neighbor hahahaha! There must be a hint of mystery, a question behind each person for "interestingness" to exist in our daily boring realities, mustn't there? Otherwise we would be a freaking democratic nation hahahaha! That's why I told you my name is Jane too in case you have not figured it out just yet haha!

But layers and layers of paint and powder to cover up the self can also be destructive. IT causes irreparable damage to the skin, IT being makeup THAT IS as pointed by my figurative language, the self "which is our real essence." Honesty and openness is very refreshing in our cabaret of a world where appearances are deceiving and eventually exhausting with the fakeness and ingenuity of it all. The world was somehow not meant to be a puppet show all the time. Otherwise we would never find real happiness, wouldn't we? Somehow at some point we do have to tell someone the truth or should we just let nature take its course? Or should we take on the peel-away principle? You probably are asking yourself what that is. Well it is a self-contrived term which means that you reveal certain layers of yourself to different levels of people you are acquainted with. You tell your husband, your wife, your boyfriend, your girlfriend certain truths about you. Then you start to place layers on your own reality as you go progressively from person to person, individual to individual...Again assess assess assess study study study the circumstance. right?....Ooooh I am thinking too much which is bad for me hahaha ...

But there it is, I have just laid myself out for all the world to finally know. I am courtesan, whore, geisha (who by the way are not necessarily selling flesh), practitioner of the world's most ancient profession...whatever you want to label me. I am a MATA HARI, meat for sale in a lucrative (???) market, a character in Toulouse-Lautrec's artworks, a slut in Nana Plaza, Bangkok! Is there really a difference? You tell me!!!

You wanna ask me, "who are you?" My real name is ....

Plain Jane...


P.S. Thanks to the movie "Closer." It's inspirational. Watch it, starring Julia Roberts, Jude Law, the oh so-pedestalic Natalie Portman, Jude Law.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

the land of Oz....

within the annals of my exhausted mind I cannot find a word for this phrase, "to really want something to the point of fanaticism and frenzy." Can you?

I am using these series of words in the context of my entry into Hong Kong. The last time I entered the area they kept me under lock and key at the immigration office for two hours. I was distressed, miserable and lifeless when I came through. I want to believe that it was because of bad timing. I remember that my flight arrived at lunch time and the officers who were to interviewe me were out to have their meals so I had to wait like an hour before they came back and then another hour of random shuffling and questioning and more games of intimidation from these silly guys.

Now the first time this year and after three months of avoiding the country, I decided to come back for work. But I really really wanted to have a smoother and a more hassle-free entry. I had even thought that with the frequency that I was entering the country they might not let me in anymore!!!! These thoughts plagued my mind so badly that I just decided to do the silliest thing. I solicited the help of all friends to pray for my intentions upon touching down Chek Lap Kok. From sheer desperation and determination I might as well just have told them to touch their religious icons, mutter their chants and perform their rituals just for me to have a free-flowing entry hahaha Selfish little me!!!!

And boy did I come through smoothly!

Well I was not able to avoid the interrogation at the office but my God I was in for a gigantic surprise. The process seemed to take on lightning speed but with an easier pace than I had ever encountered before. I must have been floating because I realized that the excruciating part which was the interrogation was a smooth chit-chat between me and the female officer(who are the worst for me because women are so fickle-minded!!!!) about what my itinerary in HK was like and the amount of pocket money I had and all the usual queries and there was even talk about a boyfriend I have in Hong Kong (which is not quite true haha). All this took place in a lighthearted manner of two women gossiping in the middle of day!!! Before I knew it I was stamped in and was out of the office in less than 30 minutes!!!

I was even lucky enough to catch my baggage on the conveyor belt which means that they did not really hold me long enough inside the office that I had even caught our flight's baggage belt hahaha how desperate do I sound! I cannot help it! Even tiny details like that took on gigantic proportions because of how happy I was at that moment! hahahaha

Isn't the power of prayer and teamwork amazing? And the power of just "really really wanting something so much to the point of fanaticism and frenzy?" amazing? :D

Sunday, January 13, 2008

diesel fuel...

i decided to be spontaneous and just leave the house for the weekend, abandoning work, appointments, people and family behind to head up north of Cebu to sun, tan and just relax the clouded pulp of a nutshell....

Don't dive into conclusions...this is not your usual touristy article which narrates the experience of a traveller landing for the first time in a place with a white, spotless and secluded sandy paradise somewhere NOR is it the reality television-like rantings of a wannabe actor with his usual entourage of television crew, wires and microphone on foot or inside his car ridiculously rattling off nonsense about his perceptions of that tourist spot he wants to showcase to the world....

What this is all about is how after only three hours of sleep, endless cups of hot chocolate and a seemingly tireless journey through the world wide web, I still have the energy to pack my bags, hail a cab and ride the 2-hour bus to the place I had in mind.

If we are going to talk about that, we might as well talk about how after three hours of badminton, I can still afford to say, "sure, why not?" to anyone who asks me for another match which could run from two straight sets to three sets of more running and slapping....

Or we can also talk about how even after a night-out with friends, drunk and tired, I can still manage to perform my night rituals of moisturising, scrubbing, kneading and more moisturising as precisely as any normal night routine before I go comatose to Dreamland....

How can there be so much energy in a fragile, young body which is a factory of female hormones and more meds than the average human being can take? I remember when I was young my mom asking me when she saw me all dirty and sweaty after a game of badminton IF i had the genetic code of a racehorse hahahahaha ....That may be partly true LOL

I have no idea where I get my energy. There must be some well-spring hidden deep inside my body which is self-replenishing, and self-regenerating when my joints need more lubricant for movement and the internal engine needs fuel for power...This has to be the explanation for this extraordinary phenomenon...I think this works well for me because somehow when I want to get down and trudge through a certain task I make sure it is finished right then and there and not practice the common nationalistic habit of procrastination....Another thing is I can go through long hours at a certain endeavor because of this extraordinary persistence and resilience....

This is also the reason why I lack sleep and never seem to get enough rest. However I can take comfort in the fact that I am not taking sleeping medication anymore, not even natural ones! That alone is a good fact eventhough I am still underslept. My principle is six hours of natural slumber is better than 10 hours of medicated dead-to-the-worldness right? I want to assume that when I am tired, I really am tired and that is the time I will go to sleep.

Anyway we are digressing from the main topic here...I still cannot tangibly explain where I get my mutant-esque fuel power from but for sure there will be a point when I will slow down and just gradually relax and bevel off to a more sedated pace...or I don't know! I have never been one to go through life in a lethargic and non-energetic mode haha Maybe the only time I will ever get to relax and just settle to a trance-like pace is when I am at the deadend of the crossroad of my my life, and about to be scuttled down, six feet underground :)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Deity of the Nile....

To all my detractors...Thank you...
Without you I would have stagnated and remained in the same rut as you are....
Because of your criticisms, I have pushed myself to progress and become a truly well-rounded, beauteous, complete and intellectually capable individual as well as a sensual, feral and desirable kitten for all who seek the pleasures of my company....
(Note: I am eternally grateful to Simon for the superb photography and patience)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

shall I wear your lingerieeeeee argh argh...

I shall convulse, atrophy and die if I cannot have these......


See? I do not look bad in white maybe those black errrrrrrrr ...... :-)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


The Wikipedia on Kim Kardashian....

Born in Los Angeles, California in 1980, Kim is of Armenian descent. Her father, the late Robert Kardashian, who was best known for being OJ Simpson’s lawyer during his murder trial, died September 30, 2003 when Kim was 22 years old. Kim's mother, Kris Jenner, divorced Robert in 1989, and is currently married to Kim's stepfather, former Olympian Bruce Jenner. Kim has two sisters, Kourtney and Khloe, and one brother, Robert. She also has three step-brothers, including reality TV star Brody Jenner, one step-sister, and two half-sisters, Kendall and Kylie.

Kardashian attended an exclusive all-girls Catholic high school in Los Angeles. As a young woman, Kardashian worked at her father's music marketing firm, Movie Tunes. She then parlayed her entrepreneurial instincts into a successful career as a wardrobe stylist for television programs, magazine photo layouts and informercials. Described by the press as a "stylist." Kardashian has also been said to have a closet organizing business.

She also gained attention in the mid-late 2000s for her friendship with heiress and media darling Paris Hilton. Her friendship with socialite Paris Hilton has made her a gossip column favorite. Kim is one of Paris Hilton's party pals.

Kardashian is a boutique owner of a high-end clothing store in Calabasas, California called Dash. The store opened in mid 2007 and is co-owned with Kourtney and Khloe kardashian. Kim was little known outside gossip circles until she announced in early 2007 that she was taking legal action to prevent the distribution of a pornographic home video she had made with then-boyfriend Ray J (born William Ray Norwood, Jr., the brother of singer Brandy). (This reminds me I gotta have my own sex taaaaaaaape released by an irate BF hahahahahaha I do have a private collection but it's private and YES dead private heheh)

2000, Kim married music producer Damon Thomas, though the couple divorced in 2004.

Kardashian is currently romantically linked to
Reggie Bush.
Isn't the chick outstandingly feral???? She has to be one of my templates if I were to do extreme surgery to look like a celebrity hahahaha

And many of my friends even say she looks prettier than the boringly blonde Paris hahahaha

The two bitches photographed together heheheh

with da ex-bf Ray Jay who she probably hates to death now hahahaha


This is the tramp who has been stepping on my name in the forums around...She advertises as a webcam TSgirl which means she jacks off her dick to viewers unbeknownst to her in front of the cam for measly dollarssssss.....She also says I am insecure of her because I keep having surgeries and I disparage other girls here in my blog...

Excuse me? If your meager income can afford the surgeries and diamond power peel session for your Komodo dragon-esque skin, wouldn't you spend it beautifying yourself in a profession where aesthetic perfection is the key to membership and maintenance is your annual fee for longevity in the club?

What about disparaging other girls? Bitch do you know the concept of a blog? A blog is a personal space, a sounding board and an arena for self-expression. If I put our president's face here and make fun of it there is nothing she can do about it because this is a democratic country and I can do whatever I can as long as I am not stepping on legal rights. So if I put your face here (as I am about to do again hahahaha) you have no right whatsoever to tell me what I can or cannot do mudpie! But then again this fucktard does not understand basic English so guys puhleeease explain to her what I just said.

seriously????? can she even hold a candle to the ugliest around??? hahaha

let's break it down in pictures...

Here is how she benefits all humankind....SHE IS ALL TEACHING US :









I shall die laughingggggggggg...