Saturday, November 27, 2010

To extract an idea...

There will be movies that make an impressive mark on people and their lives and then there will be movies that will shatter the whole world with the creativity, fantasy and sharpness with which the script was written and with the supple flow of the story. These are the movies that remind us that the film industry is in a progressive state rather than stuck in a state of regression.

I will not care to tell the story about the film "Inception" because many of you have probably seen it (but will probably write about it in such a position in the future anyway LOL). I will discuss it from a perspective that's sort of external and not assume the storyteller/ fictional writer position. Another reason I will choose not to dissect the movie so much is I have not really totally gotten to the coherence of all the scenes which forms part and parcel of the overall plot but based on the things I have discerned from the movie while I was not using it as a sleeping tablet and was actually viewing it, it is one of the most wonderfully crafted ideas in the last 5 years. The actors are stellar but the film would probably have been equally as forceful even if it did not have an all-star cast.

They set up an arcane and intelligible series of situations that made viewers sit on the edge of their seats all the time and make sure not to miss a single scene because of how each scenario was stitched carefully to another in the effort to generate an interest within the viewer that wouldn't wane from the beginning to the end. The mysterious symbolic objects in the film too gave it immortal status in this viewer's perspective. The "top" like object referred to as a totem that spun round and round and round in your dream but would trickle and fall flat if you were awake was an important antidote to the film. The film had many spellbinding elements such as kicks and the music played in order to ward off the lethargy brought about by their dreams and bring them back the world of reality.

The presence of a villainess woman - sensual, mysterious and lethal is also a key ingredient in the film because her appearances all throughout the film coincided with significant moments which generated lots of intensity and confusion among the main characters. Women being the Achilles' heels of men has long been immortalized in many motion pictures and the venomously sly character of the woman weaved itself through many scenes in the film here. She posed a great danger to the central mission of the team but ironically she was also instrumental in keeping the sanity of the creator of the master plan.

When you watch the film trailer you will most likely conclude that it's another movie that tries to fill in the genre introduced by the Matrix, Transformers and many films that require animation that wants to stump and impress wide-eyed audience viewers like us with earth-shattering destruction and histrionic sounds. But the sheer intelligibility and brilliance of the plot totally differentiates it from the usual special effect-films we have seen in the past. Only a true cinephile as well as a moderately analytical mind can appreciate and embrace the beauty and effect of the film on the reality of our existence as well as that of an existence that escapes us - dreams.

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