Sunday, November 8, 2009

Abode of the Gods???

Have I died and gone to heaven? Are these angels I'm seeing?

This is seriously one of the most enchanting places I have ever seen. This is the stuff postcards, film scenes and gossamer Morphean creations are made of. I would say this is probably one place that would shelter a wounded Indiana Jones when running from pursuing Nazis in one of his world-wide treks for arcane treasures. Or where Rudyard Kipling's part-animal part-humanoid fictional characters would be born and raised. Or where a future religious icon would begin developing and practicing his genius and seeing the Divinities through his own eyes....Ahh my imagination runs amok!

A utopia of spirituality and silence, a haven for the weary traveller would best describe this place...

Seriously I CAN and WANT to live in a place like this when I become weary of life's battles I think. Live a life of ascetism and deep spirituality, subsist on simplistic food,survive in austere conditions...I guess I would gladly embrace it as long as i have inner peace and satisfaction throughout the rest of my short life...hehehe

Can you guess where this place is? hehehe

Note: Thank you to Mark and to his site for his excellent pictures!!!!


Dick Rick said...

Is that Tibet? Geez, beautiful place. But head for heights I don't have.
By the way, I want to apologise if my blog post has sounded critical of you. In no way do I or have I meant to dishonour you. I'm so sorry.
Cheers Liisa.

Anonymous said...

Hi Liisa
I think that Dick Rick is right it could be Tibet, but I think it is Bhutan instead, but they are both very similar places I think and are probably very close to each other if not next to each other. I think it might be a nice place to visit, but I don’t think that I would want to live in a place where I would have to hike up a mountain to get home every day. I guess I’d leave that to the young.
By the way what do I win if I’m right? I hope it’s something that I could use, Ha-Ha. You have a great time sight seeing on the internet it can be a lot of fun and informative too. Bhutan

Have Heart
Stay Well
Be Happy
Best Wishes, Ben 

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