Tuesday, September 25, 2007

an eckardt beauty...

it never ceases to amaze me how one simple, random and almost insignificant action can lead to a startling discovery or an immersion in an emotional high i have never felt before...

such an event happened to me when i picked up a book in Changi airport. I browsed around a small bookstore in Terminal 1, in a bad mood after my flight had been delayed for a second time pushing it back 6 hours off the scheduled takeoff! My eyes browsed the shelves for something interesting. I usually would classify my reading material into "airport boredom books" and "sleeping books." The former being high-paced yet simplistic and "molto interessante" to erase the hours of sitting on my posterior and listening to minutes tick by and the latter a bit more cerebral and eyebrow-crunching to help lull me to Never-neverland. So my senses were attuned to the first category and I found two which seemed to catch my fancy. I don't know why and yet I do know why I found prostitution and escorting to be very interesting subjects and I chose the two books on the basis of these criteria.

I read the first book and the first paragraph of this entry is dedicated to this masterpiece! "Singapore Girl" was written by James Eckardt and I have to say it touched me so dramatically. Eckardt's writing is so simple and fast and yet the complexities are only too obvious in his chosen topic. This is probably why he decided to make it uncomplicated vocabulary-wise. He wrote about his insane and unadulterated love for a transsexual girl whom he met in the Disneyland world of Bugis Street in Singapore. Bugis Street was an area in old Singapore where transsexual women congregated in the dozens to invite men of different races, both local and foreign, to indulge in an amorous experience with a wild twist. Jim, as Eckardt called himself in this memoir, fell head over heels for such a strangely beautiful being and confessed to feeling an emotional euphoria he had never known before. This connection of course was more than understandably taboo during their time because up of the legal complications these women brought as well as the societal implications of such a relationship. Even until now not many relationships of this nature exist and if they do they are usually clandestine and kept far from public view.

His love was a pure love because he dropped all the gender biases and sexual confines and homoerotic principles and just gave his heart out to a person who he could connect with through so many avenues and channels of his life. Plus he decided to remove the lens of practicality and reality from his eye because he decided to love a whore, a fatal and dangerous stunt to perform when one uses the heart and not brain cells. But i was so warmed by his affection and professions of acting like an 18-year old who just fell in love for the first time.

The most beautiful part of the story was probably in the sad and bitter end of their relationship which all great romantic tales should have! She chose practicality over her heart and left him in emotional shambles and yet no matter how much I could identify with the girl my heart went out to Jim. He did not deserve such cruelty, because his love seemed so selfless and undeniable.

I cried when she left him for a more affluent Frenchman and asked her how could she have done it. The events flew by so fast like my eyes absorbing each and every word. For the first time I could sympathize with a man falling in love with a woman when in almost 80% of the books of this genre I have read I always am on the woman's side. Not this time though. I was with Jim from the moment he saw the doe-eyed beauty called Milly, to the self-piercing evaluations of his manhood and sexuality, through the orgasmic highs he felt while he was plunging her, to their playful moments in the beaches of Changi to the bitter pleas of appeasing and promises to the cold girl who massacred his heart with a painful refusal of his offer of eternal love.

Indeed men can get hurt too!

That was not the end of the story though. (only the end of their relationship! Silly!!!! LOL) The end was tragic physically for one half of their partnership but I shall leave you to pore over that story when you have the chance....

Please pick this book up when you can....I shall embrace it close to my heart...(until the next beautiful masterpiece knocks it over which is very unlikely!!!)


Anonymous said...

I've know that (female) prostitutes sometimes marry (their customers) and can become good and faithful life partners. I've wondered if transsexual women working in the same profession share the same tendency to form a lifetime partnership with one of their clients as well. The book sounds interesting to me and I'm going to look for it. I'll let you know when I've read it (although it will probably be a couple of months from now).

Dick Rick said...

Hiya Liisa, sounds like a book which was written on the basis of a real life experience. No matter what age you are, if you meet that special person in your life with whom you just love spending time with and whom you could connect with, you could fall in love, no matter how many times you’ve fallen in love. What makes it worst is when the other party reciprocates your moves and you think two plus two equals four. Jim, threw his love at Milly like pearls to swine and it got trampled under foot and the swine turned to attack him. (Matt. 7:6)

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