Friday, March 13, 2009


Short plug: I just can't keep my hands off GOSSIP hahahahaha

Overheard from a bar in Cebu: I have a HONDA JAZZ CAR and my BOOBS cost 150 thousand PESOS to manufacture!!!!

These words, a dig and stab at my friends who were in the same bar, came from a TSgirl who has had the cosmetic works all through last year hahahahahahahah

How much did it all cost my dear? hahahahahah Isn't it funny you have had so many surgical procedures done and yet you still look as fug as this???? LOLLLLLLLLLLZZZZZZZZZ

The real point is you need to take it a notch down and work on your humility girl. It's not as if the cosmetics job you have had done have turned you into a swan like an ANGELINA JOLIE or even an ANGELICA PANGANIBAN hahahahahaa

The worse thing is she thinks every gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual person who sees her becomes insecure with how she looks now and how she has progressed! HAH! Everyone is asking right within your ear's reach, "Which angle of you is worth being insecure at?" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Girl, you need to step down a bit from the gossamer pedestal you have created for yourself. Reality is NOT everyone who has gone under the knife has necessarily looked better. You happen to be ONE of the CLASSIC EXAMPLES of going from an already BOTCHED JOB of a FACE to BEING A BUTCHERED JOB from the KNIFE! hahahahahahahaa


UPDATE: SHE just did not bump into my friends by accident! She really did approach my pals' table and started the altercation!!!! Ranted and raved on about herself being superior to my friends because she could afford those things mentioned above!!! OMG!!!! what nerves of steel from MISS POCKMARK!!!!!


Dick Rick said...

Now, now Liisa stop being rude to 50 year old ladyboys! I like her - she makes me look young! Have some respect now, there's a good girl

Prasad said...

You are pretty, which is why others will envy or admire you. You'll have to learn to brush off such childish envious behavior from others. Envy can easily become anger and hate if its fueled. And angry people do stupid things in the spur of the movement. Which both of you might regret. Take it easy girl, life's too short.

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