Sunday, May 6, 2007


Well yours truly just had a wonderful verbal joust with a long time "online friend of mine." I can't say enough about the highs and lows of our interactions but it seems this person's actions are indicative of what PEOPLE are capable of doing when they try to suppress how they feel about someone they like.

I am not doing this to degrade SOMEONE but I am happy to say "Eureka!" when realization struck me. I never knew the number of ways feelings are expressed was so infinite that they may be manifested in such a way that they become almost misleading. I know this may not be uncommon to some people but this is entirely new to me. This person led me to believe everything was casual about our conversations but then it got to a point last night that the realization struck me. The behavior manifested by this person showed that indeed misleading me was a ploy to mask the true gamut of emotions running through this individual.

I don't wanna assume too much. But hey this is not my blog if I don't talk about what i feel! Hahaha! Realizations for me are always more positive than negative. They are lessons I pick in the journey I have chosen to take. Today's lesson was that mathematics cannot count the manner human emotions are expressed and what packages people use to mask the true feelings they have. Numbers are not enough definition of how our thoughts work and how our expressions are manifested...

So to you my friend, thank you for making me realize and drink and be merry! Hahahaha!

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