Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sibling site

If you're feeling nostalgic and sort of want to go through my old blog posts without having to sort out this website with lots of content and pore over it like a scientist studying hieroglyphics, I have come up with a perfect solution for you!

This has become partially essential to me too because my fans in China cannot access anything with a BLOG named in a URL so I decided to launch a second website where entries from THIS website are exported over to that second website. (which makes my China viewers access my writings)

SO if you want to avoid the hassle of looking for old articles from over more than 300 here on then here is the solution! And if you're in China and want to enjoy reading me....

just CLICK

and VOILA!!! it is my blog all over again but with articles that I have sifted through and have picked out the chaff from the grain from..:)

It is still in its infancy so don't expect a lot yet but I am progressing real well and it is sort of a webpage with all the highly read-able entries only and none of the craziness I had in the original site. I've made sure to even include the dates of each entry so people will be able to understand what MAY have been my mode of thought was at that moment and not be confused about it being a current article.

It is the younger and more sensible sister of this original site if I might say! hahahah

Big kiss and enjoy reading ME

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