Tuesday, September 25, 2007

mates and blokes!!

In my sojourns I made a silly yet interesting survey and what a bunch of crap it produced and made me come to no tangible conclusion at all! LOL

I asked British guys what they think of their Australian brethren and I asked the Australian guys what they think of their British kumpadres LOL

silly isn't it but here is what came out:

1. One British guy said that Australians are not serious LOL.
2. One Aussie guy said that when the British tell me something they do not really mean it LOL
3. Another British guy told me Australians drink too much.
4. Some Aussie guy told me the British are superficial LOL
5. One British guy said Australians talk a lot of bullshit LOL.
6. Another Aussie told me the British are not fashionably adventurous LOL
Hahahahahahaahahahahahah! British, Aussies...They're all the same....Men men men...they shall be the ruination of me LOL

Those were what I pieced out from the conversations with them and it is hilariously funny to hear them say something about each other but what the hell I LOVE THEM ALL...yes, both races (if ever there really is a difference to begin with anyway) ...LOL

Now mates, I saw a divine pink nightgown in a lovely shop in......errrrrrrrrrrr................


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