Friday, October 2, 2009

addictive like Ganja!!!

Can't stop playing this on my ipoddddddddddddddd :D

Something cryptic, chilling and sublimely sexual about the vocalist's throaty voice, an innate ethereal-ness to the background voices and the message of the song is powerful!!!

The beat is hypnotic and the guitar music beautifully weaves in and out of the song!!!!

Hello my friend let me tell you a story
It starts with a guy who never had to worry
His life was planned from his first day on this rock
The place he calls home grows a very different crop

He was undercover from a distant milkyway
To learn about us but love came in his way
He said he'd understand but he could not see
That love is the glue in the bigest mystery

Now the deed is done he is on his way
Soon he´ll spread the news in the milkyway
About a little planet where they cannot see
That the love they much cherish is just biochemistry


Anonymous said...

Hello my great friend.

We seem to share a taste in music and music and video seem to go so well together (far more desirable than reality - isn't it Robbie?).

Now I have never been under the influence of a psychotropic substance, or ever out of control. Indeed, in a previous existance I was hell bent on stopping anyone else experiencing it too. But I do wonder what it is like.

Well, I attach a link to a video that may well provide me with an answer (this and Trainspotting of course). You may enjoy it, you may not - but there is a nice twist in the tail.

I do apologise if you have seen it before, but it is worth seeing again.

Anonymous said...

Oh, by the way, George Orwell is great. Try 1984 and Down and Out in London and Paris.


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