Sunday, October 25, 2009


Many of the people who know me are aware I am a bookworm and it's really a passion of mine that has remained intact from very early childhood all throughout my teen years and then onto adulthood...

This interesting poll on FACEBOOK has me penning down my five favorite books and I tell you it's no easy task as I love so many books from Nancy Drew detective books to the more complex biographies of many known people...

Here are my top five for now ever since I started reading PETER PAN and BAMBI (hahaha) up to the complex musings of my Japanese idol Haruki Murakami (surprisingly Murakami only has one book in my top five! pity!) and YES this is according to how I have ranked them...

1. The Pelican Brief

This is the single most influential book of my lifetime! I love how Grisham managed to parlay a work of fiction into what I swear could have been a life-like scenario...And I have always dreamt of becoming another Darby Shaw!!! Smart, arrestingly and effortlessly beautiful..

2. Dance Dance Dance

My first Murakami book and a very hypotic and and enthralling one at that...I hardly placed the book down once I started reading and after 11 more books of the same author this is still my favorite I think...Maybe beginner's luck for him? hehe

3. Singapore Girl: A Memoir

I picked it up in the Singapore airport out of boredom and boy was I very happy to have done so. It gave me the first realistic glimpse into the carnival that was Bugis Street and I have written about it somewhere here in the annals of my decrepit pussy of a blog haha...I love this book! It talks about transsexual obsession which is not gaudy and fornicative...Basically it's just another man's love for a girl book but with a twist :wink: wink: ..

4. Picasso My Grandfather

This book was a gift to me from a long-time fan. We're talking about from way way way back when I was a nobody(still am now though so why'd I say that? haha).
This is a very powerful book written by Marina Picasso who is the granddaughter of the great Master. It paints a gray undertone of a life behind the whimsical colors of the canvasses and artworks of Pablo Picasso. I love the cruel statement near the end of this novel " When i die, it will be a shipwreck. When a large ship goes down many people in the vicinity are swept into the whirlpool."

5. Invisible Trade: High-class sex for sale in Singapore

Probably the only book closest to a documentary in the top five. This captivated me for days. Many of the facts inside here are true and I know that from experience of course. I wonder if they should also do one for the scene in Hong Kong. I am sure there would be more color and variety to it!

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Dick Rick said...

There's nothing like a book.
Some are so powerful that reading a mere paragraph and following the advice could change your life.
Cheers mate.

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