Thursday, November 29, 2007

you thought it was STD?

Crabs anyone?

No! Not that type of crab LOL...

Have you noticed how crabs climb on top of each other whenever they are ascending to a higher platform? They'll grab their companion, use him as a lever to pull himself up in the scramble to the top and probably not bother to ponder on whether they have violated crustacean ethics or not LOL. As imprinted in their nonexistent brains the uppermost portion of any place is a safe haven for them so that's why the instinct to flee up. This phenomena is very observable when there is an enormous concentration of these shelled creatures in a minute amount of space.

Filipino people in many ways are the biggest practitioners of this kind of behavior. I am not generalising and making the conclusion that this is true for the whole populace but this is a very observable and recurrent phenomena particularly in Filipinos who work abroad. From stories of American guys who I have shared amusing but enlightening anecdotes with, they think that a Filipino's worst enemy is his own countryman. The same people who can help you get a job and get started when you are a neophyte in the deadly pursuit of milk and honey in a foreign land may also be the same people who pull you down once they see you are rising up the ranks.

Personally I think that this is a combination of envy, jealousy and pride. Many of my fellowmen cannot accept the fact that some of us can just progress because of hard work. They think it is pure luck and they want to have the same luck too. Why should they equate hard work with it when they are trapped in the cataclysmic belief that success is 50% luck and life is one big noontime contest? Another issue also I think is complacency. Many of us here in this country are meandering in an existence of easy life, easy money, easy work. They want to remain in their personal comfort zone for as long as they want. If they work too hard they fear that their hard work might not yield fruit and so they fear venturing into anything risky even with the possibility of self-progression. I believe that when a person settles into stagnation and think that because he is happy now he may rest his laurels even with a lack of permanence then his life ceases to go on. The lack of motivation and of course action is very very innate in most Filipinos. Because a task has been accomplished or a deal has been made regardless of the quality of one's work or the outcome, they will be more than happy to say Case closed.

I am rattling on about characteristics here but the crucial concept behind the crab phenomena is that my compatriots are practitioners of the adage, "Birds of the same feather SHOULD flock together." So anyone who stands out and digresses from the statistic is prey for the envious Filipino. Why should there be any distinction? We are one nation and a brotherhood so we should be equal in all aspects. But it's the negative connotation of this practice that is the main focus. If there is unity why should one progress? Why should one acquire more and own more? Again the disregard for the input one person has made such as long hours, effort and sweat is a common practice many Pinoys indulge in. This is such a sickening thought but in very recent times I have upheld this belief and have a very low regard for my fellowmen as a result. If they think they have the capacity and the right to pull me down, take advantage of and discriminate me then shouldn't I be obliged to shit on their faces and label them as world-class losers??? LOL

I know I am going to get axed when I finish this rant but hell this is my blog and my space so why are you here to condemn me? If you wanna axe me then please go ahead and behead me.


Anonymous said...

i think i understand what you mean......if your the type that always want attention then you will get it but not in the positive way...

you are very well written and you come across as very smart,,,

i wish you all the luck

Ps.I think you look better with brown Hair

Dick Rick said...

Hmmm...yes interesting but it isn't confined to the Philippines alone. I've found that to be true in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia to a greater or lesser degree.
It amounts to being lazy and envious at the same time.
But I couldn't understand the previous comment about you wanting attention. Did you? As far as I was concerned you were frustrated about the attitude of your countrymen.

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