Saturday, November 3, 2007


if i am allowed to believe in ethereal beings (hint! hint!) I believe that somebody's invisible cloak envelops me everytime somebody does something adverse to me! whosoever owns that cloak warms me with thoughts that the misfortune that just took place would be succeeded by a more favorable circumstance perhaps ten times as rewarding than what I deserve! I know you think this is silly but this has happened to me on so many occasions that to think of serendipity would be sacrilegious!

Case in point, people have borrowed money from me many times or individuals have cheated me. Some have been gracious and punctual in terms of completing the transaction while others seem to pray for my amnesiac tendencies to increase with time. These phylum of individuals are good at letting the grace period of payment commence, without a word or whiff of their vociferous armpit smell. Then if I do meet them at one point they have skin as thick as a warthog's ass to act so relaxed in front of me.

This is not a letter of complaint or a chickensoup for the soul literature on the lack of sensitivity in some people. What I want to emphasize is the extraordinary phenomenon of life's natural course to balance things out in the end. Our lives suck but we have to stop and marvel at how an equilibrium seems to materialize when we view our negative situations from a wider chronological and sequential perspective! But of course not everyone is capable of this kind of thinking. Many will often just see their circumstance in life as giant cesspits from where they cannot get out. I am a bit different though. It seems that for me the positive events that follow a discouraging incident stand out because I recognize their presence and I have internalized the fact that without pain, nothing of a higher satisfaction can be gained. So far nothing has ever really shaken this relatively admirable personal trait and I hope nothing ever does make it perish for nothing is as important in life as knowing that when one stumbles, one is more than capable of getting up again and running twice or more times faster than that pace you mustered before you fell...

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Dick Rick said...

Liisa, in spite of your youth, I do believe that you presented a lesson to learn for all ages.
It’s all too easy to instantly get worked up or even seek revenge when you’ve been wronged but you have demonstrated that accepting unfortunate circumstances reaps a greater reward.
I also firmly believe that you reap what you sow. I believe that this accepting, perhaps forgiving, attitude that you take is coupled with the positive way that you live your life.
The consequence of which is reaping rewards which is even more than the loss.
Not an easy behaviour to adopt, I have to confess, as most people, myself included, would in knee-jerk action instantly seek redress for a wrong done.
Certainly food for thought.

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