Tuesday, September 25, 2007

fluid memories...

Water is both a symbol of rage and tranquility..

The tumbling gallons of H2O against the rocks in tumultuous river rapids is a sign that it is an indomitable force of nature. It is a phenomenon that warrants attention. One plunge into this lethal cascade and you either live with wounds and gashes all over your body or die with blinding speed. That is the volcanic side of water.

The other side of the coin interests me more. It can also be a symbol of smooth, indescribable accord. I love to sit and look for hours at the gradual flow of beautiful, clear streams. I don't know why. Probably there is some deepseated spark left from a childhood memory of a television ad for an electric fan where the latter parts of the advert featured tiny beautiful fishes swimming among unidentified vegetation in a smooth, shallow yet moving pool. It is still one of the most gorgeous visions in my mind, one which I cannot seem to take out even with the number of products from the apothecary which diminish the brain's memory seat to a pulp. It probably is meant to remain in that lesion of my cerebrum...

Anyway we are digressing from the main point so let us refocus. The fluid motion of a shallow stream really captures me in an imaginatively eviscerating spell. Staring eternally into such a spectacle is anodyne for weary me. Perhaps it is the juxtaposition of the peace and natural spontaneity of the liquid bliss AGAINST the turmoil, and indelible unrest of my retarded mind which magnetize both entities? Or maybe my interest in the flora and fauna found in its abode? I think it is a combination of both PLUS the fantastical thought that I could become as minute as the seen and unseen bioligical species in the brook. To swim, play, feed with them? And live a life of ease, placid comfort and eternal exploration? Ahh now my addiction to Enid Blyton tales is making me rant incoherently again!

If only life is as easy as a brook in a cavernous forest, I would trade all I have for such an opportunity! But I know I am being irrational. Water has two sides to it just as life has two aspects to it. I know I cannot take life for its good side only. I must also live its bitter side. There will never be a perfect "freshwater stream ad" of a life. I know there are dangerous torrents to tackle if I want to realize the beauty of living. But for one moment I have recaptured a most crystalline memory of my childhood by writing about that notoriously unforgettable yet forgettable "electric fan commercial." And I am ecstatic I found the memory!


Dick Rick said...

Ah yes water. Coincidentally, the first chapter of the Seven Pillars of Health by Don Colbert is about water and how it is the most foundational aspect of health! LOL
Yet again you've taken a topic we all take for granted and put a new perspective to it. Well done

Anonymous said...

What a treat you have for us today! Thanks for providing us with several thoughtful well written new entries in your blog to stimulate our brains. Thanks again for the BEAUTIFUL pictures that you sent me. (Being a member of the VIP Lounge has its advantages!)

I enjoyed your analogy of the flowing water as related to life. We all have to take the bad with the good. Thanks for helping to make my day better.


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