Saturday, May 19, 2007

a new language?

the appeal of learning a new language has always been looming in the distance and yet i have never really come around to acting on the acquisition of that skill. it may be the subliminal laziness which summer has brought to my body because for one thing to go out in 35 degrees celsius of climate here in Cebu in the daytime is pure suicide for someone who is a sweaty-betty LOL. naturally the body acts to preserve the little cold left in it by being lethargic...moving slowly...the way reptiles do! hahaha!

i have conjured images or maybe situations where i am in a subway train and then two people stare at me and then talk in their own language, say French. Then I would look at them and then ramble in flawless French at how rude they are for doing it! Hahaha! I know it's crazy but wouldn't it be a surprise if I can shock people like that, less for the meaning of the words I utter, but more on the fact that I happen to know a language other than English and the native Filipino! Hehehe...

well I would love to kick my own ass for being so lazy and unproductive in terms of learning new skills. Well I know I am enhancing my communication skills through chat and writing but I guess this is already an acquired one and i would desire to have another one to add to my bag of tricks hehe...There is no other greater bonus to a beautiful girl than her brilliance and skill in the art of flowing conversation. Ahhh one day I shall fulfill this promise to myself, which is to embrace a new I have to next deal with the thought of sitting on a chair, listening to a teacher, and writing notes again LOL


Blogger Wannabe said...

I can't even make myself to improve my english, not to mention learning a new language... :)

Gothic said...

My problem with learning languages is that it is far too easy to be lazy if you know english. I tried to learn German in high school, and when I travelled to Germany I would try to stumble through a few phrases and every time the person I was talking to would talk back in english! Never really got past the "hello", "goodbye" and "thank you" phase.

Now I'm trying to learn Thai ... we shall see if I fair better ... lol!

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