Tuesday, May 1, 2007

davis classic

I wanted to flagellate myself tonight by guess what?

Listening to sad songs haha!

Have you ever experienced hating a song for being so damn sad but you ended up putting in your Pod so that if there is a time you need a good dose of lyrical AND (not in my case though but maybe sometimes hehe) emotional flagellation, you'd play it over and over? Haha! That's what I just did today. But to tell you honestly the song has been around my player for a while now but i just had the letch to play it over and over at this moment! Hahaha I'm so insane...duh how close I am to describing myself! hahahah

Anyway one sad song stands out among my list haha! This nostalgic old song by Paul Davis called " I go Crazy" makes me so ridiculously soft and I think some pent-up emotion inside comes out but I know it's not sadness. It's a characteristic in me which relates to sadness. I really have a hard time translating it but I think I relate to sad songs really well. It's not that you have to feel so forlorn when you listen to them but I think that relating it to past experiences is the clue to unlocking why I love attuning my ears to them hehe...

Anyway the lyrics of this song are as melancholic as the song itself. I think the words talk about someone crossing paths with a person, whom he or she used to love, in some random place. I'm sure both of them had something really special going on when they were together. The feeling comes rushing back again but there is a finality to the gap between them! Haha foolish interpretation right? So hideously depressing but hell it's what I want to believe so it's good enough hehe...

Seriously this Paul Davis classic touches me like no other. I cannot explain why but probably what i wrote about how I envision the scenario in the music to be factors so much in my liking it. It probably happened to me in an earlier life not this one. I know of no one who has struck too much emotion in me yet so I guess that scene will never be carried out in my life as of now. If someone can get close, I would never feel that icky icky feeling if i run into him in some random place because he was pretty forgettable haha! I guess I'm also equating it to some boys I have had crushes before but never returned the interest. I know it's ridiculous but that situation is the closest I can think of with respect to the allure of the Paul Davis legend. :)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Liisa,

I'm a old man and grew up in the 1960's which was a time for slow, sad songs and I still love hearing them...thinking of "The good old days". I've been looking at your pictures and damn girl you look good.


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